Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 17: Preparations


Shaggy lay back in his bed, Velma resting against his chest, his arms around her middle as she slumbered in his arms. He carded his fingers through her auburn hair, his lips trailing kisses across her skin as she smiled in her sleep. Shaggy looked at the clock. It was approaching noon and his stomach rumbled, signaling it was time for lunch. Shaggy pressed the intercom button and waited, Robey, picking up a few seconds later. “Yes, Master Shaggy? What can I do for you?”


Shaggy felt his stomach rumble as he turned to speak into the intercom. “Hey, Robey. Like, um, do you think you could send lunch for Velma and I up to my room? We’re having a bit of a lay in today.”


There was a pause and then, “Certainly, Master Shaggy. I’ll send it up in the dumb waiter shortly and you can eat it at your leisure.” Robey replied.


Shaggy smiled, turning his attention to his mate, his left-hand drifting down, thumbs brushing over her nipples, gently pinching the soft nubs, causing them to stiffen as Velma stirred, her eyes opening slowly as she focused on him, a smile forming on her face. Velma turned in Shaggy’s arms, leaning in to kiss his lips, her hands reaching down to grasp his hard shaft, stroking it in her soft hands, making him moan, his cock twitching against her palm. She loved the feel of its immense size in her hand. His cock was now a lot bigger than she remembered, at least 12 inches and nearly as thick around as her wrist. Shaggy had changed a lot since going away.


He was thinner, sexier, his body chiseled, muscles well defined. He had even begun to dress better, and his sense of newfound confidence was especially exciting. She wondered idly if it had anything to do with his new mates. She also found herself idly wondering whether he would have changed with her had they wound up dating, all those years ago.


Velma moved down, softly kissing and licking Shaggy’s hard cock, the thick shaft twitching again as a small drop of precum dribbled down from the tip. Velma’s tongue swiped out, licking it up causing Shaggy to moan as her wet velvet tongue brushed against his sensitive tip, his hands tangling in her hair as his hips bucked upwards. Velma grinned, her mouth opening as she took the head of his hard cock in her mouth, her lips sealed tight around his tip, causing a pleasured moan to escape Shaggy’s lips as his nails raked gently across her scalp.


Velma’s head bobbed up and down on his hard shaft, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked him. Shaggy dimly wondered whether he had died, and this was heaven as he felt her tongue teasing his shaft, her soft hands cradling and teasing his balls as he thrust upwards, thrusting into her warm, wet mouth. Shaggy moaned louder, the cum building in his balls as his cock twitched in her mouth, spurting rope after rope of hot sticky cum in Velma’s mouth. Velma slowly pulled her mouth off his member, her lips still tight around his length before sitting back on her heels, her mouth open, proudly displaying her mouth full of Shaggy’s seed on her tongue before swallowing the load, a grin forming on her face as she curled up against his side.


There was a small humming sound from the dumb waiter and then a soft ding as the dumb waiter stopped, a small red light coming on over the top. Shaggy smiled, cupping Velma’s chin as his thumb brushed across her pink lips, her tongue poking out against his finger as she gently nipped it between her teeth causing him to smirk. “Hungry, my love?” he asked, looking at her.


“Starving, actually,” Velma said with a smile as her stomach rumbled quietly.


“Allow me to serve, my love,” Shaggy said, as he stood and walked over to the dumb waiter, coming back with a tray of finger sandwiches, a bowl of grapes, a pitcher of iced tea with lemon and two glasses. Shaggy sat the tray on the bed and picked up a finger sandwich, holding it out for Velma, who leaned in and took a bite, swallowing as Shaggy grinned. Shaggy’s stomach rumbled again, and he blushed, reaching down and picking up a sandwich, bringing it to his lips and taking a bite as Velma helped herself to some of the grapes.




After finishing their lunch, they dressed and headed back downstairs to the parlor where Tanis and Winnie were engrossed in watching a movie, Hotel Transylvania, and barely noticed them enter. They sat beside the pair. Winnie having finally noticed them turned towards them. “Looks like you two are getting on well again,” she said with a bark of laughter.


“Hehe, yeah. I suppose we are. Like, um, where is everyone else?” Shaggy asked.


“Phanty, Sibylla and Elsa are downstairs in the lab, where you said you would be and your friends and Scooby went to City Hall. The mayor called a while ago and said he had an important job for them.” Winnie supplied.


Shaggy nodded, thinking to himself. “Like, um, I was wondering, with all that is going on in our lives, my uncle’s disappearance, the events in the Barren Bog, our bond and Winnie getting pregnant, maybe we should consider taking a break from school and focus on getting things situated in our lives first. I mean, so much has been happening lately that I’m having a hard time focusing and I’m not sure I can just push aside the mystery and go back to teaching right now. My uncle is depending on me to find out what happened.” Winnie and Elsa looked at each other before turning to face Shaggy.


“We’ve all been thinking about this as well, and we all agree. With all that is taking place, we’ve decided to take a break ourselves. We wanted to discuss it with you first, but we’ve all spoken to our fathers about it and they have consented. We’ll call Miss Grimmwood and let her know we won’t be back for a while.” Winnie said, her left hand on Shaggy’s shoulder.


Tanis nodded, supporting her as she looked at Shaggy. “That’s right, Shaggy. We want to be with you and support you as our bond mate.”


Shaggy kissed them both, a happy and reassured smile on his face. “Like thanks, Winnie, Tanis. That really means a lot. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me in all this. I should go and thank the others as well.” Shaggy stood, followed by Velma as Winnie and Tanis turned back to their movie. The pair left and headed across the entrance hall towards the stairs leading to the lab, heading down to find the girls pouring over notes at one of the tables. Velma crossed the room and pulled a chair up, joining them and helping them to decipher some of the notes on Shaggy’s uncle’s experiments.


Shaggy followed and stopped beside the group, sitting across from them. “So, um have you found anything yet?” Shaggy asked, looking at them each in turn.


They looked up and nodded. “We’ve discovered that one of your uncle’s experiments, a radar system designed for locating and identifying objects buried in boggy terrain is missing,” Elsa said, looking at him, a curious expression on her face.


“We think whoever stole it is also behind your Uncle’s problems and is also responsible for whatever is going on in the Barren Bog. Someone is clearly searching for something out there, but we are not sure what that is. I think we are going to have to go and investigate Barren Bog for ourselves.” Elsa said, finishing her explanation.


Shaggy nodded, a shiver of fear running down his spine at the idea of doing something that could be dangerous. “Alright, ladies. Like, I’ll call Fred and Velma and have them meet us here and we’ll prepare for our journey right away. Later, we’ll all set out to begin the investigation into the Barren Bog.”


With that settled, Shaggy paused, looking at his bond mates. “Listen, girls. I wanted to thank you for agreeing to take a break from your schooling and helping me to solve the mystery behind my Uncle’s disappearance. It means a lot to me and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”


The girls smiled, crossing around to take turns hugging Shaggy and kissing his cheeks. “We’re happy to help you, Shaggy. We’re bond mates. We’re supposed to support each other. We love you, Shaggy.” They assured him. Shaggy smiled, and they embraced before straightening up the lab and heading back upstairs. Shaggy walked hand in hand with his mates, up to the stairs and into the manner, a slight tingle in his spine as though he were being watched…




They went to the phone in the entrance hall and Shaggy dialed up Fred’s mobile, waiting as it rang before Fred answered. “Hello, Shaggy. What’s happening?” Fred asked.


“Like we’ve discovered what experiment was stolen. A radar system designed for excavations in boggy terrain. We’ve decided that it’s time to head for the Barren Bog to begin our own investigation. Can you meet us here? Robey is packing supplies and tools for our journey. We’re ready to roll as soon as you get here.” Shaggy said.


“Certainly. We’ll be right over, Shaggy. See you in about twenty minutes. Bye.” Fred said and hung up.


Shaggy turned to face the girls and told them to go get ready. A short time later, Shaggy and his bond mates were all packed and loading their suitcases onto the RV as Fred and Daphne pulled into the driveway in the Mystery Machine. They got out and walked over towards Shaggy and the girls. “Alright, gang. All set?” Fred asked, looking around at everyone.


“Ready and set. Let’s roll, everyone.” Velma said, facing them all. With that Fred and Daphne got back in the Mystery Machine and Shaggy and the girls, including Velma, got into the RV and they pulled out of the driveway, the gates closing behind them as they headed off, on the road toward Miss Grimmwood’s and the Barren Bog.




In the next chapter, the trip to Miss Grimmwood’s and the start of the investigation into the mystery of the Barren Bog.

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