Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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*Christa's worried about what will happen if he were to tell anyone. She can't sleep cause of that thought.*

Mean while...

Come here. Skull master tells Max.
Just a moment.

I don't know what to say if he ask me if I know of anywhere that girl is. Max thinks to himself.

*As he walks over to the man calling him.*

When he gets there the 'man' named Jeremy gets up to go to his lover.

Oh, grate. Max thought to himself.

*Snapping out of his thoughts. He enters the room. The man meets him on the way & grabs him & kisses him on the lips.*

I hate this. Max thinks to himself.

*He kisses this guy back knowing that if he didn't he would ask questions.*

Mean while...

Well, maybe I should head back even though it's late. she thought to hershelf.

*Walking around the room not sure what she wanted or, at least need to do. Then looks out of the nearest window.*

I should go back I mean that Max guy did try to help me & I don't want him in trouble for my sake.Then again I'm sure he has his ways of getting out of it.

Mean while...

*"Jeremy" deepens the kiss.Takeing one hand & slideing it down the others side.Responding by practice. Max follows the others wishes. Breakeing away for breath.*

So, how's ur day been? Jeremy ask.
Just fine & ur's?
Having some troble finding that girl that tried to take you away from me.
Yes, do you know where she may be?

Thinking to himself...Do I tell or, not?
{You should it would keep you safe.}
:: No you know what he can do & you do have feelings for her.::

No, I don't sorry wish I could help.
Are you sure?

At the time his head didn't want to think that findin' someone was that easy. My heart knew better so, I went with it.

........back to the past.........................

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