Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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*After what seemed like hours they finally start to finish talking.*


Why do you always seem to play the marytr? Max ask.


I'm not trying to.


Then what's the deal? Max ask.


I want my family safe they should go first. Nira, we can handle ourselves your the one he's going to want so, just go we understand. Nick said  


You know me that isn't the easiest thing for me to just do.


Look you've done a grate job in protecting everyone now let us return the favor.


Look, I know I have no say in this but, if what we found out we stay here. Max stated.


Nira, he has more sence then you are right now. Nick said.


Do I really have a say?


No, not really.


Fine but, if I hear of trouble there I'll try & help you guys.


No, not this time. Nick said.


Tell Chris, I'll see both of you later.


I will.


*They hug*

Now go.


You two just be careful.


We will I promise.


I'll just pick up a few things then if everyone is ready we'll be on our way.


k, sorry but have to go if you 2 don't want to get caught. Nick said.


Bye, I love you bro. Bye, I love you 2 sis.


*He starts to leave.*


Keep a eye over Matt Max's brother we don't want him to have to deal with any of what may happen, k.


She got out before she had to yell.


I will. Nick leaves out the door & out of the building.


Well, looks like we pack a few things then we leave. Max states.


I know but, where do we go?


We'll figure that out when we get on the road, I guess.


That's not really a plan.


But, at least it's a start.




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