Alternet fate

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Mean while...


~What if I Can do this without  him?~ skull master thinks aloud to himself.


*Nick walks by the door & hears this but, he isn't sure which him he's talking about.* ~Who's he talking about?


The only 2 I know he could be talking about is either Max or, Virgil.


I need to warn them but how?~ Nick thinks to himself.


*Nick slowly walks away as quitely as possible. As he did he wondered what had caused this train of thought with the guy who's running the place.*


Now he needed to find at least one of them to warn them he thought he knew who'd he run into first.


As he went to were he himself was told to work he noticed someone new is now working with him.


*He walks up to her.*


Hello, my Name is Nick, what's yours?


*Puts his hand out to shake hers.*


Hi, it's nice to meet you Nick, my name is Bea.


*She shakes his hand.*


If you don't mind me asking do you know a guy named Max?


Yes, but I haven't seen him in along time, why?


Just asking.




So, how long have you been here for?


For over a yr.






Do you know a guy named Felix?


Yes, how do you know him?


I don't but, a friend of mine that knows him.


If you say so.


Look I don't want to be rude but, I've got to do something right now will it be ok if we talk later?






*He walks to the back of the room to out the back exit hoping no one will stop him knowing he needs to find them to warn em' so, no one gets killed. Once out he decides to check the old apartment first then if their not there he'll look else where.When he got there he found the the door unlocked that didn't make him feel any better. He hears people inside.Walks quitely inside & he sees his sister kissing Max on the couch.*


HEY! They look up from where they are.


Nick, what are you doing here? Nkira asked.


Look I just came here looking for you two.


Why? Max asked. *Clearly getting over the shock at being found.*


I heard something either of you aren't going to like. Nick said.


Could you get on with it?


Anyways sounds like 'the boss' is planing to kill either Virg or, someone close to him.


How'd you hear this?


I was spying on him though the door actually.


You realize how dangerous that was? Nkira asked.


It's no more dangerous than you making out with him. *pointing' to Max.*


I'm thinking that it maybe it would be a good idea if you guys stay away from were we 'live' now.


How are we to do that?


I wish I knew what to tell you on that.


Then why tell us to stay away when we can't?.


Oh, before I forget your friends Bea & Felix the ones you told me about are in fact alive I saw one today & asked about the other.


That's Grate!


But, what are we going to do about Virg? Nkira ask.


Well, I'll see if I can warn him but, please do remember he knew what he was getting into.


I know.


So, where would you guys go? Nick ask.


Well, I know I'm not sure. Max states.


*They look at Nkira.*


Just who said WE'RE going anywhere?


Nira, look if 'Bonehead' kills Virg there's nothing to stop him from killing us or, do something to us, besides it could be your new Boyfriend.


Look I'd feel better if ALL of us got out of there.


So, would I.


May I say something here? Max ask.


*They both look at him.*


How about you to leave here & I'll stay till I know your safe & besides it would since your family you'll be able to watch each others backs.


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