Alternet fate

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This contains a sex sceen in it...

*The rains pouring she knew where she is headed for from where she was. So, she walks there, it was a site for sore eyes it was a place the held good memories for her. She did however wonder if the key was where it had been or, did she have it? She found it. She whent to unlock it. The door opens fairly easy.*

/Wow, this is lucky./
It still looked like it did that day before everything happened.
/Well, so far so, good/
She only hoped someone had the heart to take care the dog.
/Or, did they call animal control? I hope no one did that./
*The things running though her mind made her worry about their furry friend. She decided to clean it up a bit. She started with the area near the tv.*

/Maybe I should take one or, two of them?/

*She grabed 2 of them that where near the DVD player.
She puts them on the counter then she goes to her room & lays in her bed. She wasn't a lazy girl she just missed the simpler days of her younger years. Now she found her feelings confused & that fustrated her to no end.*

/Why do I feel this way?/
She pondered this thought for awhile till she started to get sleepy with the sound of the rain as it poured outside. As she fell asleep a few questions ran around in her head. However that really didn't last long. Soon she was in dream land.

*A figure starts to form into a guy.He walks over to her, puts a gentel hand on her face.she knows the hands because she knows the owner of them.He softly kisses her on her lips then moves to her neck softly sucking on it. One of her hands is around his neck the other resting on his waist.*

You know we shouldn't be even trying this. She said.
I don't really care do you?
No but, it's not me I'm worried about.
I know but, let's enjoy the time we have.

With that he starts to kiss along her jaw line. She has yet to tell him that when he's near she wants him very badly actaully. She sighs softly. She decides to take off his shirt so, she moves her hands to the bottom edges of his shirt. Grabs ahold of it the to bring it upwards he lifts his arms she then takes it off of him. Then tosses it somewhere in the room they were in.
She began to kiss his chest as she does this she wraps both legs around his waist. His hand began to wounder under her shirt to cup her breast his other hand on her back keeping her from falling.His hand sliped under her bra to feel the soft skin there. She moans softly as he does this. It's not long till her shirt is off of her & on the floor with his. Her bra is already half off of & with her other breast is out of it already, her nipples hard. He slips the bra off her other breast leaving the bra above her breast.*

/Why am I letting this happen I know I shouldn't but, it feels so, good. What the fuck I'm going to have some fun./ She thought.

Your beauitfull. He mumbles.
Your look grate yourself.

*She takes the bra off conpeletly now. He kisses from her neck to the the tops of her breast. For a moment they're chest touch & the feel of skin aganst skin made it all the more desirible. Then lower till he's at her nipples then he sucks one softly & his other hand on the other one. She moans out in enjoyment. Her hands seeking to undo his jeans while she does this she kisses & licks his lower neck.

*They head for the bed in the room. He lays her down as he does this he kisses her & works on her pants. She gets his pants undone & starts to try to pull them down & off. He helps her with that task. She can feel his hardness against her thigh.
She helps him get her pants off the only difference is that he also pulled her pannites down as well. He moved to get them compeletly off her body. Now that she's completely naked she begins to feel nervus & tries to cover what hasn't been seen yet.*

Why bother hidding I've already seen most of your
body already.? Max ask. his eyes darker than she's even seen.
I know but, I don't think I have a grate looking body at all.
Don't be silly your a VERY beautiful woman.

*While he said that he takes his underwear off. Now there nothing to block them from doing what they've wanted to do for awhile.*

Wow. she mouthed as looked at him.

*Again, he lightly traces from her neck down to the tips of her breast & his lips follow. He lightly sucks & licks around her nipple making it harden in his mouth then he did the same to the other one.*


His other hands goes along her side to her hips sliding it under her leg to raise it then to her inner thigh. Her hand finds it self on his side & the other on his ass.He kisses down to her naviel then just above her sex.*

Is this ur first time? He ask.
Yes. she whispers into his ear.
Then, I'll do my best to go very slow till you tell me ur ready for the next step.
No problem.
Just wondering what have you done in the sexual way?

*Finding this out he's debateing on using his finger or, something else lowering his head he then puts his tounge in her. Licks her a few times. She feels this & it feels really good to her. After a few stroks she starts to archs up to feel more of this.*

Ohhh, keep goo- ing.

*He could tell she liked this very much. He starts to move faster & a bit harder guessing that she may want it. She did. He could feel her tense up as if building to a orgasm. She was panting from the pleasure she's getting. He moved a little to see what she was doing. She was griping the sheets of the bed & he heard her moaning louder. His hands playing her nipples all the while.*

OH My G...

She's very close. he thought to himself.

*With one last thrust of his tongue she orgasmed hard from what is heard. He moved to look at her face.*

How are you feeling? He asked.
Grate. She kisses him.

*Before to much longer he found himself between her long taned legs.*

Do you want this?
Yes, what's the point in being a virgin if you love the person your with & want them as badly.

A little shocked by what she had said.

Did you mean what you said that when you said that you love me even all the bad that has happened?

*Back in the real world she had been feeling very horny by this & while she slept she was begining to touch herself. In her sleep she taken off all of her clothes & as she touched herself moaning very loudly.*

In the dream...

*He's just at her enterence with his large throbbing cock.*

You know once this is done there's no changeing it?

*He sliped the tip in her very slowly then moved till he's blocked.*

Go ahead I know it will hurt but, I don't care.
If that's what you want.

*His hands are under her mid back raises her up a bit then pushes his cock in deep while doin' this he felt her sheild as it ripped away. Her face showed the pain then as quickly as came it left. He was holding as still as possible for her.*

/Wow, this feels odd to have someone in me like this./

She moved her hips moved up to tell him to countinue.
He started to move slowly in & out of her.

/Wonder if she realizes this is my first time with a woman. Damb she's tight. I like it. /

Faster. He heard her say.
He did as she requested.

It wasn't long till they both found release.

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