Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

BY : Argofirestone
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Chapter contributed by : Valaskia

Author’s note. I hadn’t originally planned for it, but I’ve always liked the Shaggy/Velma pairing so yeah. Let’s wait and see what comes of it.


Chapter 16. A New Mate


Shaggy startled abruptly sat up causing Velma to pause. He looked around at the faces of his mates, standing in the doorway, smirking at him in various stages of undress. They gathered around the pair on the large bed, and smiled, taking turns to kiss Shaggy, their hands wandering over his back and shoulders as Velma continued to ride him. Shaggy was distracted and unable to think clearly as the pleasure overwhelmed him, the girls kissing and nibbling his muscled chest and broad shoulders. Velma took Shaggy’s hands, placing them back on her breasts, encouraging him to touch her.


Shaggy surrendered entirely as his fingers began teasing her nipples, kneading the firm mounds in his hands, his hips thrusting upwards, driving himself over and over into her tight heat, his girls taking it in turns to kiss his lips. They moved back, giving him some room to breathe, each giggling as they watched the pair. Shaggy growled playfully, baring his large canines and rolled Velma beneath him on the bed, lifting her legs up over his shoulders as he thrust himself into her, moaning her name over and over.


Velma moaned aloud, arching her body against him as the fingers of his left hand found her clit and began teasing the swollen nub, making her body tremble as he leaned in, suckling softly at her breasts. Velma began to pant, her body stiffening, arching against him as Shaggy began teasing her nipples with his tongue, gently grazing them with his teeth, drawing soft moans and sighs of pleasure from Velma, as she tangled her hands in his hair, pulling his head tight against her chest.


“Mm, Shaggy, I’ve waited so long for this,” Velma panted, her eyes burning with lust, she looked up at him, meeting his gaze.


His eyes were half lidded with lust and pleasure, the muscles in his chest bulging as he gripped her hips with his right hand, thrusting into her hard and fast, his fingers toying with her clit, driving her mad with pleasure, she began to pant, her orgasm fast approaching, Shaggy suckling and chewing softly on her nipples, his cock filling her, stretching her to her limits as it hit deep inside her, deeper than any toy she owned could reach. Her body stiffened, moaning loudly she dug her nails into the flesh of his shoulders, clawing at his back as her orgasm washed over her in a wave, pushing Shaggy over the edge. He tried to pull out but her legs around his waist held him tight inside her, his member swelling, flooding her with his cum as he collapsed against her, rolling onto his side, his arms around her as they both rode out their orgasm.


Shaggy held Velma in his arms as he looked around at each of his girls, his fingers carding through Velma’s hair as she nuzzled against his strong chest. “Why? I don’t understand.” Shaggy said, looking at them, a puzzled expression on his face.


Elsa and Sibylla both made faces while Winnie looked at him with a slight frown, her claws extended, digging into the flesh of his side. “Because you mated with her and then just left her. Would you do the same with us as well?” Shaggy looked surprised, a sharp gasp escaping his lips as Winnie’s claws dug in deep.


“Never, Winnie. I love you all. And I didn’t leave her. I was just… It was only one time and I didn’t think that…wait. How do you know about that anyway?” Shaggy said fumbling for words.


“Shaggy, we overheard you talking on the stairwell. We confronted her with what we heard, and she told us everything.” Tanis said, somewhat somber.


Shaggy gulped, looking around at them all, before gazing down at Velma lying in his arms, gazing up at him. “Like um, I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Velma. I didn’t mean too. It’s just we were both drunk and I underestimated your feelings on the matter. I’m really sorry.” Shaggy said.


Velma sighed and nodded sadly, her head resting on his arm as she looked up at him. “I know. I’ll get over it. It’s just I really liked you and you just left me all alone after our night together. It hurt.” She said sniffling and wiping at her eyes. “But you’re back now and I’m not letting you go again.”


Shaggy kissed her, his hands caressing her soft skin, his tongue gently pushing into her mouth, wrestling with hers. Velma moaned into the kiss, her arms around his shoulders as she held him against her, warmth spreading through her at his touch, she melted into his arms. “Oh Shaggy. I’ve missed your touch. I’ve missed you.” She thought to herself as she looked at him, his lanky, sandy blond hair covering his forehead, his canines elongated and sharp almost like fangs, green eyes stared back at her. “I love you, Shaggy.” She whispered softly, nervously.


Shaggy smiled, cupping her cheeks in his hands, softly kissing her lips before nodding. “Like, I love you too, Velma,” he said, his eyes sparkling softly in the light.


Shaggy and his girls were up late into the night, naked in each other’s arms. The next morning dawned bright and clear, with Shaggy slowly blinking the sleep from his eyes. He tried to sit up but was weighted down by his mates. They were all beside him on the bed, sleeping soundly. Tanis and Elsa were to his right, Velma was lying on top of him, her head resting on his chest, Sibylla and Phanty to his left, slumbering quietly, Sibylla curled up against his side. Winnie was settled in her customary spot at the foot of the bed, her head resting on her arms, she looked up at him, a smile on her face. “Morning, Coach.” She said grinning.


Shaggy grinned and looked at her. “Morning, Winnie dear. How did you sleep?”


Winnie smiled, moving up to kiss him curling up against his muscled chest beside Velma. “I slept wonderfully. Especially after last night, Shaggy. It’s been far too long.”


Shaggy smiled, his hands cupping her cheek, fingers carding through her fur. “I know. I’ve missed being with all of you like this.” He said.


Beside him the other girls began to stir, stretching and sitting up in the bed, they kissed him good morning, looking happy and glowing after last night. After a few minutes of talking and snuggling they each got up and headed to the large walk in shower in Shaggy’s private bathroom, soaping up and washing after last night, each headed to their rooms, wrapped in towels, to dress for the day. Heading downstairs they met Robey at the foot of the stairs. Beside him stood the newly returned household staff. They all stepped forward one at a time to introduce themselves.


Frank Gyles, a man of 60 was their new cook. His daughters, Maria and Elia were the maids who kept the house clean. Elijah Flint, a man in his mid-thirties was their new groundskeeper/gardener. He tended to the lawn and grounds and kept the nearby forest stocked with small game. Apparently, Uncle Albert likes to hunt on occasion. Christopher Whitley, a boy of 19 cleaned the pool house twice a week and assisted the groundskeeper. Harvey Feldman, a man in his twenties was the chauffeur and part time maintenance man.


Shaggy greeted each of them and welcomed them back to the manor. He looked around confused. “Like, um, Robey, wasn’t there also supposed to be some security personnel?” He asked.


Robey dismissed the staff and sent them to their duties before turning to face Shaggy. “Yes, there are three. They are at the guard house near the front gate to the manor. They monitor the grounds and do regular patrols. Your uncle hired them shortly before his disappearance. He had many worries and the extra security was a comfort to him.


Shaggy and the girls went into the dining hall and sat at the table and poured themselves coffee. Frank came in pushing a wheeled cart laden with eggs, sausages, kippers, toast, hash browns, oatmeal and a carafe of freshly squeezed orange juice. He placed the trays of food on the table and they each helped themselves, settling into eating while Frank disappeared into the kitchen. As they were eating Scooby came in, having smelled the food and dove in, fixing himself a plate, gobbling the food up. Fred and Daphne came down shortly after, each cheerful and smiling happily and holding hands. They clearly enjoyed being out from under Mayor Jones roof. They could just be a couple and enjoy themselves. They kissed each other before sitting down at the table, each fixing themselves a plate.


“Good morning, Shaggy, Velma, Scooby, ladies,” Fred said nodding to each of them while spreading jam on his toast.


Beside him, Daphne smiled and sipped some orange juice. “Good morning, everyone.” She said cheerfully.


“Good morning, Fred, Daphne.” They replied.


Fred and Daphne smiled at each other, their hands touching as they reached for the plate of sausages. Fred passed her the plate before taking some himself. They ate their breakfasts, the girls talking amongst themselves about this and that. Shaggy looked around smiling, his hand sneaking up under Velma’s skirt, under the table. She paused a moment in her conversation with Daphne but said nothing, parting her legs to grant his hand better access, his fingers tracing over her soft lower lips through the fabric of her red panties, his fingers pressing gently at the top of her slit, rubbing circles gently over her clit causing Velma to falter, working to maintain a calm composure as she sipped her coffee.


Shaggy continued sipping his coffee, the picture of innocence, his hand under Velma’s skirt, pulling her panties to the side, he softly stroked her slit, finding her wet for him, his fingers parting her soft lips to tease her swollen clit, severely testing Velma’s restraint, her hips moving against his fingers as she tried to act normal around everyone else. Velma’s head was swimming. Winnie was talking to her, but she could barely understand what was being said. She was so close, her stomach knotting as waves of pleasure coursed through her, setting her body aflame with lust. Abruptly, Shaggy withdrew his hand and she slowly came back down to earth. Shaggy took a sip of his coffee and turned to face her.


“Velma, do you think you could help me get a started on deciphering some of Uncle Albert’s notes? I’m curious about one of his experiments.” Shaggy asked. Velma slowly focused on Shaggy nodding and standing to follow him on shaky legs. He took her arm, and they walked out of the dining hall. She had to give it to him. Shaggy’s face and tone betrayed nothing.


Exiting the dining hall, Velma started walking across the hall towards the basement, but Shaggy stopped her, instead leading her upstairs to the second floor, towards his bedroom. Velma looked confused, but Shaggy smiled, picking her up and carrying her across the threshold of his bedroom, closing and locking the door behind him, he walked across the room and dropped her playfully on the bed, a goofy grin on his face. Velma looked around, confused until he joined her, pinning her against the bed as he softly kissed her lips, his fingers tangling in her red hair, nails raking gently across her scalp. Shaggy pulled back, his eyes gazing into hers, his hands moving to the hem of her orange sweater, tugging it slowly upward while she looked at him shyly, worrying her lower lip.


“My lady is overdressed. With your permission I would correct the problem,” Shaggy said, grinning at her.


Velma slowly nodded, helping him to remove her sweater. Shaggy kissed and nibbled her pale skin as he exposed it, his hands pausing to caress her taut belly. Having removed her sweater Shaggy pulled her gently into his lap, his arms around her, caressing her skin, teasing and toying, dragging his nails gently across her pale flesh as he nibbled softly on her earlobe, making her moan. “You’re all mine now, Velma. Let me love you as I should have so very long ago,” he whispered softly into her ear, his hands cupping her breasts through her bra, his fingers teasing her nipples through the fabric as he kissed and nibbled softly on the curve of her neck.


Velma moaned softly, tilting her head to the side to expose her neck as she ground her ass against Shaggy’s crotch. She could feel him harden, his cock pressed against her backside and heard him let out a whimper of pleasure mixed with need. Grinning, she tilted her head to the side, reached up, running her fingers through his lanky hair as he sucked and gently licked the teeth marks he left on her neck. She suspected that a mark would form in a few hours leaving evidence of their encounter. Shaggy’s hands tugged her bra down, exposing her firm breasts, his fingers teasing and tugging softly on her nipples, making her gasp.


She could feel herself becoming aroused, the wetness between her legs spreading as she pressed against his hands, her left hand dipping down between her legs, fingers teasing her damp slit through the fabric of her panties. Shaggy laid her back against the pillows, moving down slowly, his lips capturing one of her nipples then the other, suckling and chewing softly on the hard nubs, making her moan, his hands caressing her thighs, teasing and stroking before unzipping the side of her skirt, letting it fall open.


She let out a whimper of pleasure as she felt his fingers tracing her slit through her panties before they hooked into the waistband, moving to tug them down. She lifted her hips, helping him slide them down her legs and past her feet, before raising the damp fabric to his nose, deeply inhaling her scent and making her blush as she looked at him.


Shaggy smiled at her as he set her underwear aside, moving down between her legs, kissing and nibbling softly along her calves, his skilled hands teasing her soft thighs, fingers tracing up and down along her skin. He kissed his way upwards, pausing to nibble softly on the backs of her knees, his hands moving to play with her rear, smacking and fondling the cheeks, making her cry out. He kissed and nibbled the backs of her thighs before moving upwards, at last finding her wet core, his tongue teasing the soft lips through the damp ginger curls.


She clutched desperately at the blankets, feeling his fingers gently parting her soft lips. He smirked, chuckling as she bucked her hips forward against him before darting his tongue out to tease her slick entrance, the velvet muscle stiffening, pushing gently into her tight sheath as his fingers found her swollen clit, teasing the hard nub, making her moan, her body arching taut as a bow, her hands tangling in his hair as she ground her core against his face.


Taking his cue, Shaggy thrust his tongue in and out of her, his fingers gently tugging and teasing her clit, her loud cries filling his ears as he tasted her juices, two thick fingers replacing his tongue as he sucked and nibbled softly on her clit, swiping it gently with his tongue, driving her lust inflamed mind mad with desire as her stomach knotted, her pleasure coursing through her as his fingers thrust in and out of her, the digits flexing, stretching her open for him, making her stiffen as his fingers rubbed the special spot inside her and drove her over the edge, the knot in her stomach bursting as she grabbed his head, pulling it tight against her, her orgasm crashing over her.


Shaggy smirked, moving up beside Velma and pulled her into his arms, his lips capturing hers, wetting them with her own juices, his hands around her hips, pulling her against him, she straddled his hips and lowered herself down on his hard shaft, taking him fully inside her causing them both to moan. Velma smiled, leaning over him as she began to ride him, her hips bouncing up and down on his hard cock, his hips thrusting upwards to meet her, his cock filling her, stretching her walls around his length, her nails raking across his broad chest as her breasts hovered over his face.


He leant forward, capturing one of her nipples between his lips, teasing the nub between his teeth, chewing softly, making her moan as her sheath squeezed down on him, driving him wild, her left hand moving down between them to tease her clit, her right carding through his sandy hair, her hips rocking faster on him, their pleasure building as they got closer, their bodies glistening with a sheen of sweat. Shaggy replaced her hand with his own on her clit, twisting and pinching the nub, the slight pain pushing her over the edge as she climaxed, her orgasm driving him over the edge, his member swelling as he spilt his load inside her.


Velma collapsed in his arms, her breathing heavy as she nuzzled his chest. “Jinkies. That was incredible, Shaggy.”


Shaggy smiled, his breath coming in hard and heavy pants as he carded his fingers through her hair, his lips trailing across her skin. “Yes, it was. As are you, Velma. Be mine, now and forever.” Velma looked up at him, her lips twitching into a smile, her head nodding. “Yes, Shaggy. I will.”




There you have it. A fluff piece for Shaggy and Velma. Just like all his other mates got. The next chapter will return to the story. There won’t be many more chapters left before I conclude the story.


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