Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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Where are you hiding' Lover? Yells Skullmaster.


No answer. He Yells again...


mean while...


That wasn't long. Nick states.


I can see that.


Maybe we should Hide for awhile.




*They go the own ways & start to hide.*


Hello. Mark smiles at them


Who are you? Both Nick Christa ask.


My Name is Mark & u are?


My name is Nick & this (pointing to christa) is my sister Christa.


Nice to meet you both.




Do you guys know away outta here? Mark ask


Mean While...


I'm glad your bike works.


So, am I.


When u get this bike?


When I was 16 when I could drive legally.


Oh, sweet.


During this time Fran is going to talk to Jess. (from the book when Jesse is there this is not exactly like what it said in the book...) 


*it's after noon when she gets to the beach & see's him w/ the sun shinning over the coast. She saw him as she walked up to where he is. She tells him that she's going to have his kid. He reacts one the many ways people do.*


Mean While...


No, we don't, Mark.


So, do you think they've left? Christa ask.


I think so. Nick Replies.


They hear the 'Boss man' Yell Where is HE?!


Well, I just hope they get out in time cause he's none to happy. Nick states.


Who could miss that & when he finds out who he's with again I don't even want to think about what can happen this time if they get caught. Christa States.


Me either.


Who are these people your talking about? Mark ask . 


*They see someone who's actually loyal to this guy. He taps on the door.*


This better be important!


Mean While...


So, which way? he ask.


Well, let's see here if we wanted we could head toward Mexico or, Washington state.


Why not go to Vagus?


Don't like the idea of it right at this moment.




Just don't.


Fine. Besides it's summer again & the heat doesn't sound to good.




So, anyway how much food & water we got with us anyway?


A few days maybe but, that's it.


Mean while...


Why would we tell you anything? Chris ask


Because I think I can help you.


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