Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 2: Homecoming


Driving down the highway, Shaggy sang along to the radio. One of his favorite songs, All Summer Long by Kid Rock, was playing on the radio. Behind the partition in the RV proper, the girls were lounging around watching a nature documentary on the TV. The program was suddenly interrupted by an emergency broadcast. Complaining, the girls tried switching the channel, but the broadcast was being shown on all stations. "Must be something important," Velma said, looking up from her laptop at the dining table. The other girls nodded and turned back to the TV.


"And a crisis struck today when three dangerous criminals broke out of the nation's most secure prison for the criminally insane. Two of the escaped prisoners have already been rounded up, but the third, Dr. Phineas Phibe, shown here, remains at large. Dr. Phibe is incredibly dangerous, and citizens are urged not to confront him. If you see him or have information relating to his whereabouts, contact this number. A $100,000 reward has been issued for information leading to his arrest. The means used in the escape are not yet known, but police are still investigating. That's all for now. Stay tuned for further broadcasts on News and Weather channel 5."


The broadcast ended, and the regular programs returned to normal. Sibylla changed the channel back to their program, and the girls returned to their show. "Jinkies. That's not good. I hope they catch him quick." Velma thought before turning back to her laptop.




Meanwhile, in the driver's seat, Shaggy's stomach rumbled. "Like, man, am I ever hungry. I could sure go for a slice of pepperoni, hot fudge, and peanut butter pizza right about now," he thought. Up ahead, a small rest stop with a convenience store/gas station sat at the side of the road. Veering off the road, he pulled into the rest stop before shutting off the engine. Shaggy stood and stretched, his stiff muscles protesting from the hours spent in the driver's seat, before walking behind the partition and into the living quarters.


Looking up, the girls turned to face him. "What's up? Why have we stopped Shaggy?" Phanty asked, floating over to him.


Shaggy was about to reply when suddenly Velma stood up and walked over to Shaggy. "You'll never believe what we saw on the news, Shaggy," she spoke, cutting Shaggy off.


"Oh, dear. Like, I know that look. I know I probably shouldn't ask, but what happened, sweetheart?" Shaggy asked, all thoughts of food-driven from his mind as he walked over to a chair and sat, his hands resting on his knees.


"Dr. Phineas Phibe has escaped from prison," Velma said, causing Shaggy to jump in his seat.


"WHAT?!" Shaggy shouted, shocked and worried. Dr. Phibe was an old enemy of Shaggy's Uncle. The man had repeatedly tried to steal his Uncle's inventions, plotted world domination, failed, and was eventually arrested for domestic and international terrorism. "Zoinks. That's terrible news, but I'm sure the police will catch him soon. I mean, where could he possibly go? He's one of the most wanted criminals in the world." Shaggy said though he didn't quite believe his own words. All too often, it had been up to him and the gang to catch dangerous criminals while the police trailed behind, only showing up at the end of a mystery to cart the lousy guy off in handcuffs.




In a dimly lit room hidden inside an underground bunker, a man with blond hair and one hand paced back and forth. Standing nearby, a row of henchmen dressed in numbered jumpsuits and goggles stood at attention.


"Now that I'm finally free of that wretched prison, I can begin planning my revenge on the man who put me there. Albert Shaggleford. That wretched man helped set the trap that led to my capture. Me. The great Dr. Phineas Phibe." The man growled.


"But sir… Albert Shaggleford has gone missing. It was all over the news. He disappeared months ago, and no one has heard from him since." A short black-haired man in a white lab coat and glasses said, speaking up.


"Don't you think I know that? But he is hiding somewhere, and there must be a way to find him. Numbers 1 and 2." Dr. Phibe said, turning around.


"Sir!" Two figures said, stepping forward and coming to attention after nearly tripping over each other in the process to the doctor's ire.


"I want the two of you to go and keep a watch on Shaggleford's manor. Report anything suspicious to me." Dr. Phibe said, facing them.


"Yes, sir." They replied, comically saluting him.


"Dismissed. Go at once." He ordered.


The two henchmen departed at once, leaving to carry out their mission. Upon reaching the exit, they both pushed against each other, wanting to be the first to exit the room, insisting they should go first as they were the most important. Turning from the spectacle, his temper flaring at the behavior of his subordinates, Dr. Phibe muttered angrily to himself. "Wherever you are hiding, Shaggleford, I will find you." Dr. Phibe said quietly in a menacing voice before laughing maniacally as he stared off into space.




Shaggy pulled into the manor's driveway as the electric gate closed behind them. Driving the RV into the carport, Shaggy parked the vehicle and turned off the engine. Exiting the RV, Shaggy stood by the door helping his girls out as the butler Robey, Christopher and Harvey waited to unload their luggage and carry it into the house.


"Welcome home, Master Shaggy and ladies," Robey said in his eager yet mechanical voice, stepping forward.


"Thank you, Robey. It's good to be back home again." Shaggy said. Leading the way inside, Shaggy smiled and looked around, glad to be home again. The girls followed him into the entry hall, looking around.  The ground floor hadn't changed much since they had been gone, but the household staff had done an excellent job keeping the place up while they were away. After their luggage was delivered to their rooms, the girls walked upstairs, changing into more comfortable attire. Following them upstairs, Shaggy headed to the master bedroom. Maria and Elia had cleaned the master bedroom and made it ready to move into in his absence.


Entering, he settled in, working on unpacking and stowing away his things. When he was nearly finished, he stood, running a hand through his hair. A knock sounded at the door, and Shaggy turned, looking to see Winnie standing in the doorway wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt and shorts. Shaggy smiled, holding his arms out for her as she ran forward, snuggling into his embrace. He hugged her close, fingers tangling in her soft fur as she looked up at him. "How are you feeling, Winnie? Glad to be home?" He asked, his left hand settling on her stomach as his right arm wrapped around her shoulders, cradling her against his chest.


Winnie smiled, nuzzling into his chest as he carded his fingers through her fur. "Mm, yes I am, but I'm happy anywhere as long as you're with me, Shaggy." She said, looking up at him. Shaggy smiled before leaning in and kissing her lips, his tongue brushing across her fangs as he toyed with her furry ears, making her moan into the kiss.


Stepping back, Shaggy led her to the bed and sat down on edge. She joined him, snuggling against his side as he took her hands in his. "Have you given any thoughts to designing a nursery? We could hire a contractor to redo one of the bedrooms." Winnie asked, looking at him.


"Like I don't know much about nurseries, but I'll support whatever you decide, Winnie. We can start calling contractors tomorrow if you like." Shaggy said, smiling at her.


Winnie grinned and kissed him again. "Oh, Shaggy, thank you, thank you, thank you." She said, hugging him. Shaggy smiled. He still found it hard to believe he would soon have a child, but the idea did excite him. He held her hand, looking up as the rest of his girls stood at the doorway, peering inside. He turned to face them as he slowly stood up, Winnie joining him.


Leaving the bedroom, they headed downstairs. Shaggy's stomach rumbled loudly, choosing that moment to remind him that he hadn't eaten since breakfast that morning. His girls shook their heads and laughed. They were used to his boundless appetite by now. They parted ways, Shaggy heading towards the kitchen to get a late lunch before suddenly remembering that he had not called Fred, Daphne, and Scooby-doo to let them know they were back at the manor.


Sighing, Shaggy walked across the entrance hall, heading towards the parlor. Entering, he picked up the phone and dialed Fred's new number, the phone ringing before Fred picked up. "Hey, Shaggy. How are you? I love your new ringtone." Fred said.


"Hi, Fred. I'm doing alright for now. Listen, I just called to tell you we are all back at the manor again. We just got into town a little bit ago. How are you and Daphne doing today?" Shaggy asked.


"We're doing fine, Shaggy. Just busy with work these days. Listen, how would you and the girls like to get together with us tomorrow evening? We'll have a cookout, and you can see the new place." Fred said in a jovial tone.


"Sounds great, Fred. Let me check with the girls, and I'll get back to you. I'm sure it will be fine, though." Shaggy replied.


"Excellent. See you then. Bye." Fred said, hanging up. Shaggy hung up and went off looking for his girls. He found Winnie and Sibylla in the parlor huddled together over a pile of magazines and whispering together. Joining them, he sat in one of the stuffed armchairs.


"Hello, ladies. Like, um, what's up?" He asked.


Looking up, they smiled at him. "Oh, we're just discussing plans to convert one of the guest bedrooms into a nursery," Sibylla said.


"Like, um, that sounds cool. Do you know where the others are?" Shaggy asked, rubbing the back of his head.


"Velma and Elsa are in the laboratory downstairs working on a project, and Tanis and Phanty are upstairs in their rooms, unpacking their stuff," Sibylla said, turning back to the magazine.


Shaggy nodded and stood, excusing himself. He headed back towards the kitchen, deciding to talk to the girls about the get-together later that evening during dinner. Walking into the kitchen, Shaggy saw Frank hard at work preparing dinner. A delicious smell wafted from the oven, and Shaggy's stomach rumbled. "Like, um, what's on the menu tonight, Frank?" He asked in the doorway.


"Pot roast, mixed vegetables, freshly baked rolls, and apple pie tonight, boss. Did you need something?" Frank said, pausing and turning to face Shaggy.


"Like, well um, I was just wondering if there was anything to nibble on at the moment. I've not eaten since breakfast this morning, and I'm starved." Shaggy said, his stomach growling.


"Certainly. Dinner won't be ready for a few hours yet, but I've got some biscuits and jam leftover from breakfast this morning. Help yourself. They're in a tin on the counter. The jam is in the fridge." Frank said, turning back to his work.


Helping himself, Shaggy ate his snack in the dining room before heading upstairs to look for Tanis and Phanty. Walking up the stairs, Shaggy let his mind wander. "They had all certainly come a long way. The gang had gone their separate ways. Fred and Daphne were now married, and Scooby-doo now had a mate of his own. And he had mated with Velma and five actual ghouls and was going to be a father. A father!" He couldn't quite believe how things had changed so fast, so suddenly. It seemed like a dream sometimes and, yet he would not change anything for the world. He was happy and had a lot to be grateful for in life, despite the wistful nostalgia. Reaching Tanis's room, he knocked on the door.


"Tanis? Are you there? Do you mind if I come in?" Shaggy called, standing outside her door.


Slowly the door opened, and Tanis appeared, wrapped in her bandages, wearing the Ankh necklace he had bought for her. With a smile, she invited him in. "Oh, hello, Shaggy. Sure, come on in," she said, stepping back and opening the door further for him to step through.


Walking inside, Shaggy looked around the room. The wallpaper had been replaced while they were gone. The new wallpaper gave the impression that the walls were made of sandstone and covered in hieroglyphs; various depictions one would typically expect to see inside an ancient pyramid. The lights were dimmed and in the center of the room was Tanis's sarcophagus. Nearby the closet door was slightly ajar. Aside from that, the space was empty, just like at Miss Grimmwood's school.


"I love what you've done with the place, Tanis. Very nice." Shaggy said, smiling.


Tanis smiled, stepping aside to admire the room herself. "Thanks, Shaggy. Did you come up just to see me? Or did you need something?" She asked as he turned to face her.


"I wanted to see how you were settling in the first day back, dear," Shaggy said, his hands fidgeting awkwardly at his sides.


"Oh well, I'm fine. I got everything set up neatly. I had the handyman change the wallpaper while we were away, and Robey and Elsa helped me carry my sarcophagus upstairs into the room. The rest of my stuff is in the closet." She said, looking around the room.


"That's great, Tanis. I'm glad you've got everything set up to your liking." Shaggy said, his eyes downcast.


"What's wrong, Shaggy?" Tanis asked, noticing he seemed upset.


"It's just, like um, I've grown fond of all of us like sleeping together at night. I'm not sure I could rest easy at night without all of you nearby." Shaggy said somberly.


"Oh Shaggy, we can still do that. I just like having my room to myself. We would never dream of sleeping anywhere but by your side." Tanis said, her bandaged arms wrapping around him.


Shaggy hugged her tight, his arms around her shoulders as her bandaged head rested against his chest. He smiled, reaching out and cupping her chin. Shaggy softly kissed the spot on her bandages where her mouth would be before stepping back slowly. "Thanks, Tanis. You've all grown to mean so much to me. I couldn't bear being without you girls." He said, looking at her. Stepping back, they heard a crash from the next room and running out; they hurried to the next bedroom down, where a voice swore quietly. Knocking on the door to Phanty's room, Shaggy opened the door and stepped inside with Tanis on his heels.


Inside the room, they found Phanty floating above a bookshelf. A large pile of books lay beneath the fallen shelf. The room was lit by eerie blue lighting, the walls lined with jet black wallpaper, the bottoms bordered by tombstones, giving the room a gothic feel. Along the far wall were a mahogany wardrobe and a vanity. Beside the fallen bookshelf was a single bed and desk with a wooden chair. Walking inside, Shaggy shook his head, suppressing a grin. "Having trouble, love?" He asked.


Turning to face him, Phanty shook her head. "I was loading books onto the shelf when I accidentally knocked the bloody thing over. Could you two give me a hand?" She asked, wiping her forehead.


"Certainly, Phanty. We'd be glad to help." Shaggy said as Tanis nodded beside him.


Stepping forward, Shaggy lifted the shelf, steadying it against the wall before kneeling beside the girls helping to place the books neatly on the rack. Lifting one, Shaggy paused, his breath catching. "Phanty…is this, are these spellbooks?" He asked, turning to face her.


"Some of them, yes," Phanty said as she placed a book on the shelf.


"Why do you have spellbooks?" Shaggy asked curiously.


"Magic is the norm in the monster world like science is in your world. These are just some books that I have collected over the years. Some of them were given to me by teachers, friends, family, or my pa." She said, turning back to the bookshelf.


Shrugging, Shaggy placed the last book on the shelf with the others and stood, helping the girls to their feet. They finished helping Phanty unpack before dusting themselves off. Leaving the room, the three made their way downstairs to find the others. Winnie and Sibylla were still going over designs for the nursery as they passed the pair in the parlor, making their way for the basement.


Downstairs, huddled together over a worktable, Elsa and Velma, dressed in masks, goggles, and white lab coats, were mixing strange chemicals. The pair looked up as they approached. "Hello, girls. Like, um, what are you working on?" Shaggy asked.


Velma set down the beaker she was holding and removed her goggles and mask before smiling up at him. "Just a little project. Nothing serious. Elsa and I are working on a new chemical compound for one of our experiments. We have almost got it figured out. We think it could have many great and useful practical applications that could greatly benefit humans in their daily lives." She said with a smile.


"Like, um, that sounds cool, I guess. Just don't work too late. I want us all to have dinner together. There is something I need to discuss with you all." Shaggy said.


Elsa looked up at him. "Really? What is it?" She asked as the others nodded, turning to face Shaggy.


"Oh, um, like it's nothing serious. It's just that Fred and Daphne invited us over for a get-together tomorrow evening, and I wanted to see if you were all interested before I accepted the offer. I wanted to make sure none of you had plans." Shaggy said, looking around at them all in turn.


The girls smiled at him and nodded. "Of course, we'd love to go. That's so sweet of them to invite us over. Oh, I can't wait to see their new house." Velma said.


"Sounds like a plan." Elsa, Phanty, and Tanis all nodded, agreeing.


"Great. I can't wait. I have to check with Winnie and Sibylla, though, but I'm sure they'll agree. I'll go call Fred." Shaggy said.


Shaggy walked over to the phone extension in the lab. Picking up the receiver, he began dialing Fred's number. The phone rang, and Fred answered. "Hey, Shaggy. What's up?" he asked.


"Hi, Fred. Like, I just called to tell you the girls, and I will see you tomorrow night. We can't wait to see your new place." Shaggy said.


"Sounds great. Glad you can make it. See you then, Shaggy. Bye." Fred said as the line disconnected.


Hanging up the phone, Shaggy turned back to the girls. "It's all set. They're looking forward to having us over," she said.


"We can't show up empty-handed, though, Shaggy. We should bring a little something to the barbecue tomorrow." Velma said as the other girls nodded.


"Oh, like, um, what should we bring then?" Shaggy asked.


Velma paused, thinking for a moment. "Well, maybe we could bring a few things. We could go shopping and pick up a pie and a few bottles of soda. And maybe some franks and crisps," she said.


"Oh, well, um, like, I guess. Should we all go or just one of us?" Shaggy asked.


"Well, I guess just one or two of us. Why don't you go, Shaggy? And maybe you could take Tanis with you. You'll just get distracted and buy a bunch of junk if we send you alone. You can take the town car that is in the garage. Just the two of you. It will be good for the two of you to spend some time together alone." Velma said.


"Like, um, if it's okay with you, Tanis, then sure. I'd love to." Shaggy said, turning to face her.


"I'd love to go with you, Shaggy," Tanis said, brightening up at the suggestion. Taking her hand, Shaggy and Tanis headed up the stairs together and walked through the hall to the inside garage.


Shaggy opened Tanis's door for her before getting in himself, settling behind the wheel, he pulled out of the drive, and the pair left the manor behind, heading into town. They never saw a couple of eyes peeking at them from the bushes just outside the manor wall.




Shaggy drove along the deserted roads on the edge of town, Tanis at his side as they sang along to the radio. He and Tanis hadn't spent time together alone in a while, and he was enjoying himself immensely. It was always enjoyable to spend one-on-one time with his mates, so they knew how much they meant to him. Turning the wheel, Shaggy pulled onto the highway heading into town. As he drove, Shaggy got an idea and turned the wheel, heading towards the local theater. He parked and turned to face Tanis.


"Fancy seeing a movie together. just the two of us?" He asked.


Smiling, Tanis looked at him and nodded. "Sure. I'd love to, Shaggy. It'll be so romantic." She said.


Pulling into the parking lot, Shaggy parked the car and then exited before walking over, opening Tanis's door and taking her hand, helping her out before closing the door. The pair walked hand in hand towards the theater, choosing a movie on the way. Shaggy paid for two tickets to see the latest Jungle Book movie, and the pair found their seats in the back of the darkened theater after loading up on snacks and drinks from the concession stand. Settling into their seats, Shaggy took Tanis's hand, making her blush as the movie started, the pair holding hands as the opening credits proceeded. As the movie got underway, Shaggy grew bolder and turned, leaning in and softly kissing Tanis's cheek, his arm settling around her shoulders, cuddling her against his side.


Tanis smiled, leaning into his embrace, his lips trailing kisses along her neck, fingers gently unwinding her bandages, exposing her tanned skin. The pair forgot the movie entirely as they traded kisses and soft caresses, completely lost in each other's embrace. As the film came to an end and the lights flickered on, the pair broke apart and blushed; quickly remembering where they were, they composed themselves, Shaggy straightening his shirt and Tanis rewrapping her bandages. Exiting the theater Shaggy and Tanis headed outside and to their car. They got into the car, and with the windows rolled up, and tinted they settled into the luxurious back seat, Shaggy pinning Tanis beneath him, his hands reaching up to caress her cheek as she quickly unwound her bandages, exposing the lower half of her face for him to kiss her.


They held each other, nuzzling and kissing and touching. Tanis felt herself become lost in the moment, enjoying the touch of her mate, the raking of his elongated canines across her bottom lip, his fingers tangling in the dark locks of her hair. Breaking apart, Shaggy gasped for breath, quickly shifting his erection which had become rock hard and caused him some discomfort in his trousers. Tanis giggled as she watched him, causing him to blush in embarrassment. Chuckling nervously, Shaggy moved back, settling beside her as she cuddled up against him, her head on his shoulder. Smiling, Shaggy held her, his arms around her shoulders, his lips claiming her in a gentle kiss, which gradually became more. Heated, urgent, passionate, and a little rough.


After several minutes the pair broke apart at the sound of a light rapping on the glass. Flushed, Shaggy rolled down the window to find Sherriff Stone standing there. "Like, um, hello Sherriff. What's wrong?" Shaggy asked.


Sherriff Stone cleared his throat and looked around. "You two might want to move along. The theater is closed now." He said.


Startled, Shaggy blushed and scratched the back of his head. "Like sorry, Sherriff. We'll move along." Sherriff Stone shook his head and mumbled something about young people these days before walking off, heading back to his patrol car. Shaggy rolled the window up and turned to Tanis. "Looks like we got carried away. Why don't we stop somewhere for lunch while we're out? I happen to know an awesome restaurant nearby. The Bloody Stake. I'm sure you'll love it." He said, flushed.

"Sounds great. I'd love to." Tanis said, rewrapping her bandages. Shaggy and Tanis got out before climbing into the front seat. Shaggy started the car and drove through town, heading for the Bloody Stake. When they arrived, Shaggy got out and opened her door, helping her out and leading the way inside.


The pair were seated immediately and considered the menu for a few moments. Shaggy and Tanis both decided on the cursed chicken and rice with a side order of finger fries. While they waited for their food, they made small talk, enjoying the time together alone. When their food was brought out, Shaggy and Tanis eagerly dug in.


"Mm, not bad. I love it, Shaggy. Thanks for bringing me." Tanis said, smiling up at him.


"It's one of my favorite restaurants," Shaggy replied.


After they finished eating, Shaggy paid the bill, and they left, heading towards the car. Shaggy was in the process of driving back to the manor when Tanis tapped him on the shoulder. "Err, Shaggy, don't forget we need to shop for the get-together at your friends' house tomorrow night." She said.


"Like, oh right. I almost forgot." Shaggy replied, turning and heading back into town. Stopping at the grocery store, they headed inside, where they picked up the stuff for the party. After leaving the checkout, they headed back towards the manor. Shaggy couldn't help but let his mind wander, memories of their pleasant afternoon filling his mind during the drive. "Like, wow. This afternoon together was nice. I really should spend more one-on-one time with the girls." He thought to himself.


When the manor came into site, Shaggy drove through the gate and parked in the inside garage, turning off the car. They walked inside and stopped at the kitchen, stowing away the items they bought. "I sure had a nice time today, Shaggy. Thanks." Tanis said as they left the kitchen, standing in the entrance hall alone together.


Smiling, Shaggy took her hands in his, kissing her lips. "There's no reason it has to end just yet, Tanis," he said, taking her hand.


"Really? What did you have in mind?" Tanis asked, grinning.


"Well, I have a few ideas," Shaggy said, winking and leading her through the manor to the master bedroom upstairs.


Smiling, they settled onto the bed, Shaggy cuddling Tanis in his lap, his hands fumbling with her bandages as he worked to unwrap her, his fingers teasing across her bare, tanned skin. When he had her unwrapped, Shaggy held her in his arms, his lips against hers, the fingers of his left hand caressing her bare cheek, thumb teasing along her jaw, he gently nipped her bottom lip, his fangs raking ever so gently across her skin.


Pulling back breathless, Shaggy looked into Tanis's eyes, his jeans bulging as he shifted on the bed, his hands roaming across Tanis's torso, fingers working to unfasten her bra, baring her breasts to his gaze. He leaned in, capturing a nipple between his lips, sucking hungrily, his right hand gently pinching and tugging her other nipple, making her back arch, pushing her chest against his hands, as she moaned his name, fingers tangling in his sandy brown hair, clutching his head against her chest. Shaggy had discovered that he could make his claws vanish and reappear at will, a functional ability when it came to his mates.


Shaggy groaned, his pants unbearably tight as he moved around. Giggling, Tanis released him and worked to unfasten his jeans, tugging them down in the front along with his boxers, his cock springing free. Taking the hard shaft in her soft hands, she gently stroked him, making him moan as he reclined, propped up on his elbows, head tilted back, eyes shut as she jacked him, her free hand cupping and gently teasing his balls, a loud moan escaping his lips.


Shaggy's mind shut down, trapped in a haze of pleasure when leaning down, Tanis took him into her warm and wet mouth, lips sealed tight around his cock as she bobbed her head up and down on him, her left hand stroking the bottom half of his cock, jacking him slowly while her right played with his balls.


 Shaggy lay back on the bed, hands settling on the sides of her head, guiding her movements as she took him deeper into her mouth, the head of his cock lodging in her throat, muscles squeezing and contracting around his cock, driving him over the edge, he swelled between her lips, his hot cum spurting down her throat.


Tanis sat up, licking her lips as she crawled up over him, straddling his hips as he wrapped his arms around her, his fingers carding through her dark hair. "Like, um, wow. That was incredible." Shaggy said, grinning, before kissing her lips. Already he had begun to harden again, his cock pressed against her wet thighs.


"Thanks, Shaggy," Tanis said, blushing.


Pushing him back against the bed, she straddled him, pulling the damp crotch of her panties aside as she took him inside her, moaning as his hardened shaft filled her, stretching her insides open around him.

Gasping, Shaggy moved to put his hands on her hips, but she pushed them aside, placing her hands on his shoulders as she rocked her hips, riding him slowly as Tanis built up a pace that she was comfortable with.


Beneath her, Shaggy's hands fidgeted, longing to touch her. Tanis closed her eyes, bouncing slowly up and down on him, her hands twisting and pinching her nipples. Fingers kneading and toying with her breasts, her pleasure built, her breathing getting heavier. Finally, she let him touch her, reaching down she took his hands, fingers lightly brushing against his palms as her pussy milked him, placing them on her breasts, her left hand guiding his, her right hand reaching down to tease her clit, her climax fast approaching she rode him hard and fast, moaning loudly, back arching taut as a bowstring, she came hard, her juices squirting all over their joined hips as her orgasm pushed him over the edge. Tensing and with a cry of pleasure, he came, flooding her with his seed just as she collapsed onto his chest, sweaty, exhausted, and panting hard.


Shaggy wrapped her in his arms, his fingers toying with a stray lock of her dark hair, his lips brushing against her bandaged forehead, his right arm draped over the small of her back.


Her breathing finally under control, Tanis peered up at him, her cheeks crimson as he grinned. Brightening, she leaned forward and kissed him, hands on his shoulders as she lay across his chest.


"You're so beautiful, Tanis." He said, smiling softly.


Grinning, she kissed him again. "Do you think so, Shaggy? More than the others?" She asked, somewhat doubtful.


Shaggy smiled and nodded. "I think you're all beautiful in your unique way. There's no competition. You each have a beauty and grace all your own, and nobody could take your place in my heart." He said, pulling her firmly against him.


Tanis smiled and hugged him back, his words a comfort to her. Laying her head on his shoulder, they relaxed in each other's arms when a low rumbling sound filled her ears.


"Hehe, guess I'm a bit hungry," Shaggy said, blushing.


Tanis shook her head and laughed. "Well, I think dinner is ready downstairs. Shall we go see?" She asked as she stood up.


Nodding, Shaggy stood beside her, pulling his clothes on as she rewrapped her bandages. They stood in front of the full-length mirror, checking themselves. After straightening their hair, they headed downstairs and into the dining hall, hand in hand, where they found they were the last to arrive.


Settling in together at the table, Shaggy looked around, a shy grin on his face as he fixed himself a plate.


"Did you two have a nice afternoon together?" Elsa asked, smirking.


Surprisingly, it was Tanis who answered. "We sure did. We went to see a movie; then Shaggy took me to a nice restaurant. We got halfway home before we remembered the shopping, though, and had to turn back around." She said, smiling as she loaded her plate.


As they ate, they made small talk. Velma and Elsa were well on their way to completing their project. They had hoped to find a way to market it without revealing too much about the methods used to create it, while at the same time, Velma was nearly finished writing her first novel and had started contacting different publishers.


Winnie and Sibylla had made their plans and were arranging to meet with a contractor in the monster world who could design a proper nursery for a werewolf cub.


Phanty hoped to continue her magical studies and pursue a career in the monster world. Tanis, still young and somewhat shy, had set herself to the task of managing their household rather than throw herself out into the world beyond right away.


Meanwhile, Shaggy had begun learning more about how to manage some of the businesses that he owned. So far, they were producing healthy profits. Still, Shaggy wanted to ensure they continued to do so and so had been devoting much of his energy to learning about business and financing, as well as more about each of the individual companies.




After dinner, they retired to the parlor to spend some time together as a family, playing board games and chatting happily for the next few hours. Close to 9:00 that night and tired with their games, Phanty suggested that they go for a swim in the pool before retiring for the night, to which the other girls readily agreed, rushing upstairs to try on swimsuits. Shaggy tried to follow them but was told to wait. They wanted to surprise him with their new swimsuits they had bought and so resigned to waiting, Shaggy remained in the parlor to await their return.


About ten minutes later, the girls came downstairs dressed in their new bikinis and posed for him, leaving an amazed Shaggy speechless. Giggling, they took his hands and led him to the pool house.




The following afternoon, Shaggy and the girls piled into the large town car and drove over to Fred and Daphne's new house. Daphne had phoned ahead earlier that morning with directions for them, and finally, after a few turnabouts, Shaggy managed to get them there in time for the cookout.


They arrived at a modest, two-story townhouse with a small white picket fence surrounding the yard. "The typical happily ever after home." Shaggy thought to himself. Shaggy parked and got out, opening the doors for the girls, and they filed up the walkway, carrying the purchases Shaggy and Tanis had made the day before. Shaggy had also bought a small fruit basket as a housewarming present for his two friends.


They knocked, and a few moments later, Daphne opened the door, smiling and ushered them inside, giving them all a brief tour before leading them out to the backyard where Fred and Mayor Jones were grilling. Nearby, Scooby-Doo and Nova sat curled up in the grass.


"Dad, you remember Shaggy and Velma. And these are Shaggy's mates. Remember we told you about them." Fred said nervously.


"Why, of course. Welcome, welcome. I'm Mayor Jones. But you can call me Fred Sr. today if you like. I believe you have met my son and his lovely wife already." Mayor Jones said, offering his hand to them. Ever the politician, Mayor Jones was quite upbeat in greeting them all, welcoming them to Crystal Cove, and asking each of the girls about themselves as they settled in.


The afternoon went quite well, and the gang spent a few hours catching up with each other and getting to know Fred's dad, while Shaggy and Scooby had a lot of fun together, eating, laughing, and telling jokes. Since they were going to be gone most of the day, Shaggy had given most of the household staff the evening off as well.


While they were settled around the table, eating dessert, Shaggy's mobile rang. Excusing himself, he answered the phone. "Hello, Robey. What's up?" He asked.


"Nephew Shaggy. You must come home immediately. The security staff caught a couple of intruders breaking into your Uncle's lab." Robey said in an urgent voice.



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