Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 2: Fang-tastic day.

Shaggy slept happily, snoring away as his dreams were filled with food and even more food, but his peaceful slumber was broken when he felt a hand shaking him by the shoulder, he mumbled something about "Five more minutes" and rolled over so his back was to the hand, but his eyes shot open when he heard the voice, "Come now Shaggy, surely you don't want to miss a 'bite' of breakfast now do you?" He sat up and looked at Sibella, who was wearing her usual black dress, he also noticed much to his discomfort that her eyes were looking at something under his bed covers, which made her grin slyly. He followed her gaze and noticed his erection tenting the bed clothes, "Uh, Like, I will be down in a flash so..." He watched her, blushing as the Vampire girl giggled and winked at him, before walking away from him, swaying her luscious hips from side to side as she did so, his eyes on her rear the whole time, before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

After a few moments of getting up and dressed, he rushed downstairs to the kitchen, sitting at one of the chairs, looking excited at the thought of food, then he remembered... Miss Grimwood placed a plate down in front of him, he looked down at it and saw rotten eggs, burnt toast and bacon that had also gone off. "Oh yeah... Like, I remember why I was always hungry here..." He groaned as he poked the food on his plate with his fork.

After stomaching the toast at least, he headed out to the mystery machine and opened the back doors to grab some of the sports equipment he had brought with him, it was then he noticed his suitcase open, "Like, I don't remember opening it..." He moved over to it and looked through it, his underwear was gone as well as two of his t-shirt. "Well... Nothing I can, like, do at the moment..." He sighed and grabbed the equipment bag before closing the doors and heading for the swamp where the girls were waiting...

He placed the bag on the ground and smiled up at the girls, they were all wearing white PE shirts and shorts instead of their normal attire, which, as Shaggy noticed, hugged their new curves quite nicely. Shaggy coughed and, hoping none of them saw him staring stood up and took some skipping ropes from his bag, "Ok girls, today we are going to, like, do some basic exercises..." He handed each of the girls a jump rope before stepping back and nodding, "Take your time, fifty jumps each, so, go!" He pulled a whistle out of his pocket and blew on it hard.

The girls were doing well, all but Tanis were up to twenty skips in the time she did six... And got the rope tangled with her bandages. Shaggy sighed but smiled warmly as he went to her and helped her undo the mess she was in, "Like, why don't you sit this one out, huh Tanis?" The Mummy girl nodded and sadly sat down, watching the others. Shaggy could not help but notice the bouncing of the girls breasts as they skipped, gulping as he tried to hide the growing erection in his pants, "Um, Like, that's enough girls!"

He blew his whistle, making Sibella let go of her rope suddenly, watching it land in some nearby bushes, "Oh dear... Shaggy, would you get that for me?" She batted her eyelashes at him and he found he couldn't really refuse, so he headed over to the bushes and put his left hand in, but pulled it out just as fast, "Like, OUCH!" His hand was bleeding from a deep bite mark, caused by a small green dragon that left the bushes in an angry mood, walking back to the School.

Winnie ran over and looked at Shaggy with great concern as he held his left wrist, "Coach, are you ok?!" She howled slightly as she looked over his hand, Elsa and Tanis went back to the house to get Miss Grimwood, while Sibella and Phanty came over, all three looking up at their teacher, worry on their faces.

Shaggy smiled lightly and looked at them all, trying to not upset them anymore, "Its, like, only a bite, I will be fine... But Matches..." Phanty pouted and started to fly back to the school, mumbling something about making 'an overgrown' lizard pay. Sibella stared at Shaggy's hand and licked her lips, her eyes gazing at the crimson fluid that flowed from the bite, making both Winnie and Shaggy uneasy.

Winnie growled at Sibella, "Hey, stop looking at coach like a three star meal!" Shaggy, brushing off the comment chuckled, patting Winnie's head gently, "Like, don't worry Winnie, I will be fine, you go on back and make sure everything is ok with the others..." Winnie smiled and seemed to purr in her throat as her tail wagged slightly as Shaggy petted her, but looked up at him with concern as he told her to head back, but did as she was told, leaving only Sibella and Shaggy alone...

Before Shaggy could say anything Sibella was on her knee's beside him, licking at his hand, tasting his blood hungrily, her eyes closed as she sucked on his left index finger where the blood had dribbled. Shaggy, in total shock, gulped as his cock became fully erect in his pants, snapping Sibella out of her trance as she felt it brush against her, but all she did was grin and stand up, "Not yet Shaggy... Tonight..." She whispered to him as she stood on her tip toes, nibbling on his right ear as she then returned to the school. Two minutes later Shaggy landed on his rear, blinking, "What, like, just happened..."

Shaggy returned to the school to find Matches the dragon being scolded by Miss Grimwood, but Shaggy calmed her down, saying it was an accident. He then went to his room, taking a first aid kit out from under his bed and cleaning up the blood and bandaging up his hand, before sitting on his bed and sighing, he was glad Miss Grimwood had let him have the rest of the day off...

Shaggy sat up when he heard a soft knock on his door, "Um, like, come in?" A few seconds later the door opened showing Sibella in a red silk bathrobe, smiling slyly at him, "Hello Shaggy, I came to see how you were doing and to..." She opened the front of her robe, showing a matching pair of red silk panties and bra on underneath, "Offer you something to help you relax..." Shaggy blushed and shot to his feet, stuttering slightly as he tried to reason with her, "W... Wait Sibella, I don't know whats... Whats going on, but I am your teacher and...!" He was cut off as she jumped into his arms, her lips pressed firmly against his as they both landed on his bed with a thud, the old wood groaning from the weight. Shaggy felt his mind go blank as her tongue invaded his mouth, tasting him, and teasing his own tongue as he went along with it, his own tongue wrestling her's.

Suddenly she stopped and broke the kiss, licking her lips lustfully, "I liked you for a long time Shaggy Rogers... Ever since I first saw you, and now, I have tasted your blood... I wont let you go easily..." Shaggy was taken aback, he never expected any of the girls to act like this, but he sighed, "Listen, Sibella... I know what your feeling, I was the same at your age, but I don't want you to, like, make a mistake you, and your..." He gulped and shivered slightly in fear, "Father, Dracula, will regret, I mean, I am only a human!"

This comment made Sibella frown, "And? Your perfect for me... Funny, cute, and you taste good... Also..." She ran a soft hand over his crotch where his bulge was building, "I think this is perfect for me as well..." Shaggy groaned as he felt her touch, his hands moved to push her off him, but landed on her breasts, making her moan as he squeezed them slightly, "Um, like, sorry... I didn't..." He was cut off as she placed a finger on his lips, "Shush now Shaggy... Make my first time special, ok?" She then kissed his lips, nibbling his lower lip as she undid his pants slowly.

He grunted into the wet kiss as their tongues lashed at each other, her hand slipping into his pants and gripping his shaft, making her shudder, the front of her silk panties already soaked as she broke the kiss, moving down him and gazing over his large cock, "Mmm This looks fang-tastic Shaggy... Now... Wanna put some bats in my belfry?" She cooed as she slowly ran her tongue up along the underside of his shaft, making him groan out, his eyes half closed in pleasure, "Like... Wow... Where did you learn to do this..."

Sibella merely smirked and shrugged, before sucking the tip of Shaggy's cock into her warm, wet mouth, being careful with her fangs as she began to suck his cock. Shaggy just lay back and closed his eyes, biting his lower lip, trying to last, as it had been a long time since he was last with a girl, and he wasn't sure he could take much more, so he began to think of his favourite foods like hot dogs, pasta, pizza and... "Guh Scooby snacks!" he yelled as he suddenly cummed down Sibella's throat, making her blush as she pulled back, slowly swallowing all his seed as she licked her lips, "Mmm alittle quick, but I suppose its been awhile..." She giggled as she ran her hands up and down his still erect cock.

Shaggy sighed, it was now or never... "Like, listen, Sibella, your a good kid but..." He was cut off as his jaw dropped, she was slowly tugging her panties down, her moist pussy lips, topped with a little strip of purple pubic hair were now in full view of him. "I, uh, um..." He tripped over his words as she giggled, walking over to him and straddling his lap, kissing his neck slowly, making him slightly nervous, but then she whispered in his left ear, "I love you Shaggy..." She then slowly slid his tip inside her wet slit, making her shake as she bit his neck hard, to which Shaggy was about to shout at her for, then he noticed she was crying as she slowly slid down his shaft till he was fully inside her.

"Like, were... Were you a...?" Sibella slowly nodded in reply, lapping at the two tooth marks in his neck gently as he noticed alittle blood in his lap from when he popped her cherry, "Like... I don't know what to say..." But Sibella merely smiled weakly and licked his cheek, "Don't say anything, just make love to me..." And with that she began to slowly move up and down on his dick, biting her lower lip as the pain was tinged with pleasure to begin with, but Shaggy soon made her feel better as he kissed her lips and his hands unhooked her bra, letting it drop before groping her tits, softly caressing them in his hands as he thrusted up into her gently, his tip hitting her core easily at the end of each movement.

"Mmm Shaggy... You can... Move alittle faster now, and... Harder..." She moaned lustfully as she rode him, and without having to be told twice, Shaggy began to pick up the pace, ramming his thick cock in and out of the young vampire roughly, his lips moving to her left nipple, sucking on it and nibbling it gently as he panted, his hands moving now to her asscheeks, giving them a firm squeeze as he felt his cock throb deep inside Sibella, "Mmm like... So close... Sorry..." He whispered as Sibella giggled weakly, her own pants mixing with his, "N... No, its ok Shaggy, I am close too... I...!" She suddenly shrieked out as she orgasmed, shaking hard as her juices soaked Shaggy's cock and lap.

This brought Shaggy over the edge as he moaned with her, cumming deep inside Sibella, his thick, warm seed flooding into her womb and filling it, before overflowing out of it and into her pussy... Shaggy and Sibella embraced, holding each other tightly, their bodies covered in sweat as their eyes never left one another's, "Shaggy... I..." She then passed out, a blissful look on her face as he sighed, slowly pulling out of her with a smile.

Shaggy went to the bathroom and got some wipes, quickly cleaning himself and Sibella up, before lying her properly in his bed and covering her in his quilt. He chuckled, "Well, That went better then I thought, and nothing went..." He suddenly hiccuped... "Like... Oh no!" He rushed to the bathroom mirror and, sure enough, a furry face looked back at him, full of shock and fear...

((Gonna try and knock out a new chapter a day, so I hope you guys enjoy, just don't hold me to it if I miss a day, so thanks))

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