Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 5: A shocking experience.

Shaggy groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, staring at the roof of the mystery machine, blinking slightly, his whole body ached. "Like... Why do I feel like I ran around the school all night?" He slowly began to sit up but found it hard, his body heavier then usual, "Huh?" Shaggy looked down and saw both Sibella and Winnie naked on top of him, both were sleeping soundly, cuddled up against him, "Like... They can be really cute at times..."

He sighed and carefully got up without waking the girls, letting them cuddle up with each other as he got dressed, sniffing the air as he did so, noticing it smelled heavily of sex and lust inside the van, "Like... Better air it out before I take it back to the gang..." He said quietly as he climbed over into the front seat of the mystery machine and opened the windows.

It was then Shaggy looked at the clock and date on the dash board, "Like... Saturday already... Guess that means no class..." He sighed happily and relaxed in the drivers seat, thinking on how he should spend his day, but he was startled when a hand tapped him on the shoulder, "Huh?!" He spun round and saw Elsa standing there, smiling happily at him, "Hey Shaggy, I came to see how you..." She started in her usual booming tone, but stopped when the smell of their sexual acts hit her from the open window, "Shaggy, did you...?" And with that she went around to the back doors, but before Shaggy could stop her she flung open the back doors...

The cold morning air hit Winnie and Sibella hard as they both slowly woke up, first blinking at each other, as both had expected to wake up next to Shaggy, and then both glanced to the back door, where a very angry looking Elsa stood, her face red and steam literally coming out of her ears. Elsa let out a loud shout, "OUT! Both of you... Get dressed and go inside..." She then turned her anger filled glare at Shaggy as he got out of the van.

Winnie and Sibella knew better then to argue, getting their clothes on swiftly, they rushed back, Winnie on all fours as she bounded away and Sibella turning into a bat and flying through an open window on the second floor of the school. Shaggy gulped, his knees shaking alittle in fear as Elsa stomped over to him, the ground feeling like it was shaking with each of her footsteps. She then gripped the front of his shirt and raised him off the ground, "What did Miss Grimwood tell you?! She told you to be careful and what di you do?! You go strait to... To..." She blushed slightly in her rage as she spoke her next words, "Fucking both Winnie and Sibella? And what about Phanty huh? I saw her come in late last night, so you can't deny it... Who was next on your list?! Me? Tanis?!"

Shaggy looked down alittle, a strong stab of guilt in his heart and gut as he sighed, "Like... I... I didn't want anyone to get hurt, you see, the girl's, they..." Elsa sighed and put him down gently, her rage slowly subsiding as she stroked up through her hair, letting it fall down long over her shoulders instead of strait up like it usually was, "I... I know Shaggy, we have all really liked you for a long while, but... To just give in and fuck them... Without even a condom? I mean, me, Tanis and Phanty can't get pregnant but Sibella and Winnie can!"

This news shocked Shaggy to his core, "Wait... How could I...?" He started to whisper but Elsa answered him strait away, "Its not that hard... After all the magic, transformations and such you have been through, something deep might of rubbed off..." She shook her head and walked past him, heading back to the school, "I will be in the basement Shaggy, if you need to talk..."

After standing in silence for a short while, Shaggy finally moved, closing the back doors of the van and locking the whole thing up before going for a walk through the swamp to where the old military school had stood. Shaggy had heard through passing with Miss Grimwood, that the boys at the school had tried a very dangerous experiment and blew up the entire building, reducing it, and themselves, to rubble. Shaggy stood over the rocks and broken bricks of the school for a few moments, deep in thought.

"Like... I have always been a coward... I don't think that will change but... If I can make the girls happy then it will be worth having to deal with their fathers..." He spoke to himself quietly, before nodding and, with new resolve, headed back through the swamp towards the girl's finishing school.

When Shaggy entered the entrance, he noticed all was quiet, so he sneaked in as quiet as he could, only to feel a hand on his head, making him shout in fear, "Zoinks!" But calmed slightly as he noticed it was the floating white glove that helped Miss Grimwood, "Like... Don't scare me like that... So, whats wrong?" To which the glove floated over to the table by the front door, on which was a letter addressed to Shaggy.

As he opened it and pulled out the letter, he noticed it was from Miss Grimwood, it told Shaggy that she had to go away for the weekend, but she trusted him to keep things in order, and she had informed all the girls to behave while she was gone. Shaggy sighed as he read the note, knowing he was going to have a rough time with a few of the girls...

Shaggy went up to his room and rooted around inside his suitcase till he found his cell phone, which he used to ring Fred, "Like! Hey freddy, how you been man?" He asked as Fred answered, and soon the two were chatting away, Shaggy was being careful not to mention the school till alittle later when he asked, "Hey Fred, can you, like, pick me up some gifts for some girls?" Fred seemed confused and asked what he wanted, knowing not to ask Shaggy to much, "Like, just a few things..." And with that, Shaggy placed some orders with Fred and told him to have it delivered to the school, to which Fred simply agreed, "Like, thanks man, I owe you one..." And with that he hung up, sighing happily.

It was late afternoon when Shaggy made his way down to the basement. Winnie and Sibella were talking in Winnie's room about how to please their teacher next, Phanty was in the living room, playing on the piano, and Tanis was having a nap in her sarcophagous. Shaggy knocked on the door to the basement, "Elsa?" He blinked as no reply came and went inside... He stopped stone dead as he looked around, for the room was like the laboratory of a mad scientist, with vials and bottles on several tables around the large, dark room. The only light was from a few candles scattered here and there, one such candle illuminated Elsa Frankenteen, who was laid out nude on a stone slab, two jumper cables clipped to her neck bolts, which ran up to a large generator, which hummed loudly. Shaggy gulped as he moved closer, watching her, as she seemed to be asleep...

Elsa's body was in good condition, her arms had been sewn on and so were her legs, but her body was mostly intact, except for a small scar over her chest where her heart was. Her large breasts jiggled slightly with each low breath she took, and her bare pussy lips seemed to glisten slightly in the low light, "Like... She's wet?" He whispered, just as she let out a loud moan as electricity flowed into her from the wires, making her nipples harden and her right hand ram two fingers into her wet pussy, pleasuring herself as she seemed to be in her own little world.

Shaggy thought about quietly leaving, but when he heard her moaning his name between her pants of pleasure he stopped, feeling his cock harden in his pants, "Like... Sorry Elsa..." He whispered as he placed a hand on her leg, "Hey Elsa, you ok..." He never finished what he was going to say as she screamed and kicked him, sending him flying into one of the tables, breaking it in two. "Like... Ouch..." He groaned before passing out.

He woke up alittle while later and groaned, but found he couldn't move his arms and legs, he also felt slightly chilly, "Like, whats going on?" He said as he raised his head alittle to see he was on the stone slab, his hands and feet shackled to it as he also noticed he was naked. "Um, Elsa, are you, like, there?" He was answered when she stood by his head and smiled lightly, "Sorry Shaggy, but I can't have you running away, not when it's my turn..." She then leaned down and kissed his lips roughly, her tongue, much stronger then his, easily won as she moved a stong hand to jack off his cock roughly, making him groan and jump at the same time, unable to say anything as they continued to make out for a few more minutes.

She finally broke the kiss and licked his saliva from her lips, smirking, "I may not be as feminine as the other girls, but..." She easily climbed onto the table with Shaggy, placing her pussy over his face, teasing him with it, "I can be naughty as well..." She then slipped his cock head into her mouth, sucking on it hard, while her tongue lashed at it without mercy, making him whimper, so she lowered her hips, her pussy on his face now as she grinded down on him, "Lick me Shaggy..." She moaned as she twirled her tongue around his pee hole, making him shudder, before moving his tongue to lick up and down her soaking cunt roughly, making her groan, "Mmm yes... Like that..."

So, as Shaggy danced his long tongue over her moist nether lips and her hard clit, Elsa forced his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat, basically deep throating him, lewd moans coming from her lips as she gagged slightly on his size, pumping her head back and forth, her pussy juices flowing like a river now, all over Shaggy's face and lips.

Shaggy smirked alittle as he tasted her, she was surprisingly sweet. "Like... You ready for something more?" He asked as he watched her forcing his cock in and out fo her mouth, at which point she stopped and nodded, pulling off his cock and moving around so her pussy lips were hovering above his cock, her lower lip trembling as she smirked, "I am so ready Shaggy..." And with that, she slowly lowered herself onto his shaft, moaning out as he penetrated her deeply, but made Shaggy shout, "Like, OUCH! Too tight too tight!" He yelled, making Elsa giggle, "Sorry, one second..." She then adjusted her right neck bolt, her pussy slowly releasing its vice like hold on his rod, "Forgot to adjust myself for you..." She then began to ride the chained up Shaggy, his cock slamming up against her cervix each time she rammed herself down on him, making her gasp and moan, the wet sounds of his cock slapping into her soaked cunt filled the room after a few moments.

Shaggy just lay there, groaning with her as she used him, not in a rush to escape as he looked up at her large tits and bit his lower lip, which she noticed and smirked slyly, leaning down so his face was covered by her soft, large breasts, to which he began to lick and tease over her tits and nipples roughly with his tongue, making her giggle, "mm yes Shaggy... Just... Alittle more..." She moaned out as she moved faster and faster, his cock moving like a jackhammer in and out of her for several more minutes before she screamed out and cummed over his cock and crouch, soaking him through as she shuddered, mumbling and her eyes rolled back, smoke coming out of her ears, mouth and nose. Shaggy had cummed at the same time, dumping his usual large amount of cum into the girl, feeling some squirt out as her pussy and womb were filled to bursting.

"Like, that was great... What do you think Elsa? Elsa?!" He managed before she collapsed on him unconscious, pinning him even more to the table, "Like, how am I meant to get out of here?!" He shouted until a small voice said, "I... I can help Shaggy..." At which point his heart sank, turning his head to see Tanis in the doorway, her eyes wide as she looked the two over, "Tanis... Like... I can explain..."TBC

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