Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 7: A gift from the heart.

Shaggy Rogers had just had the best night of his life in a long time. The room was a mess, clothes scattered here, there and everywhere, his bedroom window was smashed and his bed has collapsed in on itself. And there, on the broken bed, lay Shaggy, nude, sweating and breathing heavily as he tried to finally get some sleep, as all around him slept the girls happily, with Winnie at the bottom of the bed curled up, her fur soaked with sweat and cum, Sibella asleep on his right, pinning his arm under her as she cuddled up to him, Elsa on his left, pinning his other arm in place, making both his arms numb.

Tanis and Phanty had made their way to the other bed in the room, snuggling up together under the covers as they slept soundly, all the girls were worn out from the love making that had transpired all through the night. Shaggy sighed and looked around, unable to sleep with the aches all over his body, "Like... At least it's a good work out..." And he was right, in only a few days his appetite had dropped and he was feeling alot better about himself, if not more tired... So he lay there, trapped between three girls, wondering what he was going to do next. His train of thought was derailed as he heard the door bell go downstairs, making him panic.
"Like... I hope that isn't Miss Grimwood..." He groaned as, with great difficulty, he pulled himself free and slipped on a pair of black cargo pants from his suit case and a white shirt, at this point he notices his remaining clean clothes are getting low, "I really need to see if, like, they had a washing machine here or something..." He says as he heads downstairs and opens the front door. He finds no one there but a large parcel, which he takes inside...

Once he closed the door he scratched his head, slowly opening the box, before smiling happily, "Good old Fred..." He whispered as he quickly closed up the box and headed out to the mystery machine and hid the box in the back, before locking the door, "Like, I hope they don't find it..." He suddenly heard a loud boom from inside the school, making the entire building shake as he looked up at it.

"Like... That's not good!" He shouted as he rushed inside, looking around, pictures had fallen off the walls, tables were turned over and the place looked nearly as bad as his own room. He walked through the school, finding the kitchen and main room were in the same state, "Like... What am I going to do?!" He yelled, when the door under the stairs that led to the basement opened, Elsa and Phanty poked their heads out, smiling nervously, "Um... Hey Shaggy... Everything ok?" Phanty asked with a nervous giggle, she was wearing her white hair in a pony tail, her blue streak going down the center of it, and her clothes were a pair of denim shorts and a small t-shirt that showed off her belly, "Yeah, we hope the bang wasn't to loud..." Chimed in, her long black hair still let down over her shoulders, with the white streaks running like rivers through the black color of the other hair. She was wearing a short black skirt and knee high boots, with a matching black t-shirt that read 'Mad Dok' on the front.

Shaggy frowned at the two girls and crossed his arms over his chest, "Like... What did you two do to make such a racket and cause such a mess?" He asked, a touch of anger in his voice as he tapped his foot on the ground, waiting for an answer when Tanis, Winnie and Sibella came down the stairs, and, much to Shaggy's surprise, they were all wearing one of his shirt's, more to the fact, the shirts he had found were missing after coming to the school. Tanis wore a dark green shirt of his, which went just past her hips, Shaggy also noticed she had put her bandages back on, covering her tanned skin, while Sibella was wearing a red shirt, which was very baggy like the others but hers showed her pink silk panties under it. Winnie was wearing a light blue shirt which she had tied a knot in over her stomach, showing off her belly and her crotch, as she wasn't wearing panties.

All three girls were still tired but had come down to see what all the racket was about, but Shaggy moved to them, "Like, you all need to get dressed! What is Miss Grimwood comes back?!" He asked, but Winnie just moved closer and stood on her tip toes kissed his lips, smirking as she grinded herself against him, "So what Coach, I bet she wouldn't mind if she knew we loved you and you loved us..." At this point Tanis asked in her quiet voice, "You do love us Shaggy? Right?" She asked smiling at him, a light blush under her bandages, causing Shaggy to smile happily, his frown easily falling away, "Like... Of course I love all of you... But we don't want to get in trouble, do we?" He asked, to which the girls sighed and nodded, heading upstair, but not before all the girls gave him a kiss first.

Winnie kissed his lips hard once again before backing off and winking, then heading up the stares, with Sibella coming next and kissing his lips lightly, tugging on his lower lips with her fangs gently. "See you later Shaggy..." She whispered and then headed upstairs. Finally it was Tanis's turn to kiss him, so Shaggy bent down abit and she hugged him close, kissing his cheek, "Thank you Shaggy..." She whispered before following the other girls upstairs.

Shaggy turned back to Elsa and Phanty and sighed, "Ok... What did you both, like, do?" He asked, but both the girls simply smiled and headed downstairs, with Phanty calling to him, "Come see, we made you a gift!" So Shaggy shrugged and headed down to the basement/lab and entered, Seeing Elsa and Phanty at a table, their backs to him, so he smirked and sneaked behind them both, spanking their rears teasingly, "Like, so whats the gift?"

Both girls giggled and blushed as they parted, letting Shaggy see a small bottle on the table, it was like a cologne bottle with a skull shaped stopper. He picked it up and looked through the clear glass to see that the contents was a pink color, "Like, Do I wear this or...?" Elsa took the bottle off him and grabbed a measuring beaker, pouring alittle of the liquid into the beaker before handing it to Shaggy. "Here, drink just alittle..." She smirked slyly as she watched him, making him uneasy, but he still took it and drank...

He blinked, before dropping the beaker and falling strait backwards, his eyes wide open as he stared at the ceiling. Phanty floated down to his side, "Are you sure this will work, I don't want to hurt Shaggy..." But she was answered when a large bulge formed in the front of his pants, tenting the material as he stayed motionless.

Elsa laughed and tugged down his pants, gasping alittle as she saw the effects of his potion, his cock now at least 10 inches long, where he had only been 8 inches before, "It certainly works..." She licked her lips as she gripped his shaft and slowly stroked it, it had also grown slightly thicker she noticed, "May need to fix the side effects..." Elsa continued but jumped alittle when she felt Shaggy's hand on her wrist, but when she looked into his eyes she saw they were blank, "Um... Uh oh..." Phanty gulped and watched, "Whats wrong Elsa?!" But Elsa smiled nervously and shrugged, "Pr... Probably a side effect, we need to wear him down until it wears off..." She sighed and pulled away from Shaggy, who was now sitting up, staying silent, almost trance like in his manner.

Elsa tugged off her shirt and tossed it on the table, her DD breasts bouncing alittle as she watched Shaggy, her slowly raised his head before pouncing at Elsa, making her giggle as they both land on the floor, Shaggy on top of her, his hands roughly squeezing her soft breasts, his fingers trapping her nipples between them and squeezing teasingly, bring small moans from Elsa's lips. Phanty pouted and floated over, hovering just behind Shaggy as she reached around him with both hands, stroking up and down his pulsing shaft slowly, biting her lip as she did so, rubbing her breasts against his back.

Shaggy, who was last in his trance like state thanks to the potion remained silent, along with no change in his blank expression, reached back with his right hand and squeezed Phanty's ass, making her giggle loudly as she turned ethereal, making his hand pass through her as she tugged off her shorts, leaving them around her knee's, her ghostly pussy now on show as she reached down, spreading her lower lips lewdly at him, her inner flesh a light blue color compared to her white skin tone.

Shaggy turned to watch her and silently moved off Elsa, much to her disappointment, and moved to where Phanty floated and moved to grab her hips. Phanty giggled and let him grab her, gasping loudly as he pulled her hovering girl closer to him, his lips and tongue exploring and tasting her pussy lips, roughly flicking his tongue up and down them. "So... He moves to the one who shows off more lust huh?" Elsa smirked and tugged her skirt up so it showed her black lace panties and whistled, making Shaggy slowly pull his tongue off Phanty's now dripping pussy lips, watching Elsa as she lay back and raised her legs up, tugging her panties off slowly and then throwing them at him, making them land on his shoulder. She then rolled over onto all fours and spread her asscheeks, showing her tight, pink asshole to him, "Come get it Shaggy..." She cooed as she winked at him.

Shaggy turned to go but Phanty growled and wrapped her legs around his head, forcing his face against her moist slit, as she glared at Elsa, "Hey, no fair! I want to go first!" She yelled, but Elsa winked at her, "Well, how about if we lie him down and both do him... So he can fuck my ass while he eats you out, and then switch?" Phanty thought about this offer, her cheeks blushing as she panted and groaned from Shaggy still eating her out before she sighed, "Fine... But you better have some lube around..." So while Phanty grinded herself against Shaggy's face, moaning out loudly as his tongue slips inside her pussy deeply, tasting her innerwalls, Elsa grabbed a tube off the table with the potion and smeared some on and inside her asshole, before walking over to Shaggy, whispering in his ear, "Lie down..." To which he does, Phanty's weightless form still wrapped round his head as she placed her legs either side of him as she turned around so she would be facing Elsa when she mounted his rod.

Elsa gulped and poured some of the lube over Shaggy's cock, making sure it was nice a slick before rubbing his large shaft between her asscheeks, grinning as she slowly pressed the tip against her tight button hole and... She let out a loud yelp as she felt her ass spread wide around the size of his cock, squeezing his cock hard as she shivered, but slid down more, being careful as she kept breathing heavily. Soon Elsa was sat in Shaggy's lap, his cock balls deep in her ass, throbbing against her innerwalls hard as she looked across at Phanty, who was also panting, her ass and cunt both being licking and spat on, getting her wet as she leaned over and kissed Elsa hard, shocking her, but soon Elsa let go and kissed Phanty back as they both grinded down on his tongue and cock, teasing both with their bodies.

Shaggy suddenly began to thrust up hard, making Elsa moan into Phanty's mouth, their drool mixing in each others mouths as they made out, their hands softly playing with each others breasts after Elsa tugged up Phanty's top. While the two girls played with each other and thrust down onto his probing tongue and throbbing cock, they both groaned into each other as Shaggy rammed two fingers into Phanty's asshole, spreading it as he rammed them in and out, all the while he thrust his hips up into Elsa, his thick member easily hitting her deeply with each movement in her stretched asshole.

Elsa moved one hand to play with Phanty's pussy, rubbing it roughly and then slowly slipping a finger inside, making Phanty gasp, as she now had two sets of fingers playing with her holes. Phanty in return leaned forward and began to suck on Elsa's left nipple, her left hand moving to Elsa's right breast and squeezing it lightly as she did so. "Mmm Shaggy... Just... Alittle more..." moaned Elsa as she started to bounce up and down on Shaggy's meat, forcing it in and out of her even faster, making her breath heavily as she got close.

After a few more moments Shaggy grunted, the first noise he had made for awhile, as he cummed inside Elsa's asshole, but she pulled off suddenly and let his seed shot over her asscheeks as well, getting his thick, warm semen on her skin, "Mmm so good..." She moaned as she rubbed it in, but Phanty floated over to her, starting to lick his seed off her asscheeks with low moans, "Mmm..." She cooed as she tasted Shaggy, who slowly began to come to, "Huh, like, what happened?" He groaned as he sat up, seeing Elsa straddling him and Phanty moving to kiss and lick over his semi-erect cock, he sighed, "So... You made a Date rape drug?" He joked, but when the girls looked at him blankly he decided to not explain. Elsa smiled and stood up, pulling her skirt down as she walked over to the table, grabbing her shirt and slipping it on, "I best go upstairs and sort out the mess we made, you two have fun..." Elsa giggled as she walked up the stairs, leaving Phanty sucking Shaggy off until he was hard again, "Oh we will... Won't we Shaggy?" She giggled loudly as she crawled up him, before kissing his neck, her soaking wet sex rubbing against his hard shaft, "I want you in here this time Shaggy..." She whispered with a sly smirk.

Shaggy nodded, still alittle groggy, but then stops, "Wait, is my junk, like, bigger?!" He stared at his cock and then looked at her, seeing a cheeky grin on her face, "Of course, you don't think we just knocked you out did you?" She then kissed him deeply, shoving her tongue into his mouth so it coiled with his as his hands moved to her ass, squeezing her cheeks firmly as she moaned against him, his cock tip poised at her pussy.

With one move she slammed down on his rod, taking his entire size into her pussy, feeling the tip hit her cervix as it did so, making her shake and hold him tight, as the ghost girl had a small orgasm, "Like, I only put it in... Are you ok?" Shaggy asked as he broke the kiss, looking at her as she blinked, blushing slightly, "Sorry... Couldn't resist..." And with those words she slowly began to ride Shaggy, grinding down on him as she sat in his lap, the tip thumping against her womb as it moved in deeply. Shaggy licked and kissed over Phanty's neck slowly and lovingly, moving his cock up and down into her, enjoying her tight pussy as he groaned quietly, his entire shaft throbbing as his pre-cum coated her innerwalls, making his entry and exit into her easier.

Phanty pulled Shaggy closer, putting his head against her chest as she slammed herself down onto his rod harder and harder until she shrieked out as his cock tip penetrated her womb, making her eyes roll back as she cummed with him, both of them feeling great pleasure as their juices mixed with each other, his seed being fed directly into her hungry ghostly womb and her juices making a small puddle under them. It took several moment before either had the energy to even speak, Shaggy being the first, "Like... Wow..." He managed, making Phanty Giggle weakly as she slowly floated off him and tugged her clothes up, making herself presentable, "Like, maybe you might wanna change?" Shaggy said as he watched his cum make a damp patch in the crotch of her shorts as it dribbled out of her, making her blush, "Yeah, your right, see you later Shaggy, I hope you liked mine and Elsa's gift!" And with that she floated through the ceiling, leaving Shaggy to pull his pants up and head upstair.

He got into the entry hall and saw it was completely back to normal, the old, spooky paintings were in their places and the whole place looked clean, "Like, good work Elsa..." He then heard the doorbell and walked over, opening the front door and smiled nervously as Miss Grimwood grinned back at him, "I hope the weekend went without any trouble Mister Rogers..."

She walked passed him and looked around, seeming impressed, "You and the girls cleaned up? How wonderful... And its so quiet!" She chuckled and looked at Shaggy, who hoped the girls would do nothing to let on what had happened, "You really have a way with the girls. I bet if you keep this up they will be perfect, polite young ladies in no time!" She went to the stairs and started to climb them, making Shaggy sigh with relief, but she stopped halfway up and turned to him with a sly grin, "Oh, and by the way Mister Rogers, tomorrow is a school day, so please refrain from your carnal acts with the girls... Also, it would be best to return those to Miss Frankenteen before she catches a cold..." She pointed at the pair of panties still over Shaggy's shoulder, making him blush, "Like... You knew?" To which Miss Grimwood nodded, "Indeed... Your lucky I trust you not to hurt the girls... So I leave them in your care... Good night Mister Rogers..." And with that she headed upstairs, leaving Shaggy alone, "Like... That went better then I had hoped..." She sighed as he headed upstairs as well... He needed an early night for once...

((Thanks for the great replies, I have taken note of what alot of people want, and I am hopefully gonna try and improve my writing and extend the length of the chapters little by little, also I apologize if any characters or history is abit wrong, as it has been awhile since I last saw the movie or series and once again, thanks for reading :) ))

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