Alternet fate

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*After that there where no words being spoken to either of them.*


You will stay here so, there's no escape. Skull Master said.

*He then left the room & locked the door so, for the time being there was nothing he could actually do.He decided to sit down so, he sat near the window for awhile.There were thoughts that he wasn't sure where they where coming from.. It started a flash for a second but, he couldn't tell what it was. Then another came it was the day it had started this.*


(Where the HELL is this coming from??) he asked himself.


He saw that he had been running away from the goons with this Big guy but, that really hadn't lasted all that long.Then the guy getting shot only just after that he ran to hide behind a trash can. When he got there a found a place he saw a girl about his age hiding as well. She was in total shock at the time after seeing the man had gotten shot.It looked to him like she was going to pass out but, before he could even try & help her she had left her hiding place.


Then went to the man on the ground try to save him if she could. (Is SHE really the one who helped him get out of this place?


According to her she was.) he thought.


Then another memory came to him.


*It was about the bastered who now had him locked in the room. In this memory he had gotten KISSED by that man & undressed by him. Needless to say he was feeling ill.Then he saw the her face again he couldn't seem to get her off his mind lately.*


(She seems like a person I would go for if we didn't get ourselves in here.) He thought. (THOSE Eyes.}he thought. (Where the hell did that come from?) he said to himself.


Mean While...

She knew she was in big trouble this time but, she had figured she would be. She just hoped he was alright. After a hit to the face she thought as she wiped the blood from her nose off her face. She felt drained from everything that had gone on. She did like him but, she also knew it was very likely not to happen there. That didn't change her mind about him or, anything else on that matter. The Minion Left finally.... She sat on her bed hoping that something good was on it's way.


Mean while....


*He was trying not to let those memories of what had happened between Skull Master & himself did in the past. The girl that helped him was still on his mind no matter what he seem to do.*


~It seemed to him there was far more he needed to learn & Nkira was the key in ways. But, when would he see her again if ever. She did say she had a brother & sister maybe he should find them.~ He thinks to himself.


Mean while...


You what?? asked Skull Master

I did hit her for what she did. said the minon

How bad did you hurt her?

I really don't know but, it didn't seem to bad.

Her being human what maybe visable may not be all that is there.

Why the concern?

Because she's one that can make sure that all deals made are kept.


Much to my dislike.

The only problem is that if anything happens to what's left of her family is hurt or, killed.

She'll come after me & she could cause major damage next to the "Mighty One" she could more than likely distroy me.

That much I know.


Mean while...


*The clouds were gathering like a storm was on the way.

There are some that find hope in the coming storm*.


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