Alternet fate

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*She started to go into a wooded area he followed. They made it just in time before the minons came. They heard them talking.*

Minon 1: I can't believe they both got away.
Minon 2: Well, if we don't find them before he gets back it will be our heads.
Minon 1: Who do you think got out first?
Minon 2: Likely that fucking bitch & then him.

Minon 1: Why, do they keep trying this??

Minon 2: Beats me.
*She rolls her eyes.*
Minon 1: Why don't we look tomorrow it's getting dark.
Minon 2: Let's go.
*After a hour they left there hiding place.*
We where just lucky today. She said.
I know. He said *smiling with relief of not getting caught.*
It won't take them long to get the hounds & the cops.
Ouch that will make things alot harder.
No kidding.
Why does he want you for is there more to the story?
Do you really have to know & if I tell you but, you can't say anything to anyone promise?
Yes, I promise.
K, well first off there is more to the story.
Part of why he wants me is because of who & what I am & could be.
How do you mean that?
My mother wasn't human but, my Dad was & it has to do with my Mom actually.
How do you mean not human?
She was from another planet & she was Queen there.
That makes you & your sister princesses & your brother a prince.
I know that.
But, why does that have to do with you it would seem to me that he would rather want your Mom.
He can't get to her & still can't get her power even if he could get her.
Oh, so that would make your sister Queen then.
No, it doesn't work like that the crystal chooses & it chose me.
Not really & one of the ways he can get even part of my power is to well...
Well what??
One is I would have to give it to him which is NOT going to happen ever & well the other is to well I tell you later.
I'm getting hungry how about you?
Yeah, well kind of thanks for asking.
If you look up there's some nice fruit in those trees we need to start climbing.
Oh, grate.
What's wrong Mighty One?
I don't like hights much.
Oh, k then I'll get us food then but, tomorrow you get it agreed?
Agreed & just one more thing please call me Max.
Just Max right?
K, you don't need to get mad.
I'm not mad it's that's one thing I don't want you to think you have to start because we're equal all the way & I never really liked being called by a title.
Cool. So, what do you think he'll do if finds my little brother Matt?
I don't know.
That scares me.
I know how you feel because I'm scared for my family to.
He wants to touch her. What he didn't know was at that point she wanted him to even she didn't know why.


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