Alternet fate

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*Once she's done with that she goes to find out what she needed to do today. As she walks by a closed door she hears people talking.*

Remember what u promised. Virgil reminded.


I need her to give me even some of her power. said Skull Master.

Why? both Max & Vigil ask.


Let's just say things are coming that are going to make this look like a dream.


Well, then you should be nicer to her so, she will help. Max suggested.


She won't help me even her life is endanger she would rather die before she helped.


From what I hear around here you had her dad killed so, can you really blame her. said Max.


Mean while...


{what are they talking about in there?}


Mean while...


Even if she did she problely she couldn't help considering even your afraid of what's coming.


You do realize someone is outside the door.


*She hears that she starts move away from further from the door. Before she could go to far someone pops they're head out of the door. To see the very person they were just talking about..*


Will you come in here for a moment please? asked Max.


Do you need me to do something? Nervous about being there.

Just to stop a pending fight.

How can I do that?

Just get in here.


*She walks in... She doesn't know how to react at first.*


What's going on here? Why am I doing in this place?


Well, he wants you to help him get rid of someone he fears will distroy him.


Why would I help him of all people?


Besides everyone dies one day.


Because if you do you'll get your freedom back.


What about my family & friends what about them?


This is just for you my young lady.


Then no I won't it wouldn't be fair to anyone but, me & I'm NOT your young lady!


Just think about this. Virg, you know me you know when I make my mind up it stays that way.


I know I've told to keep a open mind.


~is this ass really trying to get me on his side?~ she thinks to herself..


Why YOu self rightous little...

What were you going to say was the word bitch? I've heard worse trust me.

If you don't it could be the end of everyone you hold dear to you.

Are you threatening me?

No, just telling you the facts & if it will get you to do what I ask then yes.


Nira, please listen he means what he's saying. said Max.


Not you two. *Not sure how to feel.*


*Backs away some from everyone else in the room & nearly in tears.*


Who did you think he would back anyway girl, you?

I don't know what to think about it anymore.

*He puts his hand on her shoulder,  she shrugs it off.*


Don't ever touch me you fucking asshole!

Don't be like this. ~How could he I thought he was on the good side?~ she thought to herself.


I will not & can't help it's bigger than I am.

You can & will.

No, I can't do that much I do know.


*Slowly backs closer to the door.*


If it's meant two be then it's out of my power.


*Max walks closer to her she backs away even more from everyone. to her time was moving very slowly as if she watching it from else were.The one thing she missed was the fact that this creater had saw the look in her eyes when she thought her 'friend' betrayed her.


~Will she ever just take a moment to listen to me is to why I said what I did?~ thought Max to himself.


*She makes it to the door. *


Where do you think your going?


To someplace away from all of you!


No your going no where till you agree to help.


I won't ever help you.


Why don't you let her go I mean holding her here & not of her own free will she'll never agree. said Max.

He's right. agreed Virgil.


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