Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 4: Phantom of the bedroom.

Shaggy found himself running down a never ending corridor, The wolf man and Dracula hot on his heels, both trying to kill him, "Like! I am sorry, I didn't mean to do it with your daughter's!" He yelped as they both pounced at him... And with that Shaggy sat up in bed, his body covered in a cold sweat, "Like... It was only a dream... What a..." He groaned, his cock feeling cold and wet...

He threw back the bed covers and there, with only her torso phased through the bed, her legs under it, was Phantasma, or Phanty to her friends, sucking on his cock, a cheeky look in her eyes as she looked up at him, giving him a wave before pulling off his shaft, "Hey Shaggy, have a bad dream?" She asked innocently as she jacked him off with both her ghostly hands.

"Mmm... Like, how can you touch me..." He asked her, but then suddenly realized, "Hey! You can't be doing that!" At this Phanty looked up at him with a cold frown, squeezing his cock hard, making his flinch, "So it's ok for you to have sex with Sibella and Winnie but not me?!" Shaggy was slightly taken back by this, "Wait... You, like, know about that..."

Phanty nodded and floated up till she was floating over him, at which point he noticed her normal jeans were undone, "I watched you... At first I thought you were having nightmares but..." She giggled loudly and licked her lips, "And to answer your question... I am a phantom, so I can touch things if I want to... Like this beautiful thing right here..." She gently ran a finger over his cock tip lightly, making him shudder as he moaned, as he touch, while soft, was quite cold.

He licked his lips and slowly reached out for her, but she giggled and floated out of reach, winking at him playfully as she turned her back to him, "We will sort something out later Shaggy... Just remember... It's my turn next..." With that she flew through the wall, leaving Shaggy alone with his thoughts. On one hand, he had Sibella, and on the other was Winnie, both girls liked him, but he didn't want to hurt either of them... But now Phanty was getting interested... "Like... What a pickle..." He jumped slightly when his stomach growled angrily at the mention of food and sighed, "Yeah... Speaking of which.. Best stomach some breakfast..."

After a quick shower and getting dressed in his usual green shirt and brown cargo pants, he went down to the kitchen, which he almost instantly regretted, as at the table all the girls were assembled... On the left side was Sibella, Elsa and then Winnie, while on the right side of the table was Phanty, an empty chair and then Tanis. So Shaggy sat between Tanis and Phanty, then with a smile he asked, "Like, How is everyone?"

Elsa smiled and nodded, tightening the left bolt in her neck alittle, "Not bad coach, a little bit stiff, but nothing some work will fix..." Tanis was next, smiling at Shaggy warmly, "I am ok as well! My bandages are getting alittle tight, but Mummy daddy tells me it just means I am growing up." She said cheerfully, making Shaggy smile happily. Phanty kept quiet, but smirked slyly at Shaggy before sinking through her chair and into the floor, vanishing. Not seeming to care, Winnie and Sibella looked at Shaggy, both seeming to be checking him over...

Sibella was the first to break the silence, "I have been fine... Bat, I don't like the idea of my man being sullied by some bitch in heat..." She hissed at Winnie with the last bit, showing her fangs, but Winnie merely growled at the vampire and showed her over teeth, "It's not my fault coach likes his women wild, instead of some dressed up batty runt!" The two girls looked like they were about to fight when Elsa sighed and stood up, easily picked the two girls up by the scruffs of their tops and walked out of the kitchen, a few moments later a loud splash was heard before Elsa came back, "Well, those two should cool off alittle now I hope..." Shaggy slowly nodded in agreement...

Shaggy wasn't given much time to eat, as Miss Grimwood called him to the hall, where he entered and was met with a frown, "I have heard from Phantasma... You have been stepping on rotten eggshell's Mister Rogers... And it wont end well..." But Shaggy just pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Like... Honestly... What do you expect me to do man? The girls have their own minds and stuff, I can't just tell them, I mean, I'm only human after all..."

Miss Grimwood's features softened as she smiled sadly at him, "Indeed... I am sorry Mr Rogers, I knew this might happen but... I thought, if the girls could spend some time with the first man they ever liked, maybe they could calm down alittle but..." Shaggy stopped her and put a hand on her shoulder, "Like... Its ok, I understand, I will take responsibility..." This answer seemed to please Miss Grimwood, "Ah, then you will marry the girls?" Shaggy stayed silent for a moment, his face frozen with a half smile, "Wh... What? Marriage?! And Girls?! I, like, have to marry all of them?!" Miss Grimwood chuckled, "Now now, I am not saying you have to... But the possibility is there, as having several wives is not uncommon for most monster groups..." Shaggy looked at the ground, "Like... Give me some time to think, ok?" To which Miss Grimwood nodded, "I understand, don't rush it..." And with that Shaggy went off the organize the girls class for the day.

He had all the girls go some light exercise for the day, which included some stretching and jogging around the school, he then had each of the girls in turn try the long jump, which ended as he expected, with Elsa winning, followed by Winnie, then Sibella, followed by Tanis and with Phanty coming last, as she was disqualified for floating... After the exercises, Winnie and Sibella pulled Shaggy aside as they all went back to the school, the two girls pulling Shaggy to his van, "Like... Whats up girl's?" He asked, slightly confused.

The two girls looked alittle worried as they glanced at each other, before Winnie finally spoke, "Coach... Your not going to leave us again... Are you? We... We wont fight anymore if you stay, we can even share you..." She said sadly, tears in her eyes as she hugged Shaggy, making him blush slightly before smiling sadly and hugging Winnie back. He looked up at Sibella, who was also crying and sighed, holding out a hand to her, "Like, why would I leave? When I have such perfect students?" He chuckled cheerfully, causing Sibella to run at him, hugging him as well as Winnie. The three held each other for a few moments before the girls calmed down and each kissed Shaggy on the cheek, before slowly heading back to the school.

"Like... That went better then I expected..." Shaggy grinned as he walked around to the back of his van, opening it up and getting inside, relaxing in the rear of the mystery machine, before slowly dropping off to sleep... Shaggy woke up alittle later, he could see it was dark outside, "Like, aw man... I probably missed supper..." But as he sat up, he noticed his pants were missing, "Um, Winnie? Sibella? Is that you?" He asked as he looked around, but got no answer.

Suddenly a pair of ghostly arms wrapped around him, the hands softly stroking his chest, but the shock caused his usual response, "Zoniks! Like, don't hurt me!" He whimpered before hearing a giggle that he recognized, "Phanty?" He asked, and the ghost girl kissed his neck, leaving a light white mark on his skin, "Mmhmm, I have come to have my turn... You wont deny me that, will you Shaggy?" She whispered sweetly in his ear.

Shaggy sighed and nodded, putting his hands on her's, shaking alittle at the chill of her body, "Like... Sure, as you said, it isn't fair if I only treat one or two of you..." This was all Phanty needed as she phased through him, making him jump slightly as an icy cold shot through him, but his chattering teeth soon ceased as he moaned. Phanty was rubbing her ass against his crotch, his slowly hardening cock was pressed between her cheeks as she reached back and massaged his cock with them.

"Mmm naughty teacher... Do you want my Ass Shaggy?" She purred as she then giggled, turning around for a moment to kiss Shaggy on his lips, leaving a trace of her ice blue lipstick on his own lips as she then got on all fours, "Be gentle Shaggy... It's my first time there..." Shaggy gulped and nodded, he had not tried anal since that one time a few years ago when Velma had got drunk and the two had fucked each other...

He spat on his hand and rubbed the saliva into his cock, wetting it a bit as he went to do the same to her ass, but she shook her head, "It's fine Shaggy, just put it in me, please!" She begged, reaching back and spreading her asscheeks, showing her ethereal dripping pussy lips and her tight, puckered little asshole for him. Shaggy didn't hold back as he moved behind her, rubbing his cock tip against her tight little hole, making her gasp and squirm, before carefully forcing his cock head inside her, making her moan out as her tight ass spread around his size.

Phanty let out a loud shriek as Shaggy forced the rest of his size into her, until he was balls deep, his tip deep inside her cold, tight asshole, which she slowly grinded back against him as she panted, "Mmm Shaggy, it feels soooo good..." She cooed as she started to move herself back and forth on his shaft, making her stretched asshole tighten on his dick like a vice as she did so, her eyes closed tightly.
Shaggy also had his eyes closed as he reached his arms around her and pulled her back into him before sitting down, forcing her down onto his cock deeper as his hands roamed over her stomach and up to her perky breasts, pinching her nipples and twisting them between his finger and thumb, making her squeak slightly as she blushed, all the while bouncing up and down on his thick rod, the slapping of her asscheeks meeting his lap soon filled the van as she moaned his name over and over as he ass fucked her.

Shaggy kissed her neck roughly and nibbled it, thankful he could actually do so since she was a phantom. His pre-cum flooded from his cock tip, lubing up her spread asshole enough for him to hammer up into her with little resistance now, his hips meeting her's as he thrusted up, she rammed herself down on his cock, the feelings sending shivers through them both as they both got close after a short while. At this point, with Shaggy still inside her, Phanty turned around in his lap slowly so she was facing him.

"Shaggy... Kiss me..." She whispered lustfully as the ghost girl gazed at him and, not one to refuse her, Shaggy complied, kissing her lips deeply, their tongues playing softly with each other as they kept their eyes open, staring deep into each others as they both climaxed. Phanty shrieked out loud, causing the whole van to shudder, 'cumming' over his stomach as she squirted her juices over him, while Shaggy unloaded his seed up into her asshole as deep as it would go, making her whimper as she held onto him weakly.

"Thanks Shaggy... That was fun!" She giggled and pulled off him, her asshole still gaping and alittle cum dribbling from it as she clicked her fingers, her jeans and tank top reappearing on her body before she kissed his lips one last time and winked, "I will see you tomorrow Shaggy!" She then phased through the roof of the van and was gone, leaving Shaggy to relax, "Like, at least now I can rest..." Almost as if to crush his words, the back of the van was flung open and there, looking slightly annoyed was Winnie and Sibella, both having seen Phanty leave, knew what happened, especially since he was still naked, "That's no fair coach!" Cried Winnie, while Sibella simply climbed into the van and knelt beside Shaggy, "You owe us Shaggy... Now, lets play while the night is young, right Winnie?" The wolf girl smirked and nodded, climbing in too and closing the doors, making Shaggy gulp, "So much for rest..."


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