Alternet fate

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No// means her thoughts // this means what she mind gives her.


Why did I do what I did the day we ran away?

/Because even then you knew you couldn't hold him reasponible for what happened the day your dad died/

Even if that were possible why?

/Because even then you knew he was & is the one to save everyone/

Yeah so?

/You have feelings for him/


As if I do not!

/Yes you do weather you know it or, not & that's why you did what you did/

The way that sounds makes it sound like we did more than we actually did.

/You love him/

What makes you say that?

/Let's just say when you are asleep a lot comes out/

Does not.

/Like for example you wonder what it would be like to be 'with him'/

You lie.

/If I do, you do./


/Your just afraid that because he's with who he is the two of you don't have a chance/

*She looks at her watch it's already 12:00.*

I don't know why you say such things.

/Well, you really do need to know your true feelings before anything can happen/

Even if I did say want more than just a friendship with him there's still ugly to deal with.

/True, very true./

I don't know what I'm thinking anymore.

/You WANT him to yourself actually you know what happens when you get near him & you hope that Max feels the same way/


*The clouds where darker than before she looked up.*

More rain oh, grate that means I that's just what I  need to head back soon.


Mean while...


*Max had decided to walk in the gardens of the fortress he now called home for now he saw Nick.*

Hi. he calls out.

Hello, is there anything you need?

Just more info on the girl I told you about the one named Nkira.

Why do you want to know more?

She's been on my mind lately.

What do you want to know?

As much as you can tell me.

I told you what I know.

Look I'm not going to hurt her if that's what you wanna know.

Look the only thing I'll tell you is that she has in her time here has made enemys & your sleeping with one of them.

I don't even like being with him or, any other men I like women myself.

Tell me something?


Do you have feelings for her?

Like what kind of feelings?

Any good ones?


Besides wanting to have sex with her. Though I don't think many would blame you for that.

How'd you know about that?

I have eyes she's the kind of girl who can do that to people I mean her looks are simplely amazing.

I'm surprized you don't want her.

I don't see her like that.



Mean while...


The problem is that even if we were to try one of us could get killed & no body really wants that.

/true but, there's got to be away if it's meant to be/

Your a pain.

/You've wondered what he looks like naked./

I Do Not! * trying not to blush at that thought*

/Yes you do remember what you did while he was doing his thing/

What are you talking about?

/But anyway he does like you/

Well, that's good.

/Why do you think ur above baser instincts?/

I don't I know I have them I just don't let them rule my life

/Maybe you should once in awhile./

What would be the point?

/May help ur mood/


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