Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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~It had been a strange mounth so, far with everything that had gone on~. he thought to himself.
*There were still questions in his mind like*
1. How everyone from where he was before all this where doing?
2. How Nkira is doing??
3. If there were people who destinkely people he knew here where were the rest???
4. Did he know Nkira from where he thought he was from?
5. How much of his life did she know?
Those kind of things & ect...
But, the one thing on his mind right now are where his friends where.

Mean while... outside a summer storm is about to begin.

*She looked up for a moment when she did that a drop of rain slashed on her face as more followed.*

Oh, perfect. she thought not happy.
Well it's time to head back. she said to herself.

*She started back then she saw some lighting she was lookin' for a place to stay till the storm was over. The fact lighting scared her didn't help.

The one thing she missed is the fact she's close to where this nightmere begain. She decided to look at the place again no matter how painfull she thought there still maybe there to help. She did find one thing but, only because she was looking at the back of That trash dumster. In the back corner the was something the size of her palm it's red & black it was a wallet.
She opened it to see if it belonged to anyone & if so, she would try to return it if she could. She saw that it's Max's she put it in her jeans pocket so, she could return it.*

How & why was it still there? she thought to herself.
*She didn't get answer but, knew there was something guideing her but, why? She could try staying here till the rain stopped but, thought it maybe a bad idea to do so.*

Mean while...

*The rain is hitting the windows none could miss that.*

Mean while...

*Chirsta had to go in so, she went into the kitchen for awhile.*

Sorry needed to get out the rain.

*Donna's at the stove makeing something to eat. *

So, any news where the rest of my family is??
Well, I think your sister has a new friend actually.
Really who?
You know the guy that HE keeps around for his pleasure.
That's who she's been seen with or, so I heard anyway.
Your kidding right?
That's just like her why do I even bother to try & figure her out.
who knows & that's not all I've heard.
What else?

*Nick just walked in.*

There you are where heave you been I've been looking for you everywhere.? she heard him say.

*She turned around to see him she went to him him & hugs him.*

It's good to see you.
You too.
So, how have you been? he ask.
Alright & u?
I'm alive so, I'm good.

*Donna smiles as she watches them.*

So, what's going on?
This & that.
So, how's the "pet"?
He's doing well & got a thing for our sister that much I do know.
I've talked to him myself & he was asking about her.

*He told her what had happened & been going on lately.*

Donna please don't tell anyone.
I won't why would I if we get out this mess by what your tring to do then I'm for it.
The problem is that if it dosen't work it can & will get worst than it is.
Well, we need to do something or, we'll be here for the rest of our lifes & I don't want that do you?
Oh, by the way have you heard anything about a Bea & Felix?
No why?
Just asking.
He asked you didn't he?
I'll never see why you 2 take these risk you know what may happen.
Better to try then not.

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