Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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Look I just want to know she's alright that's it. Max said.
I'm thinking it's more than that. Nick said.
What do you know that I don't? asked Christa.
Never Mind. Said Max.

Mean while...

*It had been about a hour in the bath. She got out & wraped it around her slim form. Walked to her room & put her pj's on they're light purple. She put the rest of the things she needed back in working order.

Mean while...

Guys, I'm off to bed & besides she'll more than likely be back in the morning anyway. Nick said.
Good night. they both said.

*Nick leaves to go to bed.*

Now tell me, why are you so, into what my younger sister does?
Well, she's becomeing one of my best friends if you must know.
What are you planning?
What makes you think I am planning anything?
Let's just say I still don't trust you.
Will you promise not to tell anyone?
No need to yell I don't want your 'master' hearing us.
You are beginning bug me & HE is not my MASTER.
Look if you can remember were you lived we lived near there but, I do wish you luck however because it maybe awhile till you find it. [smirks]
If you say so

Later that night... after everyone's in bed.....

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