Alternet fate

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*She had fallen asleep on couch the night before now she is woken up by the sun coming though on window.*

{what time is it?} she thought.

*The clock read 8:30 A.M*

I need to get back soon.

After she gets dressed she takes what she had taken from the appartment.

Mean while on the out side of town...

*People where going about they're daily lives. What they didn't know was something life changeing is going to happen soon...*

Mean while Max wakes up after a night with "Jeremy".
Max's P.O.V

Why me? he thinks to himself...
{Because it's the way it is.}
I hope that Nkira woman is alright.
{She probley is}

*He looks at the clock next to the bed 8:55 A.M.
He then gets out of bed & goes to get dressed. He pays no mind to the fact that when he got out of bed naked.*

What to wear?
{like you don't know already.}

Mean while...

*She gets back there by 9:30 A.M She sneaks back to work hopeing to not be caught or, asked questions by anyone.*

Hey, Sis. Chris calls.
So, how are you this morning?
Good & you?
Not bad so, what's in the bag?
Oh, almost forgot I have something for you.
This is?

*Hands her a few things.*

Here are a few of your cd's & your hand mirrior & pair of gloves.
Thanks & I figured where you where.
Thought you would.
Do you know that guy you tried to free was asking for you?
No, what did he ask you.
Like where you were that kind of thing.
So, what did you tell him?
That I didn't know.

*Nick is spoted..*

Hey, Nick
Hey, you 2.
So, Chris what's in your hands?
Stuff Nira brought from our home.
I brought you a few things to.
Really what?
Some cd's your camera & shoes & socks with gloves I just grabed them so, don't ask..
Look I got a few things to do now talk to u guys later..

*She leaves to see if she can give Max his wallet back.
As she walks up he walks out the door bumping into her.*

No, I'm sorry should have watched where I was better.
Oh, it's you.
Yeah, so?
Look I found this [shows him the wallet] & I thought you might want it back.
Yes, & thank you.
No prob.
So, where were you last night?
Does it matter?
Yea but, we'll talk later how does that sound?

*They leave for where they were going after that... She goes to her room for a few minutes. From the bag she has in her hand. She pulls out her wallet, diary, Tank top she puts them away.*

{yeah, I have somethings here but, I like what I had that's why I brought some back w/ me.} she thinks to herself.

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