Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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*They packed as much as they could.They take the keys to the place in case they ever come back here.*


So, where to now? she ask.


Have you ever been out of state?




Good because that would be safer.


Not if we get caught on the way.


True, we should start in the morning least we can see then.


It will have to be VERY early.


I know.


So, what do we do till then? He ask.


Well, I was kinda hoping we could you know. *rubs the back of his neck.*


Make out more?


Nods blushing


We can if u wanted to. (hoping that she had wanted to)


*They walk to the couch because it's more comfortiblle there & begin to kiss again. Hands begin to roam, her hand on his leg sliding higher. He's getting hard ,her other hand in his hair. His hand at her waist & the other behind her head. they pull away for a bit for air.


Maybe we should stop.


*She looks at him.*


I know u know why.




If we don't stop now we may go further than either of us had planed on & then later regret it.


Do u  really wanna stop?


No but, I don't want you to feel you have to do anything you don't want urself.


Why do you think I wouldn't want to?


I'm just saying I'm not going to push because believe me that it's no fun when someone does.


I'll let u know when I want to stop.




*they begin to kiss again, her hands slide under his shirt.*

mmmmm *slides it up more. he sees & feels what she's going to do so, he helps her take his shirt off. once shirt is off she looks him over. kissing again. his pants getting tighter. her hand slides over them making him shiver. leaning back so she can do as she wants. she leans in & puts his hands on her boobs.


Ohhhh very nice. Mmmmmmmm


*she felt the bulge in his pants so, she takes them down as far as she can from they were she couldn't get them down far, he see's this & lifts himself  up so it's easier then she pulled them down past his knees & off leaving him in only his boxers*


Mmmmm some how this doesn't seem right. he said. teasing.


Looks good to me.


Not what I meant.


*They both smile & she blushes knowing what he meant.*


I know.

*He takes them bottom hem of her shirt & takes it up & over leaving her in her bra & everything else. she lets him take her jeans off of her. He looks at her with love & lust in his eyes*


Your so beauitfull.


*She blushes he starts to sit up & kiss her. They kiss as he unhooks her bra & slide the straps down her shoulders. she lets it fall off exposeing them to him.*




She blushes again. Ur good looking urself.




*She kisses him more, he kisses her back his hands at her waist feeling the mix of skin & satin pannties & slides his hands up to her boobs playing with them.*


Mmmmmmmmm You have no idea what u do to me.


I think I can see that. *pointing to his boxers.*


Oh.* blushes he had forgotten he is in just his boxers*


Do u really want me?


Yes oh so much.


Would u even w/out said powers?


Even then. *Smiles he smiles back.*


*She starts to slide her pannties off.*


Ur so hot So are you.


*she slides them off & she helps him with his Both look at each other up & down now that their both naked. They start to kiss.*


So, are u really sure? he asked.




K. smiles


*Feeling the real person w/ her was like wow to her. she opens her legs a bit for him he moves to open her legs more so, it would be easier. Slowly guiding & entering her.*


(So, much for don't touch me again) He thinks to himself.


*Kissing her deeply hoping to distract her from whatever disconfort he maybe causeing her. MMMMMmoo I'm just going to go for it.*




Oh,  believe me you'll know what I'm going to do in just a second.


*He moves fast changing her from a Virgin to de flowered.*




Told u it would hurt.


Smart ass.


*He touches her breast. She kisses him more. They go like that the rest of the night. He's the first wake up & then watches her sleeping soundly.*


(Last night was so good.) he thinks to himself.


He feels like energy is running though him. (What the Hell?)


She wakes up. Morning, lover.




*They kiss deeply.*


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