Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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There will be some abuse to a person in this chapter.


*After he tryed that he had gotten captured again. Only this time knowing where the explotion came from the minons knocked the girl out.*


Let her go! he yelled.

No. said the minon.

What do you need her for? Max asked.

She's just needed. the minon answered.

*The minon was holding Max's arms so, tight that they felt like they would fall off.*

Mind loosening the grip? Max asked.

Not going to happen.

I would hate to be you when we get back. Max said.

An why's that?

Well, think about it if you hurt me don't you think he'd be mad?

Didn't think about that. sounding worried now.

It was just a thought.

*Trying to find a way to get both of them out of this mess.*

How can I get us out of this? he thought to himself.


Some time later....


*They where back where neither of them wanted to be.*


From what he could remeber the last time he when was here it wasn't a good thing.


I see you finally found them. said Skull Master.

Yes. Well, good. staying calm for now.

What, do you want us to do with the girl? asked minon 1.

Take her to her cell. NOW! Skull Master ordered.

That being said she was draged back to her cell.

She was coming out of it but, still dazed.

What do you have to say now? in a mocking tone.


Thowing her inside of the cell.


Mean while ...


What do you think you were doing running away like that? asked Skull Master


What do you think, I mean you can't truthfully believe someone wouldn't want to be free.


Mean while...


I asked you a question, girl.


She still didn't answer him again.


Thinking to himself {I know I shouldn't do this but, she's leaveing me no choice. I know I'm going to get into trouble for this...}


Thinking to herself (I know what'll happen if I do say anything.)


Before she had time to react this time. He had pulled his arm back hauled it forward toward her a punched her so, hard that she fell backward toward the wall & hiting it.


About what? she replied after the shock & pain started to go away somewhat.


That made him mader.


Mean While...


An with THAT girl what were you thinking?


Did you actually look at her mean WoW I was thinking like any normal guy.


Knowing it would bug him big time even though it may have been a bad idea maybe not for him but, for her.


Mean while....


Mark didn't know what to think of this place but, he knew when he left he wouldn't be alone.


He knew he didn't want to be here but, he was now that he was here he'd try to help people get out of  this place if they really wanted.


He walks up to Christa & Nick


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