Alternet fate

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WHO did YOU SAY was with him?


That girl you had in here a few days ago.


How long have you known about this?


Just moments I promise, sir.


Else where...


*We see more people heading to the Hospital because of the virus the ambulance had already taken Charlie Campion & his family away from the Gas Station.*


What do think is going on with that fella? one of the guys asked.


Don't know.


Was he dead when they took him? another asked.




That was hours ago....mean while


So, where are we? Max ask.


Hours from where we came from. she replies.


Good but, that doesn't tell me where.


To tell the truth all know is we're heading north.


Grate. *rolls his eyes.*




Look we either head for New Mexico or, Washington but, either way we'll we need to head there soon.


Well, it's almost dark we'll need a place to stay.


Mean while...


Do you see what I have do deal with because of our little deal?




Then why can't it be changed?


Because I won't be resonsponible for more deaths.


SHE is WAY to much like her father!


Look can't you see that if you kill any of them your plan will never work. It's not working NOW.


Well, if you'd hadn't threatened her with the others lives she might have helped.


She's part human right?




Then if she wants her freedom then why would she turn me down?


She doesn't trust or, like you. Well, same goes for her.


Still can't see beyond your big plans?




She's still a woman young, but still a woman.


Your point being?


Try kindness if they're found & brought back here.


I'll still keep her away from Max though.


It would seem to me that the more you try & keep them apart the more they'll want to see each other. 


*Virgil pointed out.*


Do you realize what your asking me to do?


Yes, I do.


Mean while....


Don't you think we should get All of the group together? Vicki asked.


I would try that if I knew for sure where they where. Judd Replied.


So, try harder. She told him.


Look we still haven't heard from Mark or, John for that matter we need to find them. Lionel stated.


I agree with him. Both Vicki & Ryan said.


Angel one of the newest members of the YTF listened then stated If they're anywhere near cali maybe we should get going there.


Would if again we knew wher they were. Judd tells her..


Shelly & Darrion are tired of still sitting around doing nothing.


Kira is my friend I need to know what happend to her. Angel pleads.


Fine E-mail everyone where who are there we'll have them looking & the rest of us will pray then Me & a couple of others will go there. Judd told them




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