Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 6: Bandaging up a relationship.

Shaggy felt a mix of feelings, one side was pleasure, as having just had sex with Elsa, he was feeling great but... "Don't worry Shaggy... I will get you out..." Came the voice of Tanis, who was standing in the doorway, her eyes looking down as she quickly rushed over, undoing Shaggy's shackles. Shaggy felt terrible, being seen like this by Tanis, he had to try and make things better... He slowly pushed Elsa of himself and lay her out on the stone slab before grabbing his pants from the corner of the room.
"Like... Tanis, this isn't what it seems, me and Elsa, we were just..." Shaggy was cut off when Tanis spoke up, in an embarrassed and upset voice, "Having sex? Like you had with all the others?!" She shouted, her frown being easy to see, even through her bandages, Tanis walked over to Shaggy, who expected her to hit him, but instead she kissed his cheek, "I am sorry Shaggy... I wanted to tell you... But..." She then rushed off, tears in her eyes, leaving Shaggy stood there, wondering whether or not to follow.

"Like, Tanis! Wait..." But a ghostly hand on his shoulder stopped him, Phanty sighed and shook her head, "Tanis will need some time to think this through... Just... Leave her to us..." She smiled sadly. At this point Elsa slowly sat up, groaning, "Sorry... Had alittle overload, what did I miss?"

After explaining to Elsa what happened, and deciding to talk to Tanis, Phanty and Elsa left Shaggy cleaning up the basement as the two went to get Winnie and Sibella,knowing they ALL needed to speak with Tanis and help her understand alittle more about what she had seen. They found the wolf girl and Vampire girl in Sibella's room, several sets of roleplaying outfits on the bed, along with several sets of underwear.

"I think Coach would love the black underwear with the nurses outfit?" Said Winnie as Elsa and Phanty entered, but Sibella merely scoffed, "Silly wolf, I think the Pink set with the police officer outfit..." But they stopped the argument as they noticed the other girls, and listened as they were told the situation, to which both felt alittle uncomfortable, "Well... I know we should tell Tanis about Shaggy and us, but... She might go a bit batty if she know we ALL had sex with him but her..."

Winnie agreed with Sibella, "Maybe just Elsa and Phanty could..." But Phanty raised her hand to stop her, "She already knows... I think she knew from the beginning..." This caused all the girls to look downcast, but they all agreed they needed to confront Tanis, before she did something silly.

So the four Ghoul girls walked down the hall to where Tanis's room was, before Elsa knocked on the door, "Hey, Tanis? You in there little buddy?" She asked, but all they heard were sniffles and sobs, making the girls feel any worse. "Come on, we need to do this..." Said Sibella and walked to the door, opening it and stepping in.

The room was bare of everything but some hieroglyphs on the walls and a sarcophagus which Tanis slept in. Tanis however was sat in the corner, crying, beside her was an old photo of Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy and all the girls the last time they had taught at the school. Tanis looked up slowly as the girls entered and tried to put on a brave smile, "Hey everyone... I am sorry... I was just..." She looked at the photo and sighed. Tanis had always liked Shaggy, maybe even loved him... He was only a human, but he had been so kind to her and helped her win something for the first time in that volleyball game against the military school.

Winnie walked over and sat beside Tanis and put a hand on her shoulder, patting the bandages there lightly, "We know how you feel about Coach Tanis, because we all felt the same... We think the reason Coach hasn't..." Tanis covered her face and shouted, "It's because he see's me as a child still! Your all older, you have nice bodies... Yet... Here I am all wrapped up..." She started to cry again, making Winnie sigh and hug her.

"You can't give up Tanis, Shaggy will happily be with you if you just ask him? I mean, how could he deny someone as cute as you?" Giggled Phanty as she floated over, making Tanis look up from Winnie's hug and smile alittle, "R... Really?" She asked with alittle hope in her voice. Sibella nodded and walked over as well, picking up the old photo and smiled.

"Indeed... When we are done with you, he would have to be mad to ignore you..." To which Elsa nodded her head and grinned, "But we need to clean you up alittle before you see him Tanis... Last thing we want is Shaggy thinking you were crying..." Tanis brightened up and nodded, smiling happily, "Thank you... I... I wont let any of you down..."

But at this point all the girls smirked, "Just remember, we are sharing him, its only fair..." Added Winnie as she winked at Tanis, who nodded, "I... I understand.. So, whats first?" At which point Sibella took one of the bandages on Tanis's back and tugged it, making her spin around, "Lets give you a make over..."

An hour later, Shaggy climbed up the stairs from the basement on his hands and knee's, completely exhausted, and covered in dust. He had cleaned the entire basement as fast as he could, remembering Elsa's words, where she threatened to tell he father about them if he didn't do a good job. "Like... No rest for the wicked sounds about right..." He sighed as he thought of Tanis and headed up to his room.

As Shaggy walked along the landing to the stairs to his room, each of the girls room doors opened slowly as each girl looked out, smirking, all of them wishing Tanis luck silently... Shaggy got to the top of the stairs and noticed that the light in his room was on, seeing the light from under the door, "Like... Probably one of the girls..." He sighed as he flung the door open.

"Ok, I am kinda tired so can we, like, not..." He stopped as the figure standing beside his bed caught his eye. She was about Tanis's height and age, but her body was nearly devoid of all bandages, her skin was tanned and looked flawless, her breasts were quite small, but were perky and cute from what he could tell, as she was wearing a thin cloth bikini and matching panties, but then he noticed her head was bandaged, and that necklace around her neck... "Like, TANIS?!" Shaggy gulped, looking her over as he blushed.

Tanis blushed under her bandages and nodded, running her hand nervously over her necklace, "Mummy daddy told me never to take off my bandages infront of anyone but... The person I love..." She whispered, just loud enough for him to hear, making him smile lightly, "So... Your not mad?" He walked over and sat on his bed, patting the space beside him, at which point Tanis sat beside him, letting him smell her, she smelled of rose petals and milk, making him grin.

"I... I have always liked Shaggy... Always... But when you went with Sibella... Then Winnie... I didn't think I could compete..." She sighed and then stood up, "This is silly... I am sorry for acting so silly Shaggy..." She went to leave, but Shaggy grabbed her gently by her wrist, "Like... Tanis..." He pulled her alittle closer and slowly undid the bandages around her mouth, letting them drop, showing only her lips, which were a cute pink color, she watched him, blushing hard, making Shaggy chuckle, "Your so cute Tanis..." He whispered before kissing her lips deeply, his tongue slowly entering her mouth to play with her's, making the young girl shiver as her legs began to give out.

Shaggy pulled her into his lap so she could sit down, but not once breaking the kiss as they held each other, Tanis having her arms around his neck the whole time while his wandered, gently stroking over her back, her scent and tanned skin driving him wild as his stong hands clamped onto her rear, making her squeal, panting into his mouth, their saliva mixing as the deep, passionate kiss continued for a few more minutes until Tanis broke it, breathing heavily she smiled at Shaggy.

"I... I always dreamed of this... Being like this with you..." She whispered as she reached behind her and undid the top, letting it drop, her breasts now on show to him, her nipples slowing growing hard from his gaze. "Like... You look great Tanis... I am sorry I upset you, so... Please let me make it up to you..." Shaggy then carefully cupped both her breasts in his hands and started to massage them and lean down, kissing and licking her now erect nipples, sucking on the right one roughly, making Tanis moan.

The other girls were crowded around the door to the room, each trying to hear and make out what was going on. "Hey, bat's for brains, move it, I can't hear!" Winnie said to Sibella quietly, who hissed at the wolf girl, "Don't give me that attitude hair ball... And I would move if a certain patchwork doll would stop hogging all the space!" Elsa merely grumbled and kept listening. Phanty, who was floating happily above them all, had easy access to hearing what was going on...

Tanis whimpered, drool running from her lips as Shaggy had laid her out on the bed and had removed her loin cloth. Under it she placed her hands over her crotch, hiding herself from him, "It's... It's embarrassing Shaggy!" She moaned out as he gently moved her hands away. Her tight, moist virgin pussy now on show, he smiled, "It's beautiful Tanis, just like the rest of you..." He assured her as he slowly moved his lips to her lower lips, kissing and licking over her slit, making her gasp, "But... I..." She relaxed and panted as Shaggy ate her out... A skill he had alot of skill in thanks to his huge appetite.

Tanis soon cummed, gasping out cutely as her chest went up and down swiftly, her lust at its peak as she watched Shaggy stand up and undo his pants... She gulped as his large cock was uncovered for her, making her feel alittle intimidated as Tanis slowly moved her hands to it, noticing she couldn't get her hands fully around it, making her pout. "Like, its ok..." Shaggy began but she smirked as she grabbed the bandage that had covered her mouth earlier and wrapped the soft material around his cock, making him groan. "Is this ok Shaggy?" She asked sweetly, using the bandage to jack him off, making sure he was fully erect, before wrapping the bandage around the base of his cock tightly, making him wince, "Like, whats with this?" Tanis blushed and looked away, "Sibella said it would make you feel good and so you would last longer..."

Shaggy sighed but didn't argue, he wanted Tanis to have a perfect good time, "Ok then... Like, lets get ready..." Tanis gulped but nodded, a small smile on her lips. He picked her up gently in his arms and lay her on his bed, watching her spread her well toned legs for him. "Ok... Let's go slow Tanis so we don't, like, hurt you..." She nodded and bit her lower lip as he prodded his tip against her love canal, making her whimper as he penetrated her.

She panted heavily as he slowly pushed his cock in till he hit her hymen and, with one quick thrust, broke it, taking her virginity, but making Tanis yelp in pain as he popped her cherry, Tears running down her bandages and cheeks, at which point Shaggy stopped and held her close to him, kissing her lips and neck softly, "Its ok, your like, doing fine..." And after a few minutes she told him it was ok...

The girls outside the room went silent as they heard Tanis yelp, knowing she had lost her virginity, "Is she ok I wonder..." Worried Phanty, to which the other girls agreed, so they risked opening the door just enough for them all to peak through... And there was Tanis, lay out on Shaggy's bed, moaning and grunting as his thick cock rammed in and out of her tight, young pussy, spreading her innerwalls wide as he fucked her.

"Like, you feel so good Tanis!" He moaned out as he slowly down his pace but thrusted harder instead, making Tanis pant, her hands caressing and squeezing her breasts as she looked up at the man she loved, "Y... Yes Shaggy, so do you..." She whimpered as his rod ravaged her pussy all the way to her core. "How can she take so much of Coach inside her?!" Winnie whispered as the other girls watched, frozen in shock and lust, each was reaching into their panties to stroke their wet cunts.

"Shaggy... I... I'm cumming!" Yelled Tanis as the young mummy girl orgasmed hard, her shriek shattering his bedroom window as she passed out, just feeling Shaggy's thick load release deep inside her pussy, making her coo alittle as she fell asleep... Shaggy sighed and pulled out of Tanis and looked down at her, before picking her up and carrying her to the other bed in the room that had once been Scooby Doo's bed and tucked her in. "Wow... Like, am I beat..." Suddenly his door was flung open, the girls slowly entered and started stripping, "Like... Girls... Please, wait! ZOINKS!" Was all Shaggy managed as the girls pounced on him...

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