Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter contributed by : Valaskia

Chapter 13: Reunions


As Shaggy and the girls left the garage and tentatively entered the house proper, they slowly got their first look inside the house. They were in a short hallway, the walls decorated with expensive paintings and tapestries. The walls were lined with a blood red wallpaper and the floor was covered in thick black carpeting. Not wanting to damage the carpet they quickly wiped their feet on the mat at the doorway before entering, the girls filing in behind Shaggy, having never been here before themselves. As Shaggy led them down the hall from memory they turned right and entered the Entrance hall.


A medium sized room with a large staircase opposite the front doors, two doors along the right side of the room leading to the Kitchen and formal dining room and a door nearer to the stairs leading down to what Shaggy remembered was his Uncle’s basement laboratory. To their direct left was a door that led to a downstairs conference room where the will reading would be held, tomorrow afternoon. As they stepped into the entrance hall there was a sudden heavy thumping sound as a robot came slowly into view, stopping before the group.


“Good afternoon, guests. I am Robey, the robot butler. You must be Nephew Shaggy and friends. I was told to expect you. Please make yourselves at home. Lunch will be ready shortly in the dining room.” Robey said in a jovial yet mechanical voice.


“Thank. Um, like, told by who?” Shaggy asked curiously.


“That’s not important,” Robey said with an electronic smile as he turned around. With that Robey disappeared into the kitchen leaving Shaggy and the girls alone to explore the manor.


“Come on, Shaggy. Let’s go explore,” the girls said, dragging him along, eager to explore the large manor. First, they wandered across the room towards the doors leading to the dining hall, where they went inside. The room was rectangular shaped, lined with hardwood floors, a long teak dining table already set with plates, cups, and silverware for lunch, the walls were lined with portraits of Shaggy’s ancestors and the room was lit by two large crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Shaggy, smelling food, tried to head for the kitchen but was dragged away by the girls who led him back out into the entrance hall, past the kitchen and downstairs to Uncle Albert’s basement laboratory.


As they ventured down the flight of stairs they got their first view of the laboratory, much like Elsa’s lab back at the finishing school. Elsa eagerly broke off from the group, taking the steps two at a time until she reached the bottom, leaving the others to rush to catch up as she moved around the room, examining the tables covered in Uncle Alberts notes, experiments and countless beakers and test tubes.


Along the far end of the room was a large control panel with a chair. On the wall above were several monitors. Some displaying rooms around the house and views of the grounds. It was clearly a high-tech computer and security control panel. Looking around Shaggy found a manual for the controls nearby but decided not to read it at that time.


Twenty minutes later, they managed to drag Elsa away from the laboratory and headed back upstairs to the entrance hall before ascending the flight of stairs to the second floor. The second floor was mostly bedrooms, separate gentlemen’s and lady’s parlor for entertaining, and a private office for Shaggy’s uncle. They soon headed back downstairs and decided to exit out onto the grounds. They went around to the back and found a large garden filled with fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables. To the left was a small medium sized building which contained an indoor heated pool for swimming and a large hot tub, much to Shaggy and the girls’ delight. After touring the grounds, they were eager to try the pool out, so they stripped down, diving into the water while Shaggy went over to the pool house phone and called up the gang.


While the girls were splashing and playing in the pool, Shaggy dialed the phone and waited. It rang a few times before Fred picked up. “Jones Residence, Fred Jones speaking.” Shaggy smiled, happy to hear his voice.


“Hey, Fred. It’s me. How are you all doing? Is Scooby Doo okay?” Shaggy sat in the chair by the phone, watching the girls swim as he spoke on the phone.


“Yeah, we’re all doing good. Daphne and I are living with my father, Mayor dad, while we save up money for a new place of our own. Her parents aren’t too thrilled that we got married. They still see me as an irresponsible, trap obsessed teenager. Anyway, when are you getting into town?” Fred asked.


Shaggy shook his head, smiling to himself. Some things never changed. Fred would always be obsessed with traps no matter how old he got. “Listen to Freddy. I got into town earlier today. The girls and I are at my Uncle Albert’s manor on the outskirts of town. Can you come over? We have a lot of catching up to do and I can’t really leave right now.” Shaggy said.


“Sure thing. I’ll call Velma and Daphne, Scooby and I will head over right away,” said Fred before hanging up the phone.


Shaggy hung the phone up and turned back to watch the girls swimming for a moment, hating to interrupt their fun, but knowing they would soon have company. “Like, um, girls listen up. We’re having company over soon, so you should finish up your swim and get showered while I bring in the luggage,” Shaggy said, getting up and heading towards the door. The girls grumbled but complied, moving reluctantly to climb out of the pool before heading towards the showers.


Meanwhile, Shaggy exited the pool house and headed into the garage, and unlocked the van, opening the door and beginning to unload their luggage. He began carrying the bags inside the pool house and setting them by the door, sitting and waiting for the girls to return. After their shower, the girls came out wrapped in fluffy white bathrobes and headed for their luggage, opening their bags and pulling out a fresh outfit to change into and then getting dressed in front of Shaggy, who once again took the opportunity to ogle their new appearances as they dressed.


Putting away their old clothes and picking up their bags, the girls followed Shaggy back to the house. As they were heading into the house, Robey walked up to them. “Lunch is served in the dining room, Nephew Shaggy and friends. Shall I put your bags in your rooms?”


Shaggy and the girls looked briefly at each other before handing Robey their bags, who took them and left, carrying them upstairs. The girls who were hungry from their swim, and Shaggy who was always hungry, headed for the dining room when the doorbell rang. “Like, I guess that’s the gang. I’ll get the door while you go ahead into the dining room,” Shaggy said walking to the door and opening it. “Hey, guys. Glad you found the place. Like, um, what’s with the costumes?”


Fred, Velma, Daphne, and Scooby Doo walked in dressed as monsters. “Like it’s part of Mayor Dad’s plan to make Crystal Cove the most haunted town in America. Something to do with improving tourism. He’s got half the town on board with him,” said Fred.


Shaggy nodded to himself and sighed. “Speaking of monsters. Do you remember when Scooby Doo, Scrappy and I got hired as gym teachers at a school that turned out to be for ghoul girls?”


At this the gang slowly nodded, Velma, making a face. “I still find that whole story hard to buy,” Velma said looking at him as she closed the door behind them.


“Ruh, it’s rue,” Scooby said.


“Whatever you say,” Velma said, clearly humoring them as Shaggy led the group into the dining hall where the girls were sitting at the table eating finger sandwiches and drinking tea.


They looked up when he entered, followed by the gang while Scooby immediately went for the food, scarfing it down as fast as he could, completely oblivious to the girls. Fred, Velma, and Daphne stopped where they stood, astounded. “Jinkies, are they the girls you told me about on the phone, Shaggy? They’re beautiful.” The group stood speechless, staring at the girls who stood, walking over and standing next to Shaggy, introducing themselves to the gang.


“Shaggy, are you seriously in a relationship with all these girls at the same time?” Velma asked, shocked and upset.


“Wow. Shaggy, you dog! Way to go,” said Fred suddenly grimacing as Daphne elbowed him in the ribs.


“Rog? Where?” Scooby Doo asked.


“Like, these are the girls from Miss Grimmwood’s Finishing School for Ghouls.” At this Shaggy turned to the girls and nodded. “It’s okay, girls. You can show them.”


With that, the girls removed the hair clips and reverted to their original ghoul forms. “Jinkies! Jeepers! Whoa! Rerro,” said Fred, Velma, Daphne, and Scooby Doo together.


“They’re Ghouls! Actual ghouls. You were telling the truth the whole time,” said Velma. Daphne and Fred looked stunned.


“Rold ya.” Said Scooby Doo.


“At least they’ll fit in around here,” said Fred.


“So, would you care to explain why you are dating five ghouls?” Velma asked.


“Well, um, technically we’re not, like dating so much as bonded. They’re um, like, essentially my wives,” Shaggy said.


“MARRIED!?!!!!” the gang exclaimed.


“Shaggy sighed and nodded. “Like when I returned to the Ghoul School, the girls were at a point in their lives where they start seeking mates. We had really grown close the last time I was there and when I returned well, like, all those old feelings came back, and one thing led to another and so, um yeah.”


The girls crowded around Shaggy, holding his hands, kissing his cheeks and agreeing. “We love Shaggy and he loves us,” Winnie said. “Plus…,” she added a furry hand resting on her stomach.


“Oh my god!” Daphne, Velma, and Fred exclaimed.


“Ruht?” Scooby asked.


“Um, so like yeah. Winnie is pregnant with my child,” Shaggy said.


Velma, Daphne, and Fred plopped into nearby chairs, stunned speechless. “Wow! This changes everything.” Said Fred.


“Jeepers,” said Daphne.


“Jinkies,” said Velma, looking down, slightly hurt. Velma had harbored a small crush on Shaggy since their past encounter.  The gang sat for the next two hours talking things over and slowly they came around. It was a shock that monsters really did exist and that for once they wouldn’t be chased by them but instead be friends with them. But the real blow had come with the knowledge that the group was well and truly altered. It was no longer just the five of them. Things were permanently altered.


After they finished lunch, Robey came and cleared the table and Shaggy and the girls gave the gang a tour of the manor, at the same time, each finding their rooms, before moving to the grounds and the pool house. The group decided to spend the evening swimming and just catching up and having fun together. Shaggy found out that Fred and Daphne were living with Fred’s father while they saved up for a home of their own and Velma was living in a small single bedroom studio. Shaggy himself wasn’t sure where he would be living during the summer when the school would be closed, and he would need a place for himself and his girls. After the swim they dried off, changed and headed to dinner before settling in the living room to watch The Haunted Mansion. The girls were amazed, having never seen a movie before. After the movie they settled in for the night, having decided to spend tomorrow morning exploring the town before the will reading, grateful for knowing that they wouldn’t need to be disguised so long as they played it safe.


While the girls got ready for bed, Shaggy showed Fred, Daphne, and Velma to the guestrooms. Daphne and Fred took a room to themselves; Velma had the room across the hall and Scooby wanted to sleep in Shaggy’s room. Shaggy was used to sleeping with all his girls together, and there wasn’t enough room for Scooby on the bed, but it had been such a long time since they had seen each other that the girls agreed to give them this last night together before things changed and it was no longer just the two of them together.


“Like this is our last night together, Scoob, old pal. Like, I’ve got five mates and a child on the way and now things are changing so fast that I’m not sure what is going to happen.” Shaggy said as they curled up under the covers in the master bedroom.


“Reah. I roh,” Scooby replied sadly.


“I know it’s a lot in such a short time, but you and I will always be best pals. Maybe you could come back with us to school.” Shaggy said.


Scooby smiled sadly and shook his head. “Ruh uh, I can’t. Shaggy, Nova and I are mated.” Shaggy, surprised, turned and looked at Scooby.


“Who the heck is Nova?” He asked startled.


“Nova is Mayor Jones’s dog. It’s serious between us.” Scooby said.


“Huh. Then where does that leave us?” Shaggy asked.


“We’ll always be friends and I’ll be here when you come back, Shaggy.” Scooby Doo said.


Settling in for the night, they each finished a shared bedtime snack and turned out the lights, each drifting off to sleep.




In the next chapter, exploring the town, the will reading and maybe even a few surprises.

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