Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 12: Trip to Crystal Cove


That evening found Shaggy excited at the idea of returning to his hometown and the prospect of seeing the gang again all back together again, if only for a short time. He missed Fred, Velma, and Daphne. And most of all he missed Scooby Doo. He felt a pang of longing, just thinking about his friends but knew that he would see them all very soon. Shaggy walked into the parlor and picked up the old telephone, dialing up Fred’s number, he waited to listen as the phone rang on Fred’s end. After a few rings, Daphne picked up the phone.


“Jones Residence, Daphne speaking.” Shaggy smiled, happy to hear her voice.


“Like hey, Daphne. It’s Shaggy. Listen I’m coming to Crystal Cove in a few days, for a will reading. My Uncle Albert disappeared mysteriously and mentioned me in his will.” Shaggy paused, listening as Daphne spoke.


“Jeepers, that’s terrible. Are you okay, Shaggy? This must be so hard for you. We’re all here for you, Shaggy. You’re not alone…” She continued to assure him over the connection.


Shaggy smiled, touched by his friend’s concern before speaking, “Like about that… Daphne listen. I’m sort of in a relationship. It’s complicated, but they’re coming with me on the trip to Crystal Cove.” Said Shaggy.


“Shaggy that’s wonderful. I’m so happy for you. I can’t wait to tell Fred and Velma. Wait…THEY!?!,” Daphne said, astounded.


Shaggy took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, Daphne, they as in plural. Listen I know it sounds bad, but it really isn’t. Look I’ll explain everything when I get there,” said Shaggy.


“You had better explain. And this better be good…or else…,” said Daphne, now sounding rather disappointed and angry with him. Shaggy listened to her, wondering to himself how he could possibly explain being mated to five girls, actual ghouls at that before replying.


“Like don’t worry, Daphne. I’ll explain everything when we get there.” The two carried on, talking about this and that, catching up and reminiscing about old times before saying goodbye. Shaggy hung up the phone and walked upstairs, heading toward his room. Pausing outside the doorway, he noticed lights on inside the room and opened the door, finding his girls inside waiting for him, smiles on their faces. Shaggy looked at them each, admiring their beauty.


Elsa, with her black and white hair in pigtails, was dressed in a school girl outfit with knee high white socks, black shoes, a button up white shirt and a plaid skirt that stopped just below her rear. Laying back on his bed with her legs slightly parted, displaying her bald slit, glistening with her juices, she had a lollipop in her hand, licking it seductively with gentle swipes of her tongue. Winnie was dressed in a yellow collar and nothing else, her fur sleek and smooth, she ran up to him on hands and knees, licking her lips as she nuzzled his crotch, his cock hardening and tenting his trousers. Phanty was floating a few feet away from him, half her body obscured by the floor below her, dressed in a blue negligée. Her ethereal skin glowing in the light of the candles. Sibylla, dressed in a white nurse’s outfit, her breasts pushing against the tightfitting top, a blood red thong beneath her skirt as she bent over, giving him a tantalizing view of her backside and her glistening pussy, before she walked up to him, giving him a sensuous kiss. Tanis was dressed in a white lacey bra and matching pair of panties, only the top half of her head wrapped in bandages as she looked at him from her place on the bed, just a few feet away.


Shaggy grinned as Sibylla and Winnie took his hands, leading him over to the bed, before quickly working to strip him down, kissing, licking and nibbling his strong shoulders and muscled chest as they worked, the other girls gathering around, taking it in turns to kiss him, slipping their tongues into his mouth as Sibylla and Winnie fought each other over who would be the one to remove his trousers and boxers. Grabbing them by the scruff of their necks, Elsa lifted them up, dropping them on the bed, as Phanty quickly unfastened Shaggy’s trousers, pulling the zipper down with her teeth, before hooking her ghostly fingers into the waistband and pulled them down along with his boxers, before taking his now rock-hard cock in her cold hands, slowly stroking the shaft while licking and sucking his balls into her cold, wet mouth causing Shaggy to moan softly, his hands tangling in her hair. Elsa walked over to Shaggy and held out a small red pill. “Here Coach. Swallow this. Just a little something to give you something extra,” she grinned, offering the pill.


Shaggy took the pill and swallowed, hiccupping before looking down, seeing his cock grow even bigger, now painfully erect, he was nearly 12 inches long and as thick around as a soda can, causing Phanty to gag slightly and pull off, drool dripping from her chin as she admired the effects of the pill. “Zoinks! Like wow.” Shaggy was now harder than he had ever been and incredibly eager to fuck.


Shaggy lifted Phanty up, tossing her playfully on the bed, causing her to giggle ghoulishly, as he climbed onto the bed, moving down between her legs, his tongue teasing her slit, two fingers pushing inside her cunt, thrusting in and out of her, making her moan and writhe beneath him, her hands roughly gripping his head, holding it tight to her dripping pussy, her breathing heavy as she cried out, body spasming as she came, her juices coating his face. Shaggy smirked, licking his lips before moving over her, reaching down he gripped his cock, stroking the mushroom head up and down over her ghostly, glistening lower lips before pressing the head against her slippery wet entrance and thrusting his hips forward, slowly burying himself inside her cold and wet depths with a loud moan of pleasure.


Shaggy gripped her hips firmly, thrusting hard into her, his hips slamming against her ghostly thighs, his mouth open in a loud moan as he gazed lovingly into her eyes, before looking over, seeing Tanis on her hands and knees, having shed her undergarments, Sibylla kneeling behind her, on the floor at the edge of the bed, her face buried in Tanis’s pussy, slurping noisily, her hand down between her own legs, two fingers thrusting in and out of her dripping core as she thrust her tongue in and out of Tanis, causing her to moan loudly. To his left were Winnie and Elsa, locked in an intimate embrace, tongues wrestling in their mouths, hands between each other’s legs, causing them both to cry out in pleasure as their juices dripped down their fingers, forming a puddle on the bed…




The next morning dawned clear and bright, Shaggy on his back on the bed, his girls curled up around him. Shaggy smiled to himself as he noticed the sunlight shining through his new bedroom window. He had replaced it just yesterday after breakfast when the new glass windowpanes were delivered by the local mercantile. He slowly disentangled his limbs from his young mates before climbing out of bed and heading for the bathroom to shower. The room still smelled of lust and sex from last night. As he turned on the hot water his mind drifted back to last night.


He had made love to each of his girls in turn before they all finally collapsed into a heap on the bed and floor. The bed had barely survived the night and he reckoned it would need mending again before too long. Twenty minutes later, having finished his shower and quickly drying off, he headed out into his bedroom, noticing that his girls were slowly coming around. Elsa sat up in bed, before standing and crossing over to him totally naked, her strong arms wrapping around him as she kissed him deeply, her breasts pressed against him, his hands reaching down to swat her rear.


“Good morning, love,” Shaggy said as he held her close. She giggled and danced out of his arms, heading into the bathroom to bathe, leaving Shaggy to get dressed as Tanis and Sibylla slowly sat up, rubbing their eyes and stretching. Sibylla grinned at him, showing her long fangs as Shaggy walked over to the bed and sat beside them, pulling Sibylla into his arms. “Good morning, beautiful. How did you sleep?” he asked, a smile on his face as he held her.


“Mm good morning, Shaggy. My night was fang-tastic. Do you really think I’m beautiful?” She asked, a blush tinting her purple cheeks, the fingers of her left-hand toying with a strand of her long purple hair hanging over one shoulder.


“Of course, my love,” Shaggy said, kissing her cheek.


“What about me, Shaggy? Am I beautiful too?” Tanis asked, smiling shyly beside him, a trace of worry in her eyes.


“Like, of course, you are, Tanis. You’re breathtaking.” Shaggy moved over, wrapping Tanis in his arms, stroking her cheek gently with one hand as he kissed her. “I love you all very, very much,” Shaggy said, causing Tanis, Sibylla and a recently awoken Phanty and Winnie to grin and take turns kissing his cheeks.


Tanis, Sibylla and Phanty climbed out of bed and walked to the door, heading towards the bathroom to bathe, leaving Shaggy alone with Winnie who curled up against him, looking nervous and biting her lower lip, toying with her hair, her fangs chewing her bottom lip, her fur rubbing against his bare chest. “Shaggy, I’m pregnant…” A few moments had passed, and she looked up at him, nervous and worried. Shaggy was surprised at first, but he quickly wrapped her in his arms and kissed her deeply, soothing her nerves and causing her to smile as he held her.


“Winnie, that’s wonderful news. I’m so happy.” Shaggy kissed her again, his fingers curling gently in her fur, his smile warming her heart. Winnie smiled and burrowed her face into his chest, nuzzling the hard-muscled torso, her hands finding his.


“I’m so relieved. I was worried about how to break the news,” Winnie smiled before pausing, a worried look crossing her features. “How do you think the other girls will react to the news?” she asked.


“What news?” Elsa asked, stepping back into the room followed shortly after by the other girls, fluffy towels wrapped around their torsos.


“Winnie is pregnant with my first child,” Shaggy said, smiling and holding Winnie in his arms, cuddling her against his chest.


“That’s wonderful news. We’re so happy for you,” gushed Elsa, Phanty and Tanis, gathering around the pair, smiling and congratulating them both, while Sibylla stood to the side, a jealous look on her face as she mumbled to herself, “Yes, great news…mangy wolf.”


Elsa, Tanis, and Phanty clapped Winnie on the back and took turns holding hers and Shaggy’s hands, kissing them both while Sibylla finally came over and sat beside Shaggy, looking at him and Winnie. “Congrats, Winnie. Congrats, Coach. I’m really happy for you both.” They all sat around talking about baby names and making conversation before the cold finally got to them and they left to get dressed while Winnie disappeared into the bathroom to shower, leaving Shaggy to get dressed in a pair of denim jeans, green V-neck t-shirt and tennis shoes before heading down to breakfast.


Shaggy walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table and fixed himself a plate. Today for breakfast was stale biscuits and burnt bacon. As he ate, the girls came down and sat at the table, fixing their own plates. Winnie scooted her chair closer to Shaggy, smiling softly at him while she ate, the girls and Miss Grimmwood settling in at the table, making small talk before finally breaking the news to her. “Congratulations, Shaggy, Winnie. I’m so happy for you both. Have you broken the news to your father, Winnie?” asked Miss Grimmwood.


Shaggy choked on a biscuit as Winnie smiled and shook her head. “No, not yet, Miss Grimmwood. I’ve only just found out a few days ago. Shaggy and I will tell him when we get back,” Winnie said, while Shaggy paled, terrified at the prospect of facing Papa Werewolf.


“Well, just be sure to take care of yourselves on your trip.” Miss Grimmwood said.


After finishing their breakfasts, they went upstairs, and Shaggy helped them all to carry their bags out to the Mystery Machine, loading them into the trunk before unlocking the van and helping the girls inside. After helping them inside he climbed into the driver’s seat and closed the door, starting the engine and plotting the course on the gps device. “Buckle up girls,” he said, fastening his seatbelt.


“Buckle what up?” Elsa asked, looking at him with a blank look.


“Yeah, I don’t understand either,” said Tanis.


“He means the straps beside your seat,” said Sibylla, pointing to the seatbelts. “What? My father taught me to drive one of his old racing vehicles,” she said sheepishly as the girls copied her, strapping themselves in. As he began driving down the road towards the highway Shaggy smiled to himself, wondering how he got so lucky.


The drive to Crystal cove took three and a half hours with fair weather and low traffic, during which time the girls talked, argued and occasionally napped. The weather was ideal for traveling and they made a great time. As he drove through the streets of Crystal Cove, he felt rather excited to be back home. Knowing that he would soon be reunited with the gang, especially Scooby Doo. Finally pulling into the driveway of his Uncle Albert’s manor, he looked up at the house.




He hadn’t been to his Uncle’s house, in the outskirts of Crystal Cove, since he was a boy and he had clearly forgotten how beautiful it was. The main living structure was two stories tall, with oak front double doors, palatial grounds and gardens, double wide windows, and two visible balconies on the second floor. The grass was somewhat overgrown but that could be mended. The long winding driveway led to an underground garage where Shaggy parked before turning the engine off and looking around to the girls as he took off his seatbelt. “Like we’re here,” he said, opening the glove compartment and pulling out the wooden chest with the enchanted hairclips inside. “Before we get out you should all put these on. They’re specially charmed hairclips given to me by Miss Grimmwood to disguise you while we are here. I’m sorry but most humans are unaware that ghouls even exist. They wouldn’t understand, and it could cause a lot of trouble for us if we are not careful,” he said.


The girls looked worried. Tanis turned to him and asked, “You’re not ashamed of us are you, Shaggy?”


Shaggy quickly shook his head, taken aback by the question, quickly replied, “Like, of course not. I love you all and I could never be ashamed of you girls. It’s just a safety precaution, and I promise it’s only temporary.”


The girls each took a hairclip and clipped them into their hair. Instantly they each began to transform before his eyes. Elsa transformed into a tall, somewhat muscular beauty with olive skin, raven hair with white highlights, d cup breasts, with vivid green eyes that glittered like emeralds. Winnie became a redhead with bright blue eyes, b cup breasts and a lithe, athletic figure with a slight tan. Phanty became a petite blonde with icy highlights, hazel eyes, flat chest, skin as white as snow and a dazzling smile. Sibylla became a statuesque beauty, dark skinned, long dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and c cup chest. Tanis became a tanned, lithe young brunette, with silky raven locks, blue eyes, a perfect smile and a button nose with a b cup chest.


They were ravishing. Shaggy stared, drooling with his mouth hanging open, a stupid and cheesy grin on his face. Winnie snapped her fingers, a smirk on her face, as she tried to get his attention. “Yoo-hoo, earth to Shaggy. Anyone home, Coach?” Shaggy blinked and shook his head, coming back to reality, a bulge tenting his trousers as he stuttered.


“Um, like yeah. Sorry, just a little surprised is all.” He said. Sibylla and Phanty giggled as Elsa, Tanis, and Winnie grinned, opening the side door of the van. “Shall we go inside?” asked Elsa?





In the next chapter, the group settles in, exploring their new temporary residence and Shaggy reunites with Mystery Inc gang.

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