Alternet fate

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From what I've heard you where captured that day that everything happened.

What are you talking about?? Max asked. *surprised*
From what I understand is that you where coming home from school & well...
Please go on. He gentelly said.
A friend of my Dad's basically betrayed him to the "ruler of the world."
So, that being said you should get the idea.
Some of it but, why are you so angry with me?
It's more like I'm fustrated with what happened that day I wasn't able to help that's what I know. *Sits down on the ground.*
>>>>>>>>End of flash back>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
She's still not as easy to talk to about it. But, I do think at the time I can see some of the reasons why...
>>>>>>>>>Flash back>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
Other than your Dad getting killed what else happened if you don't mind me asking?
Well for one thing you weren't the only caught that day.
He had figured that already there where problely others.
Look we should be more worried about them trying to find us again.
Could you possibly tell me why they  would be looking for us anyway? Max asked.
I really don't think you would want to know or, remember why.
Tell me, please.
Well, I'm not really sure how to say it actually. *Takes a breath.*
After you were let's say trapped for a lack of a better word. He well made a point of making you or, until we know for sure your double his slave...ect.
I REALLY don't like the sound of that but, why you?
If you think about it think about who my Dad would have been if everything would have worked out differently.
So, he thought by taking you your Dad would do almost anything to keep his family safe am I right?
Yeah but, the one thing he didn't count on was the fact that Virgil always wanted us safe & with that said if he harmed any of us he wouldn't help in "His" plan anymore.
If that's the case then why is Virg still helping him I mean he helped track your Dad down & got him killed.
You don't have to remind me of that you know.
From I know or, at least heard anyways  was that in doing so, it would keep That thing from killing any of us the rest of us that is.
I was told to run away from there & if I found 'you' to take you somewhere safe just as I got to where I saw you it was to late.
Fighting from crying.
It's ok if you cry.
No it's not or, at least not now.
K, meaning you saw what had happened & you were scared & in shock.
Basicly & if you are the right one please forgive me for failing you.
You didn't & how could you have known I mean from what's gone on in your life changed a lot right in front of you.
But, why are you the new protector?
I guess it's just my fate. *shrugs her shoulders.*
Fate seems to dislike everyone or, just people who touch my life.
She rolls her eyes. Signals him to be quite. He wouldn't say another word & wouldn't till she thought it was safe. He knew that the trust thing really needed to be worked on.


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