Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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It's the right thing to do. Max said


That very well maybe, but your the one who can stop him. Nick states


Where did you get that idea?


Let's just say a little bird told me.


Besides that brother dear, I won't leave you two did you forget that?


No, I hadn't but, also keep in mind YOUR HIS guardian now that dad's gone so you basicly have to.


*Max gets up to get a drink then stands & listens to them.*


~Why do I get the feeling that when they get into it, it seems like they'll fight for hours.~ Max thought to himself.


Look all I'm saying is think about it for now just don't take to long.


You know my answer already & I think you should go, Nick.


Mean while...


*Charlie drives out of town as fast as he can.*

Sally how are you feeling? he ask.


Just up tight at the moment & I have slight headacke other that I'm feel fine.


*As he drove when he looked back there was a grinning man a dark man. He on driving though the night. Later on he saw lights & it looks like he's going to crash into something but, he's so sick he can't seem to get the energy to stop. While this is going.*


Someone shut the pumps off!! Stu yelled.


Mean while...


Your not going to win this one, sis. Nick said.


What makes you say that?


Well, I told you one reason 3 times & then there's the fact that apparently you 2 are dating.

Look, Nick if she doesn't think she should then maybe she's right. Max said.

If she stays there's a chance that he'll try & to get her 'ablites'& sis you know the only 2 ways he can do that.


Yeah I know I'm trying not to think about that. Is the other one what I think she meant? Max ask.


Basicly. Nkira answered.


Then why would you want to stay?


I don't actually.


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