Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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No, we didn't a friend loaned it to us. *John looks Matt in the eyes as he said it.*

Cool. So, who's going? I mean we all want to. *moving to show all the people in the room.* Matt states.

We're not totally sure. How many kids are there? Mark ask him.

About five maybe a few more my brother has already left. Happy for the time being is safe. As he tells them.

I think you should take the twins Matt here & maybe Nick & his three friends. *Puts her hands on her hips.* I mean as far as I know their the youngest here. *Christa's not sure what else to say.*

*A guard passes them just as she stopped talking.As this happened Tom was decorating the main street of his home town. In other parts of the country Judds making the choice of who in their small group would go if someone backed out*

We'll go as soon as possible to help them & who ever they have with them if anyone.. Judd tells the group.

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