Alternet fate

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Disclaimer: I do not own Mighty Max, nor any of the characters from it or, The Stand or, Either Left behind seires. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

I don't own anyone off the show or, anything. Anyone you don't know is mine. This a future fic so, Max is about 16. Ratng will go higher in later chapters. I'll be adding to this with the story from ShiTiger & I'll be adding songs in later chapters & I don't own them they belong to the artest who preformed them.

If you believe in fate then in some ways I pity you. You see this story I'm going to tell you starts years ago. It started the summer that I would have become the Cap Bearer. I remember what happened that like it was yesterday.

He lights a cigertt & takes a long drag.

I'm only telling you this so, you know what really happened. Oh, & by the way my name is Max.

>>>>Flash Back>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

It was after school an the begining of summer vaction there was a light wind blowing. Max was walking home,lisening to his New walkman he got for his birthday when the weird feeling started.

Thinking to himself ~what's going to happen?~

A light got his attention.

Again thinking ~what the hell?~ Mean while... Skullmaster was In his lair think to himself the plan is going perfectly.

What are you planning? ask a random person.

You'll see.

Mean while...

Max sees what looks like a portal. ~Not again does this ever end?~ thinking to himself.

Thinking he had a job to do walks though it.

It worked like it always did. He thought everything was normal & for the first time sense this began landed on his feet. But when he started to look around the people he thought he see weren't there well at least one of them anyways.

Virgel, who's the girl & where's Norman? Max asked.

Well, the girl is ...getting interrupted.

I'm as always your protecter & who's this Norman guy your talking about, & by the way my name is Kira for the last time.

Pertending not to know who he was talking about.

If you say so. Max said to her.

But, in case you don't know who I was talking about eariler Norman is a VERY tall guy & has a huge Sword.

She looks at Virgil who she thought knew who he was trying to discrib just now.

Virgel knowing here's something going on just shruged he would answer when he could.

So, Kira just what is the job I'm to be doing? ask Max

I don't tend to ask questions I just do my job & for the moment that is to protect you.

Ok, if you say so. still doesn't completlly get what's going on.

He walks around for a moment to see where he is exactly.

I need to talk to Virg for a moment.

Hey, I'm not your mom & I only need to know where you are so, when I'm needed I can get there other than that talk to whom ever you need or, want to.

walks away from where he was to go talk to Virgel.

What hell is going on, Virg?

It appears you are either having a dream or, something to that effect.

I don't think this is a dream, for one I still feel everything & from what I know that doesn't always happen & even if so, why her?

From looking at her the one thing he'd first noticed was her clear dark green/blue eyes & her long Midnight black hair that's currently in a braid.

Well, if it's where a dream I think she's what you want in a woman.

Like I said I don't believe it's dream it just feels to real to me.

Considering the portals it could be that your in a alternet universe.

Is that possible & if so, how do I get back to where I belong?

Yes, it's highly possible & I don't know how to get you back for the moment.

Oh, grate it would be grate if u would find out.

Hey you guys there something you should see!

It looked liked VERY meniceing.

They go see what's going on.

Thankfully it wasn't headin' their way at least not yet.

Why does this feel bad to me?

Your not the only one.

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