Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

BY : Argofirestone
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Disclaimer: I do not own Scooby Doo, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is my first fan fiction, so please be gentle... Will do as many chapters as I can, hope you all enjoy, I do not own Scooby Doo, or any of its characters, and I make no money out of writing this.

Chapter 1: The return.

Shaggy sighed as he looked over the road map, he was sat in the mystery machine by the roadside. "Like... I wonder if this was a good idea..." He hadn't changed at all since he last worked at 'Miss Grimwood's Finishing School For Girl's', he still looked exactly the same and even dressed the same, wearing his green V-neck shirt, brown bell-bottom pants, and black platforms.

It had been several years since he had been the PE teacher at the school, and most of the girls would be about 18, well, except for Tanis the little mummy, who might be about 16, he sighed as he remembered all the fun, and scares he had at the school, "Like, man, I wish Scooby was here with me."

The gang had split up a three months ago to have alittle break, with Fred and Daphne getting married and Velma becoming an author, that just left Scooby and Shaggy by themselves. After a month or so of looking for work, there was a knock on the back of the mystery machines back door, but when Shaggy opened it, there was no one there, except for a letter taped to the door.

It was an invitation to come back and work at the ghoul school, and, while the prospect scared the two cowards, it also made Shaggy think, "Like, Scoob old buddy old pal... We could really use the money you know?" But Scooby was having none of it, "Ro Ray!" After an hour of arguing, Shaggy gave in, "Like... I will go to the school, you can stay with the guys, that ok man?"

And so, after dropping Scooby off at Fred and Daphne's home, he set off towards his new job, alone and unsure if he was making the right choice. And so it was that Shaggy was sat in the mystery machine, smiling lightly as he finds the place he needs to go, and heads off towards the one place he never thought he would return to...

After two more hours of driving, Shaggy passed where Colonel Calloway's Military school had once stood, now it was nothing but a pile of aged rubble, confused by this Shaggy kept driving and soon he arrived outside the finishing school and got out of the van. He looked down into the moat that surronded the school and gulped, before glancing up at the raised drawbridge, the only way in and out of the school.

"Like, Hello? It's me... Shaggy Rogers..." Suddenly the drawbridge came crashing down, missing his feet by inches, "Like! Zoinks!" He jumped back, breathing hard as he tried to calm down, he then took a deep breath and walked towards the front door, which opened with a loud, creepy creek as he approached.
Inside was exactly how he remembered it, cobwebs and dust littered the furniture and tables in the hallway as he glanced around. "Hello? Is, like, anyone home?" Almost as if waiting for her moment, a short, flat nosed, middle aged woman with dark hair, wearing a pink dress and a red cloak with skull buttons and head band stepped out, "Good day Mister Rogers... It is good to see you looking so well and unchanged since our last..." Miss Grimwood looked around and put her hands on her hips, "I do not see your two companions with you Mister Rogers, is there something wrong with Mister Doo and little Scrappy?" She asked with concern in her voice, which was as kind sounding as he remembered.

Shaggy shook his head and smiled, "No no, like, Scooby is just staying with some friends and Scrappy..." He shuddered, "Well... Scrappy doe's his own thing nowadays..." Miss Grimwood nodded, accepting his words as she stepped forward and shook his hand vigorously, "Still, At least you have come to take up your old position, although, there is something I must warn you ab..."She was interrupted by a loud howl at the top of the stairs, followed by the sound of rushing feet. Shaggy only managed a "Zoinks!" As he was tackled to the ground by the furry shape, which, when he opened his eyes, he saw was none other then Winnie werewolf, daughter of Papa Werewolf, she had sure grown since he had last seen her, she was taller, her fur more smooth and her breasts were at least a D cup, and instead of wearing her old blue dress, she was in blue jeans, and a tight fitting tank top.

"Hey coach! You came back to us... It's been sooooo long..." She nuzzled up to him, hugging him tightly as her breasts pressed against his chest, "Um, Like... Hi Winnie, its good to see your doing ok, but can you, kinda, get off me?" Winnie looked up at him and gave a wolfish grin as she saw her old teacher blushing as he looked away.

After they both got to their feet another voice was heard in the room, "Really Winnie, control yourself with Shaggy... Just because we haven't met him for year's doesn't mean we can go batty..." Then a bat fluttered into the room from upstairs and transformed in a tall, beautiful young women, her skin a light purple shade, her long purple hair running down her back to her waist, she was much taller then Winnie but he chest was probably only a C cup, her red lips curled into a smile as she saw Shaggy looking her over, showing two long fangs, her green eyes on his. She was wearing a black dress with a slit on the right side, the front of which showed off her breasts just nicely.

"It is good to see you again Shaggy... You do remember me don't you? Because it is Fang-tastic to see you again..." Shaggy blinked and smiled, "Of course I, Like, remember you Sibella, how could I forget any of... Gah!" He let out a shout as a ghostly hand grabbed his ankle. making him jump up high, grabbing onto the chandelier that hung on the ceiling in the hallway, whimpering slightly.

The room was filled with a joyful and high-pitched laugh as the white hand that had grabbed Shaggy by his ankle rose out of the ground, followed by and arm and then the rest of Phantasma, the female ghost, who was wearing a long, white spring dress that went down to about her knee's, she still wore her cowboy boots and her hair was the same color, white with a streak of blue but was now in pigtails. She was about the same height and had the same breast size as Sibella, "Wow, Shaggy can really jump high... No wonder you were our Gym teacher!"

She giggled loudly again and floated up to the chandelier and kissing shaggy on the cheek, "Sorry, but I could not resist scaring you teach.." This caused Shaggy to blush and stroke his cheek with his left hand while his right hand rubbed the back of his head, a dumb grin on his face, "Well, like, I suppose its ok... Huh?"

With a loud shout he dropped, forgetting her was hanging onto the chandelier, but instead of hitting the ground, he landed in a pair of feminine yet strong arms, he blinked and looked up to see Elsa, the school's female Frankenstein, who was still her same old imposing self, tall, her black and white hair done up strait and her body still covered in stitches where she was sewn together.

Shaggy breathed a sigh of relief, "Like, thanks Elsa..." But before he could say anymore the giant girl crushed him into a strong, vice-like hug, giggling as her loud, booming voice spoke, "Its great to see you again Shaggy!" Her clothing was a green t-shirt, blue cargo pants and a pair of black boots, Shaggy was distracted though as she crushed his face into her DD cup breasts, making it hard for him to breath as his cheeks were now crimson.

The other girls quickly voiced their complaints as to what was happening, each wanting to have time to speak to Shaggy, who, through lack of air, slowly passed out...

Shaggy woke up with a start, holding his head as he looked around, he was in his bed within the room him and Scooby had used when they last taught there, "Like... What happened..." He was answered by a quiet, yet soft voice beside him, "The other girls got alittle rough with you Shaggy... We brought you up here after you passed out and I have been keeping an eye on you..."

Shaggy turned to see the girl next to him, smiling to himself warmly as he recognised her, leaning forward to hug her gently, which she returned happily, "Hey Tanis... How have you, like, been?" The girl mummy smiled back at him, she was still covered in bandages from head to toe, but where her bow had been years before, the bandages were twined down her back like a ponytail, and she was wearing a gold necklace with a scarab beetle on it around her neck, she pulled back out of the hug and nodded, "I have been fine Shaggy, but... We missed you, you were the best teacher we ever had and..." She looked away, thankful that her bandages hid her blushing, "We are glad to have you back..."

With that she surprised Shaggy by kissing his forehead and running to the door, before head out and downstair, leaving him in his bed blinking, "Oh boy... Why do I, like, get the feeling this is going to be a long year..."


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