Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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As she began to wake up she heard herself say I love you, Max.
After wakeing up more she realized she's very naked. She looked around the room her clothes where everywhere.
She got up her bed a huge mess.More it in away it's a surprize to her that she would say anything about it. 

/It's getting late, should I head back or, stay here?/

*While she decides what to do she finds the trash can & dares to open the frige.*

/Gross, might as well get started./

*She started to pull out the moldy & over due stuff there. That took & hour to do now to clean the shevels of it. That did take awhile then she whent to work on the cupboards it was the same deal needed to to be done. She put her top & jeans back on without her pannites. Once done she tied the bags of trash up she walks to the door with the bags then to the dumpster outside & throw them in it.*

/Well that's done./

*She looks at the time. It was already around 10 P.m.*

/well it's to late to go back now I'll be back tomorrow./

*Now main problem is that it's dusty & a LOT of spider webs.
The windows were closed the draps also closed. She decides that she likes working without her clothes on so, she takes them off again & the fact it was still summer & she was cooler this ways didn't hurt. She found the webster & started to get rid of them. When she had gotten up she had found a large purse in her room. When she left her room with the purse she hung it on a table chair then she put the videos, her diary, both wallets & a light blue tank in her purse.*

Mean while...

Where do you think she is? asked Nick
Problely where we lived awhile ago. answered Chirsta
Can she even get in there?
If anyone can it would be her.
If you say so.

Max walks up.

If you mind me asking what are you guys talking about? Max ask.
Nothing you'd care about.
Yes. Chirsta said
Why don't you tell me then I can decide that for myself?.
You really don't want to bug her. Nick said
Well, if this is about Nkira I would be worried because Skull Master thinks she ran away again.
That's not good.
That's a understatement & I know it was because of the storm but, others think differently.

Mean while...

She used her powers to get the water running good after she cleaned the tub.
She got a hot bath going & got in.

/This feels so, good maybe after this I'll see if I can get the tv working./

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