Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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Disclaimer: I do not own Mighty Max, nor any of the characters from it or, The Stand or, Either Left behind seires. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

For one thing I'm sorry if the story has been boring but, with this kind of story needs some build up. But, it will get better promise. Anyways on with the story. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I think you do know.
Think what you want.
I will.
*It was beginng to cloud up.*
Why do you have to be so, closed off?
It keeps me & the ones I care about safer than they would be.
*The wind started to blow softly & the fire started to dance.*
What do you really think will happen if you open up some?
I really don't know.
Then I don't know try it.
Why bother?
Why not?
All I know is that now is not a good time.
Why? It smells like it's going to rain.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mean while...
How can you not find them I mean really.?
There are a lot of men & women out there. Said minon 1
If you don't find them I'll kill you personally!!!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mean while...
What's he hiding from me now?
I mean were are those kids I really don't want to see them hurt. talking to himself or, so he thought.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mean while...
Your not going into it tell me now are you?
It was getting colder now.

He did notice however that she was getting cold.

If he had a jactket he would have offered it to her.

So, is there anything I need to know about you? he asked.
No, not really & you?
Not really.
So, do you know or, at least heard about Bea & Felix?
They're my 2 best friends.
I really don't know what tell you I didn't know to find out but, I'm pretty sure they're fine though.
Just ask around that's all I can ask.                                                  OK.                                                                                                          *While they were talking they didn't notice the enemy approaching them.*          

Mean while...                                                                                        Why's all this weird stuff always happen to me? He asked.        It's really more than likely doesn't & it just feels that way to you. Kira replies.      

Oh, very funny Miss smart ass.                                                         Whatever. She replies back.                                                              So, please tell me why you where to become my protector? *Takes a moment.* Not that I'm not grateful.                                   I couldn't tell you actually.                                                                  The enemy were very close now.                                                      Did you hear that, Max? She asked him.                                         Hear what? He asked her as he looks from where he is.              Nevermind.                                                                                          Whatever. He answers.                                                                      Mean while...                                                                                      Just remember what you were told about not harming either of them.                    

I remember, just realize your not to say what I do to either of them. You see my point then.                                                     Why did it take three weeks to find them last time? It asked the other.                

Like I know & who gives a shit anyways.?                                     *The person aka minion behind them decided to advance without orders not much longer he's nearly there.*                                                


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