Alternet fate

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*As Mark was talking to Nick & Christa John is having a look around hiding from the guards. He found a place where some young people where talking & hanging out. Seeing that it was likely safe to come out  of hiding he walks up to the group.*


Can you believe someone actually escaped here? Matt asked


Seems his pet was the one who did it .


I don't think he did it on his own. a red headed boy said


Who are these two people you guys talking about? John ask.


Well, sir the one the two who have escaped are his pet & one he wishes would aid him in this time he the wants aid from & she can't stand the sight of him & would rather die than do what he wishes of her the other is or, was his lover he would have traveled with the young woman because I think  they might have fallen for each other. Matt answered before anyone else.


mean while...


We're close to the beach & the ocean so, let's go there & sail anywhere away from here. Max Stated.


Do you know how to do that? She asked him.


I was hoping you knew.


Nope don't know how.


What's the face for? Max asked.


I don't think I can actually leave them there.


We can't go back now both of us know it & don't forget your not the only one who left someone there.


My brother promised you before he left us that when he found him he would watch him till they where ready to leave & take him with them.


Do they even know what he looks like? Max Asked.


I have no idea on that but, I'm guessing their going to be looking for someone who looks at least a little like you. Nkira told him.


Well, I hope our families both get out of there fast. 


Me too.


Mean while....


Just how many are in this room? John asked.


Bout 15. Matt answers.


Mark hears this.


Will you let me talk to my friend for a bit? Mark asked them


Ok, fine with us.


*He walks over to John & the people he's talking to.*


John, I would like to talk to you.


What Mark?


Just what are you thinking?


Well, you & I know that we're  here to help people so I'm thinking we could get these people out. John told Mark.


How are we to do that? Mark asked


Well, we could get to the car then at least a few could escape here. John stated


Even if we got there just how many do you think we can take?


Well, it would hold more than just us & at least 5 of these people are about 11-13 years old & it doesn't set well with me to leave them.


It doesn't me either but, we'll have to.


*Christa walks up to them.*


How about you take those 5 & the rest of us can either wait or, try on our own.?


Where you listening in?


No, least not much but, I can tell you your blonde friend sounds a lot like my little sister.






Is she a believer?


In what?




You'd have to ask her that.


 I'll do that if  I see her.


So, you going to take those  five that you were told about? Christa asked.


If we can we will. john tells Christa & smiles at her.


Good. she replies


Mean while...


Nick A. walks in the night in a road (like in book & movie) He had noticed that there more people where gone then most could tell at this time.


~what else is going on that  we don't know is going on?~ he thinks to him self while resting in the jail.




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