Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter One: New Adventures

Shaggy sighed, looking up at the ceiling from where he lay in his old bed. It was his last night in Miss Grimmwood’s finishing school and he was almost sorry to see it end. His memories of this place were mixed. Some were good, such as his time teaching the girls when they were children, and later when they became his mates. Most of his memories, however, were of scarier times, such as when they battled Revolta and later the parent's night that followed his taking the girls as mates.

It had been three months since defeating Revolta, and Shaggy and his girls had settled in at Miss Grimmwood’s while the girls spent time reminiscing and reliving old memories. The school had been a bit run down, and Shaggy had paid to have it remodeled and expanded to incorporate the old Callaway school grounds which had been restored and incorporated into the Grimmwood School. The idea was to revitalize it to appeal to a new generation of ghouls. Already, the school had dozens of new applicants, now that it was known the mates of the “Hero of the Monster World” attended the school.

Shaggy had become quite famous in the Monster World for his defeat of the Evil Revolta, repeatedly foiling her attempts to conquer them and rule as their Queen. His sudden fame had annoyed their fathers, but his mates were proud of him. He smiled slightly as he recalled the grumbling faces of Papa Werewolf and Count Dracula. But things had worked out for the best in the end. The girls’ fathers had even agreed to take up teaching roles at the school, the famous monsters lending their good names to the school had only added to the appeal. With summer nearing its end, students were lining up and Miss Grimmwood’s school would soon be busier than ever.

Meanwhile, Fred and Daphne had already returned to Crystal Cove, where Fred had taken up a job in the Mayor’s office at his father’s urging, and despite his numerous objections, he had a natural talent for the job. Daphne had made peace with her family and had gone to work for her parents, running one of the family’s charities. Velma had stayed with him, choosing to remain by his side as she continued to work on her first novel.

Shaggy turned onto his side in his bed, facing Winnie. She lay fast asleep, her head resting on the nearby pillow. Her belly had grown a lot in the last few months as his child grew. “My child. I’m going to be a father. Zoinks.” He thought to himself. It still amazed him. Reaching over, careful not to wake her, he lay his hand on her stomach, a smile forming on his face. Outside the sun was beginning to settle high up in the sky. Shaggy wormed his way out of bed, stretching and heading for the shower in his room. He stepped under the spray, relishing the feel of the hot water against his skin before picking up a bottle of shampoo.


After finishing his bath and his morning grooming, Shaggy walked towards the wardrobe. He didn’t bother wrapping a towel around his waist, being in his own room, the door locked, just his mates around. They had seen him naked more times than he could count. And because of diet and constant exercise his body was lean, firm, and quite muscular. His six-pack well defined, arms thick with muscles, his shoulders broad. He had cut his hair short which had begun to darken slightly and shaved his beard. His mates preferred him without the scrags. He often received compliments and lust-filled gazes from women whenever he went into the nearby town, much to his mates’ annoyance.

His new wardrobe reflected his appearance. Shaggy had bought new clothes in town, choosing to toss out his hippie look for a more stylish and modern look. He dressed in clothes that complimented his sculpted physique, accented by a few pieces of punk jewelry here and there to give him a slight aura of danger. Opening the wardrobe, Shaggy dressed in a silver Abercrombie t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, a thin steel neck chain around his neck with a pendant shaped like a snake’s head, mouth gaping and fangs bared, his patent, black leather boots, and a pair of studded fingerless gloves on his hands.

After dressing, Shaggy headed downstairs for breakfast. He had politely insisted on taking over the cooking duties during his stay at the school, and Miss Grimmwood, perhaps taking pity on him, had relented, spending the time overseeing the remodeling of the school. She was very excited about the remodeling. She loved teaching at the school, but the building was quite old and there was no denying that it was badly in need of some major repairs. She did her best but there were somethings she wasn’t quite sure how to fix herself.

Striding down the stairs, Shaggy entered the kitchen and turned on the stove before pausing to think for a moment. Starting forward again, he fumbled through one of the cabinets, taking out a skillet and setting it on the burner. He whistled softly as he poured in the oil before walking to the cabinets, taking out the pancake mix, and began to mix the batter. As he cooked, Winnie, Elsa, and Tanis came downstairs, each kissing him before sitting down at the table. “Mm, smells good. What’s for breakfast?” Elsa asked. 

“Blueberry and banana pancakes,” Shaggy replied, as he set plates of pancakes in front of each of them. 

“They look so yummy,” Tanis said, digging in. 

“I agree. I’m starving.” Winnie said, diving in. 

Elsa nodded, swallowing a bite. “They’re delicious. Thanks, Shaggy. We’ve never had pancakes here before.” She said, between bites.

Shaggy smiled, turning back to the stove. “Where are the others?” He asked piling pancakes onto plates. 

“They’re still in bed. They fancied a bit of a lay in this morning.” Winnie said, between bites.

“And what about you three? Eager to start the day?” Shaggy asked, placing a pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice and several cups on the table for the girls. 

“We were too hungry. Winnie smelled the food and came running, and we decided to join her.” Elsa said as she poured herself a glass of juice.

“Girls after my own heart,” Shaggy said with a grin. Just then the other girls came down the stairs, dressed and ready to start the day, they sat at the table and Shaggy placed their breakfast plates on the table in front of them as they each helped themselves to juice.

“Mm, delicious Shaggy. As always.” Velma said seconded by the others at the table.

“Morning, everyone.” Miss Grimmwood said as she came into the room and sat at the table with Matches walking by her side, yawning sleepily. Shaggy fixed her a plate and a cup of coffee before setting Matches' bowl in front of him, piled high with his favorite food.

Ever since he had devoured Shaggy’s stash during the parent’s night, Matches had refused to eat anything but Scooby Snacks. Shaggy sat at the table, eating his own breakfast as they all talked about their plans for the day. As it was a Sunday, the girls were free for the day. Miss Grimmwood and the Elder Ghouls would be performing a final inspection of the new grounds and school, making sure it was ready for the new arrivals the following day. The girls and Shaggy would be returning to Crystal Cove later that day and the prospect of saying goodbye to their fathers was a touch upsetting for his girls. Shaggy, however, was somewhat relieved to be free of Papa Werewolf though he would never tell Winnie.

After finishing their breakfasts, the girls headed upstairs to pack while Shaggy did up the dishes. Finishing he joined his girls upstairs, helping them pack before helping each of them carry their trunks back to the RV. Shaggy carried Winnie’s trunk himself. He had become increasingly protective of her in the last few months. The girls explained that due to repeated transformations, he had begun to take on various monster traits, one of them was an alpha nature where his mates were concerned. He would become increasingly protective of them all, the need to look after them growing as their bond deepened.

He had also noticed some psychical changes to his appearance. His canines had further extended and were now razor-sharp fangs. His nails had lengthened and now resembled claws. His eyes had turned a molten amber color, with dark slits for pupils. He had also grown several inches taller and now stood at 6 feet, 7 inches tall. His voice had become deeper as well, adding to his appeal.


Shaggy stood by, watching over each of his girls as they said goodbye to Miss Grimmwood and their fathers. He was nervous, but aside from Papa Werewolf, the Elder Ghouls had become more accepting of him, even somewhat cordial though he knew he would never be considered the ideal mate for their daughters. They gathered around him clapping him on the back, though Papa Werewolf frowned slightly as he did so. “Take care of our daughters, or you’ll be sorry.” Phanty’s dad said. They nodded somberly, before taking their leave.

Shaggy and the girls climbed into the RV, the girls settling in the lounge while Shaggy sat in the driver’s seat and took out his cellphone. Dialing, he held the phone to his ear. “Jones Residence. Daphne speaking. Oh hi, Shaggy. What’s new?” Daphne asked.

Shaggy grinned. “I just called to say the girls and I are heading back. We’ll be home in a few hours. How are you and Fred doing? Do you like your new house?” He asked, slipping the key into the ignition and fumbling to put on his seatbelt onehanded. 

“Oh, that’s wonderful. We’re looking forward to seeing you again. Everything is going great here. Fred’s started to enjoy his new job and his father appointed him to the City Council. Oh, and our new house is just beautiful. We absolutely love it. We can’t thank you enough for letting us stay with you while we saved up for it.” Daphne gushed.

“It was my pleasure. The manor won’t be the same without you and Fred though. Anyway, we’re getting ready to pull out of the drive, so I’ll let you go.” Shaggy replied.

“Sounds good. When you get back, give us a call and we’ll have you all over for a little get-together at the new house. Bye, Shaggy.” Daphne said, hanging up.

Shaggy hung up the phone, and started the engine, pulling slowly out of the drive and setting off along the road towards Crystal Cove. As he saw Miss Grimmwood’s school disappearing around the corner in his mirror, he couldn’t help but wonder what new adventures awaited him and his young mates.

It’s just the beginning but I hope to add a few more mysteries before things are over. Review and tell me what you think.

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