Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 8: The bat and the wolf.

After Miss Grimwood's words the day before, Shaggy was feeling alittle better about himself, he now didn't need to hide his affection for the girls. He had also noticed that the effects of Phanty and Elsa's potion had left his cock the same large size as it had become, stroking his chin slightly as he stood naked infront of the mirror in his room, but only after locking the door. "Like... I wonder if I can keep this up... I mean, I like the girls, but what will the gang say?!" He sighed as he spoke to himself, before heading into the small bathroom that was attached to his room, stepping into the cramped shower as he tried to relax alittle as the water hit him.

Shaggy nearly jumped out of his skin though when the water from the shower came out freezing cold, "Like, what the hell?!" As he stepped out of the shower, he heard shrieks and shouts coming from downstairs, knowing the girls must of had a similar thing happen to them. So shaggy, still soaked through, walked into his room, shaking slightly from the cold. His room was neat once more, his dirty clothes in a pile near the door, as Miss Grimwood said she would sort out cleaning them for him. His bed had been fixed to a point, as all he had on hand was a hammer, a few nails and some duct tape... But it seemed sturdy enough, well, at least with just his own weight on it.

Shaggy slipped on a red shirt and blue jeans before walking downstairs, being greeted with a fine sight. All the girls were crowded on the landing, talking to Miss Grimwood, all dressed in only towels wrapped around their bodies and hair, even Tanis was dressed this way, but her bandages were still on. Shaggy cleared his throat as he made his presence known, and almost instantly the girls rushed over to him, all talking at once, not making any sense, so Shaggy gulped and raised his hands up, silencing them, "Ok... Winnie, like, whats going on?" Winnie smiled smugly as she looked at the other girls, her brown fur slightly damp from where she had entered the shower briefly, her towel was sky blue with bones on it, "Well Coach, I was just saying that the shower's are not working right, and we think it is the old boiler... But..." Sibella butted in, her light purple skin glistening all over, as it seemed she had been standing right under the water as it had come on, her towel was dark red with bats on it. "But Miss Grimwood cannot afford a new one... So we were wondering if you could..." Winnie whistled innocently as she tugged on the knot to Sibella's towel, making it drop, flashing Shaggy with her body before she could grab the towel and put it back on, scowling at the Werewolf girl who continued, "Could you have a look at the Boiler Coach?" Miss Grimwood laughed heartily as she saw the two girls try and out do each other, soon being joined by the three other girls who giggled. "The girls speak the truth Mister Rogers... I wouldn't normally ask, but we are in desperate need..." Miss Grimwood said to him as she calmed down, making Shaggy stroke his chin and smile, his cheeks still alittle red from the display a few moments ago. "Like, sure, I will just go get my tools..." He said as he moved passed the girls and headed downstairs and out the front door, over the drawbridge and to the mystery machine, to get his tool kit from under the drivers seat. Shaggy checked through it and nodded, then noticed a picture inside the Tool box, smiling alittle as he saw it was him and Googie, his old girlfriend from around the time he had to take part in the monster race, "Like... Whatever happened to her?" He wondered and after a few moments he shrugged, placing the picture in his jean pocket before heading back inside.

Shaggy was shown where the boiler was by Winnie, who was wearing a short, low cut green dress which went just below her hips, and wore jeans under it, her hair still curly but draping over her shoulders. She led Shaggy back down into the basement, but showed him another door near the back of the room, hidden in the shadows where the dim candles didn't reach. Shaggy walked into the old, cobweb filled room, it was quite large in size, but the room was mostly taken up by the large, ancient looking boiler, which sat silent and cold in the darkness. He smiled as he took his flash light from his tool box and flicked it on, lighting up where he pointed it clearly, "Like, thanks Winnie, I can take it from here..." But Winnie didn't leave, instead she walked over to the tool box and smiled happily, "Hey, can I help you Coach? I promise not to get in the way or anything!"

Shaggy looked at her, she was giving him puppy dog eyes as she leaned closer to him, her chest against him, "Please Coach..." She asked again sweetly, and finally Shaggy gave in with a smile, "Fine fine, like, hold the torch for me while I work..." And so Shaggy handed the torch to Winnie and they started fixing the boiler. After three or four hours, both of them covered in soot and dust, Shaggy stepped back, "Like, its fixed but... How are we gonna re-light it?" He asked Winnie, who shrugged. The door to the boiler room opened suddenly and Winnie shined the torch on the person in the doorway, showing a ticked off looking Sibella, one hand covering her face from the powerful glare of the flash light, and she had Matches the dragon under her other arm. Sibella was wearing a black dress that went down to her knee's, with a pair of matching black high heels, her hair was done up nicely, so it flowed down her back without a split end in sight, "Point that light somewhere else flea bag... I came down to help Shaggy..." She hissed at Winnie, who growled loudly in response.

Shaggy just sighed and moved over to Sibella and took Matches off her, who growled slightly as Shaggy help him, but seemed to calm down abit as he took the dragon to the boiler, "Like, can you give me a light Matches?" To which the dragon took a deep breath, its green scales slowly turning red until he let out a blast of flame into the boiler, relighting it. With that Shaggy put matches down and patted his head, "Like, thanks man..." He then turned to the two girls who were more or less face to face down, glaring daggers at each other, Winnie shouting, "Your just jealous that I actually helped him, and I might even be able to mate with him when he turns into a werewolf again!" To which Sibella scoffed, "I would just turn him human again before he could do so... And why would he choose a fur ball like you when he has a fang-tastic women like me around?" Shaggy stepped between them and split them up, a hand on each girls shoulder, "Ok, lets, like, not go overboard here, I like you both, and Phanty, Elsa and Tanis too... So there is no reason to fight over me..."

This had no effect as the two girls merely smirked darkly at each other, "I say we have alittle contest... Who can please Coach the most... The winner gets to have him to herself for the night, and the loser has to clean the moat for a week!" Winnie announced, grinning wolfishly as she did so, causing Sibella to nod, "Fine by me Winnie, but don't go howling like a lost pup when I beat you and keep Shaggy to myself..." Sibella then went to leave, but stopped at the door, "Oh, and Winnie? Who says your the only one who can get pregnant?" She then turned into a bat and fluttered away, leaving Winnie and Shaggy in a shocked silence, which was broken by Winnie, who growled low, "We will see... I wont let some bat brained, overgrown mosquito win..." She then marched off upstairs, leaving Shaggy feeling helplessly confused, "Like... Why?!" He shouted, but got no answer, so he sighed and walked upstairs.

Shaggy headed into the small dance studio inside the school, which was a long room, large mirrors along one wall with a support bar running all along the wall. Miss Grimwood was busy teaching Tanis, Phanty and Elsa how to do ballet, bringing back good memories to Shaggy... "Like... I remember that the last time me, Scooby and Scrappy were here we did ballet..." The girls and Miss Grimwood turned round to look at him with sly smiles. Miss Grimwood held up a tutu for him, "I remember well... I also remember that you looked quite dashing in a tutu Mister Rogers..." Shaggy looked alittle annoyed, but still put it on over his pants. Phanty floated around him, pinching his left cheek teasingly, "Aw... You look cute Shaggy!" She giggled loudly, she was wearing a pair of form fitting shorts and a tank-top, along with a tutu for the lesson. Elsa was in a set of denim dungarees with a white shirt under them, her own tutu on as well, she too was giggling at Shaggy, trying to hide it by covering her mouth with her hand. The only person not to laugh was Tanis, who walked over and took Shaggy's hand gently, "Come on Shaggy, lets start!" She smiled happily, still covered from her to toe in bandages, the only thing that was different was the usual pink tutu.

Shaggy nodded and started to dance with the girls, carrying on with the lesson with them as Miss Grimwood coordinated the dancing. After a short while she switched off the old gramophone, lifting the needle off the record, letting them all rest, "Very good girls... And you too Mister Rogers, your in marvelous shape, do you perchance work out often?" Shaggy blushed alittle as the other girls nodded in agreement with the headmistress's words, "Well, I don't really, like, work out in the normal sense, I just get alot of exercise from running away from guys in monster costumes most of the time..." This news made the girls stare at him blankly, before Tanis raised a hand slightly before speaking, "Why do humans dress up as ghouls?" Shaggy blinked, not sure how to answer that, so he smiled nervously and shrugged, "I don't really know, maybe they are just, like, trying to scare people off for their own reason?" Tanis looked down, deep in thought as Shaggy sighed, hoping this answer would be enough, but then Elsa spoke up, "Then what about this Halloween event you humans have? Is that to scare people too?" Shaggy shook his head and glanced to Miss Grimwood for some help, but she was just standing by the gramophone, smiling cheerfully at him with her arms crossed.

"Like, Halloween is when kids dress up to go out and knock on doors for candy..." Shaggy answered, which caused the girls to group up and whisper among themself, before turning back to Shaggy, Phanty smiling happily, "Ok Shaggy, would you take us all out on Halloween? So we can have some fun, because if what you say is true, then no one will think we are ghouls, just normal girls out collecting candy!" The girls all smiled happily, begging him to take them, so he nodded, not having the heart to say no, "Like, sure, I think that would be fun... Oh, if its ok with Miss Grimwood?" He looked at the headmistress who merely nodded and smiled warmly, "I think that would be a wonderful idea, although I will have to get the permission of the girls parents..." This made Shaggy gulp, not feeling as enthusiastic as he was before, but the girls seemed to think it would be fine.

Shaggy tugged off the tutu and chuckled, it had been a busy, yet fun day so far, and he hoped it would stay on a high, "Hang on a moment... Where is Winnie and Sibella?" Miss Grimwood asked as she looked around, making Shaggy cover his face with his hand, "Like, oh no... I forgot, I will go see if they are are in their rooms..." So with that he left the room, heading upstairs to Sibella's room first, knocking on her door, but got no reply, "Huh? That's odd... Like, where could she..." He then heard a loud thud and shout from Winnie's room, making Shaggy panic, "Like, zoinks! I hope they aren't fighting again..." He slowly made his way to Winnie's door and opened it, barging in, "Ok girls, like, lets stop this arguing..." But his jaw dropped as he gazed at the two girls, in only their underwear, Sibella in white satin panties and matching bra, while Winnie was wearing a set of pink cotton panties and matching bra, Sibella was on the floor, seeming to have tripped over one of her discarded shoes. "Um... Is this, like, a bad time?" He gulped as he tried to back away, but the two girls looks of shock slowly contorted into sly grins as they both rushed to him, grabbing his wrists and dragging him into the room, with Winnie looking out onto the landing to see if anyone had seen, before closing the door and locking it.

Shaggy was more of less thrown on the bed, knowing he was in for another rough time as he rolled from his stomach onto his back, watching the two girls who smiled happily as they both eyed him, "Don't you remember Shaggy darling, we made a bet earlier... And now is as good a time as any... Now you just relax..." Sibella smiled lustfully as she took two pills from her bedside draw, placing them down on the top of the table, "The pink pill will turn you into a werewolf for when it is her go..." Sibella frowned slightly as she said this, but cheered up alittle when she pointed to the other, blue pill, "But this one... Will turn you back human and add alittle... Extra to you..." She licked her fangs as she said this, making him shiver. Winnie giggled and smirked at the female vampire, "Watch it sparkles, your scaring the Coach..." And with that she sat beside him on the bed, rubbing her bust against his arm, ignoring the disgusted look the vampire had on her face at the werewolf's comment, "Sparkles?! How DARE you compare me to those sparkling pansies in that pathetic excuse for a book!" But Winnie just stuck her tongue out.

Shaggy chuckled, "Ok ok, so... Like, what did you girls want to do then?" Winnie smiled at his question, licking his cheek and then standing up, taking Sibella's wrist as they both walked into Winnie's bathroom and closed the door, leaving Shaggy all alone. He looked around the room, it had old yellow wallpaper on the walls, an old oak dresser against the wall nearest to the door, old creaky floorboards, and her bed was a small single bed, the bed sheets were purple in color. Shaggy got up off the bed and walked to the only window in the room, which looked out over to the swamp, "I wonder what they are doing?" He asked himself before turning around as he heard the bathroom door open.

Sibella and Winnie stepped into the room, Sibella was wearing a blood red suspender belt with black stockings, wearing a red lacy bra but no panties, while Winnie was wearing nothing except a pink leather color, causing Shaggy to raise an eyebrow as he looked them both over, "Oh... So... Its, like, another sex thing?" Both the girls giggled, before Sibella spoke up, "Indeed Shaggy, but don't worry, we will make this a night to remember, and when I claim victory..." Winnie elbowed Sibella in the side, making her yell, "Oops, sorry bat brain, didn't see you there... And about victory, I can tell you for sure that I am going to win..." This statement caused Sibella to scoff, "With what? Just a dog collar on to arouse him?! Wait... Why do you even own a collar, or most of our outfits anyway?!" Winnie blushed under her fur and looked away, "Just... A hobby... And if you don't think I can win..." She smirked and got on all fours, crawling over to where Shaggy stood, rubbing her cheek against his crotch and the growing bulge in it, "You wont mind if I go first then?"
Shaggy looked down at Winnie and blushed, it was true that he had felt attracted to her the second he saw she was only wearing a collar, a symbol of submissiveness, but he also liked the look of Sibella, her sexy body fitting her outfit perfectly. He reached his left hand down to run his fingers through Winnie's curly hair, but his eyes were following Sibella as she walked to the bedside table and took the pink pill, tossing it to Shaggy, who caught it in his right hand, looking down at the pill. "So... Like, this will only be for alittle while right?" Sibella nodded to him and he sighed, before closing his eyes, and swallowing the pill. He waited for a moment, "Hey, like, nothing is..." He then hiccuped...

Shaggy blinked as he looked down at himself, his body had changed to that of a werewolf, his body covered in brown hair, a pair of pointy ears on the top of his head. "Like, it seems it works..." Sibella rolled her eyes and waited on the bed, watching as Winnie's eye lit up when he changed, using her teeth to grip his zipper and slowly pulled it down. Shaggy watched Winnie and moved his right hand to undo his pants, letting the drop, his thick 10 inch cock was standing fully erect, the tip glistening with his pre-cum as it flooded from the tip. Winnie growled low in her throat, lapping at the tip with her tongue, moaning alittle as she did so, her left hand moving between her legs and stroking her moist slit as she slowly sucked on Shaggy's cock tip gently, her tongue kept lashing over his tip as she did so. Shaggy moaned and moved his hands on either side of her head, stroking her furry cheeks as he closed his eyes in pleasure, his hips slowly thrusting in and out of her mouth, forcing the wolf girl to take more of his cock, the tip easily hitting the back of her throat, making Winnie gag alittle, who slipped two fingers into her pussy as he started to hump her face, her eyes rolling back slightly as she could smell his lust, driving her wild.

Sibella rolled onto her belly as she watched the other two, biting her lower lip as she moved a hand under her body, stroking her own pussy lips as she watched the two, moaning under her breath, not wanting to admit that seeing Winnie and Shaggy in his werewolf form like this turned her on. Shaggy growled out as he pulled his cock from Winnie's mouth and rubbed the drool covered shaft against her cheek, getting her fur wet as she panted, smiling up at him, "Mmm you taste good Coach!" She giggled as she went to put him back in her mouth, but was stopped when Sibella threw a pillow at her, "Hey now Winnie, its my turn... Don't be getting greedy..." Sibella then crawled to the edge of the bed, kneeling on it with her mouth open wide, her tongue wagging slowly as she watched Shaggy, hoping he got the message. Shaggy turned to Sibella and raised an eyebrow, but moved over and gripped her long, luscious hair and rams his cock into Sibella's mouth, groaning as she gagged around his size, her head moving forward to take as much of him as she could, deep throating Shaggy's thick cock as she did so. "Mmm, like... Weren't you going to wait till I was normal again for your turn?" Shaggy asked between grunts as he thrust his cock in and out of Sibella's mouth, but she didn't reply, she had her eyes closed, panting around his cock, letting a few small moans out as she tasted his pre-cum and Winnie's saliva on his rod, loving the taste.

Sibella let out a gasp as she sucked Shaggy's cock, feeling Winnies furry fingers stroking her smooth pussy, before slipping a finger inside Sibella and rubbed her clit with her thumb, making Sibella shudder at the feeling of Shaggy's cock down her throat and Winnie's fingers teasing her. Shaggy gasped as after a few more pumps her pulled out of Sibella's mouth and jacked off his cock, shooting his load over the young vampires face and bra covered breasts, his thick seed staining her skin. Winnie smirked and crawled up Sibella, tugging her fingers out of her pussy as she did so and licked them clean before lapping at Sibella's face, tasting Shaggy's sperm, while Sibella also licked her lips, tasting his seed that had landed there, "Round one to me Winnie dear..." She giggled, but Winnie growled, "Only cos you butted in... Now comes the real test..."

Winnie lay down with her face against the bed, her ass high up in the air for him as she wiggled it for Shaggy, "Come on Coach.. I want you to breed with me..." She smirked as she spoke, but Shaggy got alittle worried, "But... Your dad..." Winnie just laughed, "Like he has a say in this... I want you Shaggy... Please..." Shaggy stayed silent for a few moments, as did Sibella, who could not believe that Winnie would ask him something so important in such a laid back way. Winnie sighed and began to lower her rear, "Sorry Coach... I shouldn't of..." She suddenly felt his hands on her hips, pulling her up again as he rubbed his cock tip against her soaked lower lips, the fur around her pussy tickling his cock head slightly as she grinded back, smiling happily, "Thank you Shaggy!" He just sighed and smiled nervously as he slowly began to feed his member into Winnie's slit, groaning as he kept pushing till he was balls deep inside her, his tip pressed against her womb roughly, making Winnie dig her claws into the bed, panting as pangs of pleasure shot through her. Sibella leaned down to Winnie and stroked her cheeks, before slowly kissing her lips roughly, her slender tongue invading Winnie's mouth much to her shock.

Shaggy watched the two girls make out and smirked, starting to pump his meat stick in and out of Winnie's tight, wet pussy, her juices soaking the fur around her pussy and the sheets beneath her, making his shaft work in and out with little resistance, his size spreading her innerwalls slightly as he rammed his cock in and out of the Winnie, her breathing getting heavy as she kept the kiss with Sibella going, her hands moving to fondle the vampires chest, tugging down her bra cups, letting Sibella's breasts bounce free before groping them.

Sibella moaned and broke the kiss, winking at the werewolf slyly, "Oh Winnie, I am not doing this to be nice... The second you cum its my turn and my win..." She giggled as she sat back, stroking her own moist pussy, watching the pair fuck was making her impatient, she wanted Shaggy now... Shaggy sighed and gripped Winnies asscheeks and squeezed them roughly, earning a moan from her as he chuckled, "Like, don't worry Winnie, I promised I would cum inside you..." He picked up the speed of his movements, his hips slapping against her rear loudly now as he groaned, "And I intend to keep my promise!" His cock tip penetrated Winnie's womb with his last thrust, making her tongue hang out and her eyes roll back as she released, cumming her juices over his cock and her bed, shivering as he kept moving in and out of her twitching pussy, his pounding relentless. Sibella blinked and put a hand on Shaggy's shoulder, "Shaggy dearest... I believe it is my turn?" She whispered to him, but he was lost in the moment, his cock moving in and out of Winnie's dripping gash in a blur as he let out a loud howl that echoed through the school as he cummed directly inside Winnie's womb, filling her with his seed, before slowly stirring his cum around inside her with his rod after which he gently pulled out, leaving Winnie panting on her front, her pussy oozing his seed over her quilt.

He panted and looked around, not seeing Sibella anywhere, "Hey, Sibella, where did you...?" He was interrupted when she slipped behind him and forced the other pill into his mouth, making him swallow it. Soon Shaggy reverted to normal and sighed, "Like, it's good to be back to normal." But then he noticed Sibella's sly smile, "Why not look in the mirror Shaggy dearest..." So he did, walking into Winnie's bathroom and looked into the mirror, only to see nothing looking back to his great horror, "Zoinks! Like, whats going on?!" Sibella stood in the doorway as she unclipped her bra, throwing it aside, "Alittle extra I told you about, for the next hour, you are a vampire... You can thank Elsa and her genius later..." She giggled as she moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him deeply as she jumped up on him, wrapping her legs around his waist so she could stay on him, his hands moving quickly to her bare asscheeks, squeezing them roughly.

Sibella giggled and moaned loudly at the touch of his hands, grinding herself against his cock as she bit her lower lip, before leaning up and kissing Shaggy again, running her tongue over his new fangs as she groaned. He slowly lowered her down onto his cock, his size spreading her pussy open wide to fit him in as he held her close to him, her breasts pressed tight against his shirt covered chest, her erect nipples rubbing against his skin through the thin material making him grunt into the kiss, his arousal rising again. He started to move her up and down on his cock, sliding it all the way inside her soaking wet love canal, and then pulling out just to the tip, before ramming it back in all the way again, ravaging Sibella as he groaned, starting to walk with her back into the room where Winnie had passed out on the bed and fell forward, still fucking the vampire girl as they landed on the bed, their moans and the sound of their flesh slapping together filling the room.

His cock was throbbing hard now, his pre-cum mixing with her own juices as Shaggy fucked Sibella harder, his hands moving to her breasts, cupping them and squeezing them roughly as he leaned down and ran his tongue around her left nipple before nibbling on it teasingly. "Oh Shaggy... Please... Cum with me!" She groaned as her pussy tightened up around his cock, squeezing it hard with each thrust into her, until after a few more intense moments, he cummed deep inside her, just as she released around his shaft, both left exhausted as Shaggy slowly pulled out and sat back on the floor, trying to catch his breath, noticing his teeth slowly shrinking back to normal size as he moved his hand to his mouth. "Like... Thanks for the interesting time girls..." He said as he slowly got up and grabbed his pants, putting them on before moving the girls slightly so they were side by side asleep. He then placed the quilt over them and stretched, walking out of the room, "I think I have earned a break..." He said to himself as he got out on the landing, after which he made his way towards his own room, the only thing bothering him now was the cowardly part of himself warning him that he may of made a huge mistake...


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