Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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So, are we going for more of last night? he ask.


If we had the time. *she smiles. smiles back.*


So, if this power thing really happens when would a person feel it?


Don't know as you well know I was a virgin till a few hours ago.


I know.*smirks knowing they're both not so, innocent now.*


We should clean up & get going.


Ok, your the boss lady.


Not so, cute.


In away it is. he smiles.


So, do have what you need?


As far as I know & u?


One or, two things then yes.




She goes & get them.


Ready? He ask/




Ok, where we headed?


No clue.






Let's head for let's say to New Mexico.




Sounds like it would be a good place to get to.


Let me guess u wanna go some place like I don't know Roswell.


I didn't say that.


I know & so, u know My family wasn't in that crash. My brother was born in Cali & my sister &I were born Arizona.


*They walk out the door & down the stairs* 

.So, are we walking the whole way or, do we have a ride?


I have a motor Cycle I need to see if still works however & if it does I'll drive us to L.A first, ok?


Sounds good. Max Said & smile at her.


*She smiles back...*


Mean while...


Do you think they'll be safe? Christa ask.


I can only hope so.


So, are they traveling together?


I think so, they didn't tell me that.


Maybe that's a good thing.


I think it is. Nick states.


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