Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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It was morning & Max was just wakeing up.

Morning. someone said.
Morning. Max said though a yawn.
How did you sleep?
Not bad & u?
Not that grate.
Sorry bout that.
Don't worry about it.
Well, anyways your breakfast is there if you want it, sir.
Please don't call me that.
I don't like it ok.
Then what do you wanna be called?
Just Max will be fine & what's your name?
My name is Nick.
So, Nick I was just wondering if you've seen a person.?
Which person?
It's a girl or, rather a young woman about my age.
There's a lot of those.  
She has amond shaped eyes that are Dark blue/Green eyes that remind me of a deep clear lake or , some of the deeper places in the sea.
Why dose he want to know her? Nick thought.
Nick knowing this could be a trick to find out more of the ones trying to change things.
Still there's girls with either blue or, green eyes.
Her's are a mix of both the color can change darker or, lighter with her mood & she has long black hair & she's thin & tall I'd say about 5'11".
Seems like you look at her offten.
Well, from how you discribed her there's about I say there's only one or, two.
Her name is Nkira Mallory.
She won't be near here any time soon I'm afraid.

Mean while...

Get up. She heard someone say.

*She wasn't ready to get up yet. But she knew she had no chose in the matter. She began to get out of bed.*

Hurry up you.
You know I do have a name.
I don't care.
I hate it when you say that.
I just do.
Do you mind turning around?
Hello I need to change.

*He turns around. She gets changed.*

Are you done yet?

He turned back around.

I know you want to ask about him.
The Master's lover.
I know I may never see him again so, I won't ask.

*After saying that she sighs deeply.*

That would be best for all involed. He said.
You sound like you have feelings for him.
Only friendship so, where do I work today?
In town.
You heard me & so, you know someone will be watching you.
I figured that much.
When do I leave?

Mean While...

*Nick the serving person left. So Max got dress the rest of the way by puting on his shirt. It never until now that he never checked for his wallett. He didn't find it. He hoped someone would give it back if found & if they could get the currage to give it to him.*

Mean while. . .

*She had gotten ready to go to town even though she didn't know why. All she knew was that it was going to be a very long day. She desided to take advantage of it. The one thing that was in her mind was how to change things but, when she thought it was to big for anyone to do.The day was cloudy out side. She hadn't noticed that yet however.*

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