Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 18: The Mystery Begins…


It was getting late. They had been on the road for an hour and a half and the weather had taken a turn for the worse. The storm outside, now raging fiercely, had come out of nowhere and the roads were becoming too dangerous to continue that night. Spotting a rest stop up ahead, Shaggy turned off the road and parked the RV before coming to a stop and turning the engine off. Next, to him, Fred parked the Mystery Machine and got out, going inside the nearby motel, The Good Boy Inn, to rent a room for the night. Shaggy stood from the driver’s seat, stretching and locked the RV door, securing it before stepping back behind the curtain into the RV proper.


His girls were settled around the living area, reading in Velma’s case, playing board games in the case of Tanis and Phanty or watching a television program, The Munsters, in the case of Elsa, Sibylla, and Winnie. They were laughing and joking, and he couldn’t help but smile as he stood in the doorway watching them. They looked up, seeing him and called for him to join them. He walked over and sat on the sofa, putting his arms around Sibylla and Winnie. They cuddled up against his sides and he smiled at them, kissing them each in turn as the episode of The Munsters ended. Shaggy’s stomach rumbled loudly, and he blushed. He hadn’t eaten since lunch and he was beginning to get hungry.


Standing he walked over to the kitchen area and turned the stove on before heading to the cabinets to fetch the ingredients needed to make his favorite Italian pasta dish. After putting the pasta onto boil he began slicing mushrooms. His girls watched him work, remarking how wonderful it was to have a husband who could cook. They giggled and went back to what they were doing while he finished cooking.


After dinner when they had all eaten and were quite full, Shaggy did the dishes up and they settled on the couch and floor, the girls cuddling around Shaggy as they watched a movie before bed. When the movie ended, they went upstairs to the 2nd floor of the RV, where the sleeping area was. Shaggy kicked off his shoes and stripped down then climbed into the large bed they had custom made for the RV. It was large enough to hold them all and he climbed into the middle of the bed, relaxing against the pillows while the girls changed into the new nightdresses they bought while shopping in Crystal Cove. After changing they all climbed into the bed, cuddling around Shaggy as he clapped his hands, the lights shutting off.


Shaggy stretched out, wrapping his arms around his girls, a yawn escaping his lips when suddenly a cold wet mouth closed around his cock and his eyes snapped open, a soft moan escaping his lips. Looking down, beneath the blankets he saw the ethereal glowing eyes of Phanty who stared up at him, her lips sealed tight around his cock, her head bobbing up and down on his thick shaft. Shaggy propped himself up on his elbows, watching her as his mates took turns kissing him, their hands roaming his body. Sibylla pushed Shaggy back against the pillows, hitching up her nightgown she straddled his face, moaning softly as his tongue swiped across her lips before pushing between them, his tongue teasing her clit as his hands caressed her thighs, his left hand moving slowly across her purple skin, his thumb teasing her clit while she rode his face, his tongue thrusting into her tight sheath, teasing, licking, tasting, driving her over the edge, her hips bucking against his face.


Beside them to their right, lips locked in a gentle kiss were Tanis and Winnie, hands exploring soft curves, eliciting sighs of pleasure. To the left, Elsa and Velma were nestled alongside Phanty. Velma’s face was buried in Phanty’s chest, her rear facing Shaggy, she kissed and nibbled the firm mounds, tongue teasing ethereal nipples to hard points while Elsa’s left hand was buried between Phanty’s thighs, green fingers pumping rapidly in and out of Phanty’s pussy while the ghost girl’s body shook, waves of pleasure coursing through her making her head spin as her orgasm hit her hard.


Shaggy’s cock twitched at the sight, begging for relief, he knelt behind Velma, his hands fondling her rear, his huge cock glistening with Phanty’s saliva, he pressed the tip against Velma’s pussy, rubbing the head across her lips, savoring the wetness and heat of her core. Shaggy guided his cock to her slick entrance and with one quick thrust, buried himself inside her to the hilt, as she stiffened, looking back over her shoulders at him, a grin on her face. Shaggy moaned, his hips rocking forward, thrusting deeply, his nails raking gently across her thighs, his head tilted back, moaning softly as he slapped her rear, eliciting an excited moan from her. Velma, as it turns out, liked being spanked during sex.


He ran his hands across her back and shoulders, his left-hand tugging gently but firmly on her hair, tilting her head back to look into her eyes, a moan escaping his mouth, his tongue raking across one of his sharp, elongated canines. His eyes half lidded, he thrust himself roughly into his young mate, his hips smacking against her upturned rear, his free hand drifted down beneath her, teasing her clit, making her gasp as she straightened, her back pressed against his chest as he gripped her hips, thrusting roughly into her warm, wet pussy.


Velma tilted her head to the side, kissing him deeply, her tongue probing his mouth, wrestling with his tongue as he took her hard. On either side of them, his girls were locked in intimate embraces, kissing and teasing, exploring and touching, bringing each other to orgasm before collapsing in each other’s arms on the soft bed. Velma gasped and moaned, her breath hitching in her throat as her body shook, her eyes rolling back, her mouth hanging open, drooling slightly as she came hard on Shaggy’s thrusting cock, driving him over the edge, he came, spilling his seed in her tight pussy.


They lay on the bed, nestled in each other’s arms and slowly drifted off to sleep. That night as they slept, they were awoken by a loud knock on the RV. Standing up, Shaggy dressed in a t-shirt and shorts and wandered downstairs, going to the RV door. Outside, Fred stood with Daphne. Nearby, police were loading a criminal in a costume into a squad car before pulling away. Shaggy opened the door and led the pair inside. “Like, um, what’s going on, guys?” Shaggy asked stretching.


“Another mystery solved. A criminal in a costume was posing as a ghost lady to run the owner of the inn out of business.” Fred said as Daphne sat down in a chair at the table.


“Wow, that’s incredible. Another mystery right here in the middle of nowhere. You two must have had a rough night of it.” Shaggy said walking to the kitchen and starting a pot of tea before setting out a plate of English muffins on the table along with a bottle of honey. Fred and Daphne helped themselves to the muffins while Shaggy filled three mugs with tea, placing them on the table. He sat at the table, spooning honey into his tea and raised the cup, taking a deep sip, and let out a contented sigh as Daphne and Fred sipped theirs. Shaggy looked up as footsteps sounded on the stairs, his mates coming down the stairs dressed in bathrobes and nightdresses, they gathered around Shaggy, their hands on his shoulders, they each kissed him before settling on the nearby sofa, yawning and stretching.


Velma walked over, dressed in an orange nightshirt and maroon shorts, pulling up a chair between Fred and Shaggy. “What’s everyone doing up at this hour?” She asked looking around at the other members of Mystery Inc.


“Like, Fred and Daphne were attacked by another fake monster up at the inn. Another mystery solved.” Shaggy replied, his hand resting on her thigh under the table.


“Jinkies. What happened?” She asked her face betraying nothing as Shaggy’s hand pushed underneath her nightgown, his fingers inching closer to her panties. A useful skill she was learning to develop. She felt her body heating, responding to his touch as she discreetly parted her legs, giving him better access.


“The younger brother of the Inn’s owner was trying to run the inn out of business. Turns out he was angry at being cut out of the inheritance and vowed revenge.” Daphne replied, sipping her tea as her head rested against Fred’s shoulder.


“It feels kind of weird going on an adventure without Scooby-Doo around,” Shaggy said with a sigh. Velma placed a hand on his shoulder, rubbing it comfortingly. Shaggy smiled, kissing her cheek, his left-hand tugging aside her panties to tease the moist pink lips of her slit.


Velma stifled a moan, disguising it as a quiet yawn. Fred and Daphne stood, glancing at the clock on the wall. “Jeepers, it’s late. Sorry, we woke you. We should all get back to bed before the morning comes. We’ve got a big mystery ahead of us,” Daphne said.


“It’s no trouble. We just wish we could have helped you capture the bad guy.” Shaggy replied. Fred and Daphne exited the RV and left, heading for the inn. Turning back to Velma, Shaggy grinned, raising his fingers, covered in her juices, to his lips, he licked them clean. Standing they, all headed back upstairs to the sleeping area, consumed with passion, Shaggy and his girls spent themselves in each other’s arms, before collapsing back on the bed, drifting off to sleep in a tangled mess of limbs and bodies.




Shaggy woke late the next morning, his girls cuddled up against him in the large bed. Turning to the clock, it read 9:54 am. Stretching, Shaggy wormed his way out of bed. Standing up he walked towards the bathing area, taking a quick shower and grooming himself before leaving and walking towards the wardrobe at the opposite side of the sleeping area, near the stairs. Shaggy dressed in a pair of silk boxers, jeans, and a black t-shirt. He then opened a drawer on the dresser, pulling out a skull pendant and slipping it on around his neck. He slipped into his socks and black leather boots before walking downstairs, heading towards the kitchen.


He turned on the stove and pulled a skillet out of the cabinet. Setting it on the burner he walked towards the fridge, taking out a carton of eggs. He added the eggs to the skillet along with a side of bacon before starting a pot of coffee as the first of his girls came down the stairs. Winnie crossed to the kitchen, dressed in a pair of denim jeans and tennis shoes and an ACDC t-shirt, she bounded into his arms, capturing his lips in a kiss. Shaggy held her, his arms wrapping around her shoulders as he hugged her against his chest. A small bump had begun to form on her stomach, making him smile softly.


Winnie grinned up at him, her sharp fangs protruding past her lips. Shaggy smiled, his fingers brushing against her fur. “Like breakfast is almost ready. Are you hungry?” He asked looking at her before turning back to the stove.


“Starving, Shaggy.” She replied, her stomach rumbling. Shaggy grinned and fixed her a plate, scooping out fried eggs, bacon and a side of toast before placing a mug of tea he had prepared specially for her on the table. Winnie dove in, eagerly wolfing down her breakfast as the other girls slowly made their way down the stairs, having woken and dressed quickly, smelling breakfast. They gathered around the table as Shaggy fixed plates for each of them before sitting down beside them at the table.


They ate together, talking animatedly about this and that. After their breakfast was finished and the dishes washed, they gathered around the tv, turning on the news and weather channel. “And according to reliable sources, strange weather is occurring over Barren Bog. We’ve received numerous reports from people claiming to have seen clouds and lightning appearing in the sky over the bog. Scientists are stumped as to the cause and why only the sky above the bog seems to be affected.” The news anchor reported.


Shaggy turned off the TV, he and his girls glancing at each other worriedly. “Like, I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” Shaggy said as a knock sounded on the doors. Fred and Daphne entered, dressed and ready.


“We came to see if you were ready to set out,” Fred said.


Shaggy and the girls nodded, looking at the pair. “Like we’re all set and ready when you are, Fred. Let’s roll.” Shaggy said and climbed behind the wheel. Fred and Daphne left, heading towards the Mystery Machine and they all set out for Barren Bog, Shaggy leading the way. They drove for another hour and a half before pulling into the drive of Miss Grimmwood’s finishing school. Excited to be back, the girls hurried out of the RV, while Shaggy and the other members of Mystery Inc. got out, walking around while the ghoul girls ran inside the school.


“So, this is the finishing school you and Scooby and… taught at, huh?” Fred said, looking around. Daphne and Velma looked at each other before nodding.


“Jeepers, it really does look like it would suit your girls perfectly,” Daphne said then blushed, before apologizing. “Sorry. I just meant that it…looks very nice.” She amended.


The girls returned followed by Matches and Miss Grimmwood. “Hello, Shaggy dear. Welcome back. Oh, and who are your friends, dear?” Miss Grimmwood asked, facing the group.


“Like these are my friends from back home. This is Fred, Daphne, and Velma.” He said, pointing to each.


“Oh, your mystery club friends. Well, welcome to my finishing school. I’m Miss Grimmwood and this is Matches.” She replied pointing to the small green dragon at her feet. Fred, Daphne, and Velma smiled, nodding politely.


“Hello. Nice to meet you, Miss Grimmwood.” They chorused.


“I imagine you’re all eager to get started on solving your little mystery. There have been so many strange events happening in the Barren Bog lately. The girls’ fathers have all entered the bog already to investigate but I’m afraid I haven’t seen any of them return yet. It’s rather worrying.” Miss Grimmwood replied as the girls came back outside.


“What do you mean our fathers haven’t come back yet? That’s terrible. We have to do something immediately. Let’s get started investigating this mystery at once.” The girls said, looking at each other as they gathered around Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne.


“You’re exactly right, and that’s just what we’re going to do,” Fred said leading them to the back of the Mystery Machine where he passed out torches and radios, instructing the girls on how to use them. “Alright, gang. People have been disappearing right and left. There is something seriously strange going on, so we need to stick together in there. If you do get separated, radio the others and we’ll come to find you.” Fred said, facing the group.


“Jeepers. Where do you think we should start investigating first in Barren Bog?” Daphne asked.


“Like there’s only one place that makes since to search,” Shaggy said, gulping nervously.


“The lair of Revolta.” Shaggy and the ghouls chorused together, clearly all thinking the same thing.


The group set out on the trail into the Barren Bog, pausing to glance nervously at the storm clouds hovering solely over the bog. Entering the bog, the group made their way carefully through the swampy terrain as a dense fog settled in around them, the glowing eyes of various creatures staring at them between the trees. After hiking through the bog for what seemed like forever, the group finally made it to Revolta’s hidden lair and carefully began to make their way inside. As they moved deeper into the lair, they heard oddly familiar voices, so they peered around a corner, frozen in shock at what they saw…



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