Alternet fate

BY : slayer-of-evil
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Disclaimer: I do not own Mighty Max, nor any of the characters from it or, The Stand or, Either Left behind seires. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

There will be more of the stand in this chapter & I don't own any songs that have this Title...

*After a few weeks they were able to meet up for their first date. Else where in Cali it seemed safe but, wouldn't for much longer. Luckly they where able to meet fairly early that evening or, rather late after noon.*

Some where in Cali ....
Close the GATE, Campion!
Close the Gate, there's been a leak down here they're droping like flies.

*He takes off to go home & get his family out as fast as possible.*

Mean while...

I should tell you that I've got a odd feeling today.
Really? Max asked.
What's it feel like?
I can't put my fingure on it.
Oh, ok what if it changes?
Sure, if that's what you want.
So, how long do you think we'll have till people start wonder where we are?
I really don't know.
Guess it deppends on what's going on there.
That's true.

*While they're heading out they see there's a lot of traffic on the road & alot of them where heading out of town for what ever reason.*

So, tell me more about your plan.
I've been doing some digging & from what I can tell we'er looking for a baseball hat that's the form it took this time.
Do you even realize how many of those there are?
Where would we find the one your talking about?
I think HE has it.
It gives him power.
Then why would he need you, no offence meant.
I know, & the answer is more power.

*She shows him the only pic she has that maybe it.*

He has something like it.
Can you get it?

*They start to get stuff to eat.*

So, after this do you want to go for a walk or, something?
I don't know if that's a good idea you know why.
Just so, you know if you wanted to try & run away again I'd go with you.
Right now would not be the time.
Neither was the last time.
But, is there a ever really a good time to run away?
I would doubt that seriously.

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