Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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If I were to say yes how are we to do this without getting caught again?


I'm still working that out to tell you the truth.


You realize it's just not us that could be in danger if we get caught.




Then why ask when it can't be more than it already is?


Because I feel it can be more than this.


If you say so.


So, what are the duffel bags for?


I'm just changing things around that's all.




Do you want something to drink? she ask.




What would you like?


What's here? he smiles.


For the moment water or, some orange tang I just found.


Cool, the tang sounds good.


Just a moment.


She strectes to up to get it while she does this he takes a good look at her ass. ~Nice~ he thinks to himself.


A few moments later she hands him the drink.




No Problem.


Mean while...some where in Cali...


So, how's the new weapon coming?


Almost done actually.


Good work.


Thank you, sir.


So, how long is this going to take to work?


Not very long.




Mean while...


I want to try something.


That is?


I want to kiss you to see if there could be something more between us.


I don't know if that would be such a good idea.


No one has to know.


That's not it at all.


Then what is it?


I still have at times have trouble not putting you to that day you know the one.


Yeah, & I do understand.


But, you do realize you weren't the only one to lose someone that day.


*Takes a sip of his drink.*


I do.


So, what do you do for fun now days?


This & that & u?


Well, if I can have time around people I like talking to pretty Girls if truth be told.


Well, from what you've told me that's normal.


So, tell me something were you always so serious?




I just wanted you to know if your ever near my old house you can go in if you want.


Why is there something you want from there?


If your there grab what you can.




*She sits back down.*


So, back to my first question may I kiss you?


I guess so.




*They get up & walk closer to each other once they are as close as they can get he then leaned in for the kiss. Moments later they kiss.*


~Wow!!! This feels so, good.~ He thinks to himself.


~I didn't think it would feel this right.~ she thought to herself.


*After what seemed like forever the move away from each other for some air.*


That was well Wow. He tells her.


That was grate.


*They look at each other.*


So, do you want to kiss again?


She half smiles at him. nods. They kiss again.


We have to get back soon.


She said after they parted for air.


I know.


I do have a idea but, I don't know if we can do it.


Say it fast because we need to go soon.


Dose he have the thing that makes the portals for people to travel though?


What are you talking about?


I'll tell you more when we talk again.


I'm still confused.


I know.


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