Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 15. The Surprise


Shaggy stood rooted to the spot, clutching the envelope in his fist, as the Mystery Inc gang took turns reading the letter before handing it back. Fred looked at Shaggy and spoke to the group. “Well, gang it looks like we have another mystery on our hands. Let’s start by searching for Albert’s room. Maybe we’ll find a clue.”


Fred, Daphne, and Velma headed up the basement stairs before going to the second floor and the master bedroom, Shaggy and the girls following behind. As they entered Shaggy’s uncle’s bedroom, they found the room had been recently cleaned by Robey, following Albert’s disappearance. “Jeepers, how are we supposed to find clues now? Everything is spotless.” Said Daphne.


“Well, at least Robey is good at his job. Still, since we’re here we might as well look around,” said Fred, crossing over to the dresser drawers and pulling them out, searching inside. “Looks like Uncle Albert packed in a hurry,” he said, closing the drawers. “Most of his clothes are still here.”


Velma crossed over to the closet and began searching inside, stepping back she held up a pair of muddy boots and a shovel. “Jinkies, look at this. Who keeps a muddy shovel in their closet?” Velma asked.


Winnie crossed the room, sniffing the air curiously. “That’s funny. The mud on the boots smells like the mud in Barren Bog. Maybe he was there recently digging.”


The group stopped, looking around at each other. “Like what could he have been digging for?” Shaggy asked aloud.


“Maybe we should investigate Barren Bog. There are way too many signs pointing to something suspicious happening there,” said Elsa.


Sibylla nodded, looking at the group. “I’ll call my father. He may want to hear about this.”


The other girls nodded and headed downstairs to the phone, each ringing their parent’s phones. “Hi, Daddy. How are you? I’m fang-tastic. Listen, daddy. There have been some strange occurrences in the Barren Bog. Maybe you and the other ghouls should investigate. We’ll all be back at Miss Grimmwood’s in a few days. Alright, love you too. Bye, Daddy.” Sibylla said, hanging up the phone. The other girls called their dads, warning them about the suspicious activities in the Barren Bog and asked them to investigate as well.


Shaggy and the rest of Mystery Inc headed downstairs to meet up with the girls in the parlor. “Our fathers have all agreed to investigate the Barren Bog,” Sibylla said as she wrapped her arms around Shaggy, kissing his cheek.


“Great. Then that gives us time to sort out everything here and decide what to do next.” Shaggy said brightly. With that they all sat, discussing what they knew so far.


“Right. What do we know so far?” Fred asked.


“Like, um, so we have a muddy shovel and boots in Uncle Albert’s closet. We know he has been blacking out and disappearing for hours at a time, with no memory of where he goes or what he does while he’s missing. We know the mud came from Barren Bog, and according to the paper there are strange occurrences there as of late.” Shaggy supplied.


“Shaggy’s uncle feared he was being watched and some of his experiments have gone missing,” Daphne added.


“Like, um, Uncle Albert has lots of experiments. Do we know which ones have gone missing?” Shaggy asked.


“Jinkies. That’s a good question, Shaggy. We’ll have to go through all his notes and records to find out which ones he was working on that have gone missing and what they were supposed to do. That could take time.” Velma said.


“Like, I’ve got an idea. Since this is all going to take time and a lot of effort, why don’t you all move into the manor? Fred and Daphne, you need your own place to live, and Velma, your studio is all the way across town. You could all take one of the spare bedrooms. And since the girls and I will be traveling back to Miss Grimmwood’s shortly, we won’t need the space. I can even set up an expense account for the maintenance of the estate. I’ll go to the bank and have the account set up to give you access. Speaking of which, I will also set up accounts for each of my mates,” Shaggy said.


The gang was speechless while the girls gathered around Shaggy, kissing and hugging him. “That’s so sweet of you, Shaggy,” they chorused.


“Like, think nothing of it. It’s, like, my duty to provide for my mates and any children we may have. I also want to buy a more convenient mode of transportation since we’ll all most likely be traveling together in the future. I’m afraid the Mystery Machine just isn’t big enough for us all, so I’ll leave it here for the gang to use in town.” Shaggy said.


Fred and Daphne looked at each other, whispering to themselves, before turning to face Shaggy. “That would be so awesome. We would love to live here, even if it’s only temporary. It’s been so hard, living with my dad. We have very little privacy.” Said Fred.


“Oh, thank you, Shaggy. This means so much to us.” Daphne said, wrapping Shaggy in a hug.


Velma looked hesitant at first, unsure of what to do before she quickly composed herself and nodded, plastering on a smile. “Yes. Thank you, Shaggy. It’s very kind. I’d love to take you up on your offer. Why don’t we leave you and the girls to get comfortable while we go and gather our things from our homes.”


Shaggy handed Velma and Daphne each a spare key to the manor and with that, the Mystery Inc gang left to gather their things from homes. “While they’re doing that we should go to the bank to set up the accounts for you all and the gang and also see about acquiring alternative transportation. We can also stock up on groceries for the house.” Shaggy said. With that, they all climbed into the Mystery Machine and set out for the bank.


While driving through town, the girls talked animatedly among themselves in the back, discussing the mystery so far. Meanwhile, Phanty floated through the seat and settled beside Shaggy in the front, grinning mischievously as she moved down to the floorboard, unzipping Shaggy’s trousers and fishing out his cock. Shaggy jumped slightly in surprise, the van swerving a bit, before he got it under control, settling for a slow, safe pace. “Like, Phanty, um wh... what are you doing?” Shaggy asked, moaning softly as Phanty stroked his cock, the shaft hardening in her cold hands, twitching slightly.


“Don’t worry, Shaggy. It’s just a little fun.” Phanty said, licking up and down his hard shaft while caressing his balls gently in her hand, before taking the tip into her mouth, licking and sucking softly. Shaggy pulled over to the side of the road, putting the van in park as Phanty’s head bobbed up and down on his hard length, her cold and wet mouth sucking hard, making him moan as his hands tangled in her hair, guiding her head up and down on his shaft, aching for release. It had been only a short while, but to Shaggy, it was far too long to go without the touch of his mates. Shaggy gasped, his body tense, hands holding Phanty’s head tight against him as he thrust roughly in and out of her mouth, his breath coming in short pants as he got closer to his orgasm, he moaned, hips bucking, her name on his lips as his cock swelled, flooding her mouth with his cum. Phanty swallowed and floated up to the seat beside him, giggling as the girls watched them from the backseat. “Wow. Um, like, not that I’m complaining but what brought that on?” Shaggy asked, recovering and doing up his pants.


“Oh, we’ve all missed being with you the last few days, Shaggy. With your friends so close by there was not much chance to be alone with you. I just managed to get to you first.” Phanty replied.


Shaggy smiled, pulling Phanty into his arms and kissed her, his hands playing with her rear through her skirt. “Well, we will have all the privacy we need soon, my loves,” Shaggy said, looking at all his girls. “I appreciate you all coming with me and getting to know my friends a bit.” He continued.


As they were talking a car pulled up behind them and honked. “Good old Sheriff Stone,” Shaggy said looking in the rearview window, sighing he let Phanty go and she moved back to her seat. Sheriff Stone walked up and knocked on the driver side window.


“Well, well. Mr. Rogers. Fancy seeing you back in Crystal Cove. This isn’t a parking spot, kid. Get moving. You’re blocking traffic.” He said, all business as usual.


“Like sorry, Sheriff. We’ll move along.” Shaggy replied.


Sheriff Stone walked away but stopped suddenly. “Sorry about your Uncle, Shaggy. The Sheriff’s department is investigating the circumstances of his disappearance as a top priority.”


Shaggy smiled. “Thanks, Sheriff. I have every confidence in you,” he said and started the van, driving away.


Shaggy pulled into the parking lot of Crystal Cove Savings & Loan and parked the van, before getting out and opening the side door for his mates, helping them out. Shaggy lead them all into the bank, holding the door for them as they passed, before walking up to a vacant teller. “Hi. How can I help you?” the teller asked.


“Yes, I’m Shaggy Rogers. Here to set up trust accounts for my ladies. I believe my Uncle Albert left everything in order.” Shaggy said politely.


The teller looked him over and nodded. “Just a moment, please. I’ll have your uncle’s account manager come and assist you.” With that, she picked up the phone and dialed. “Yes. Mr. Shaggleford’s nephew is here with regards to his accounts. Alright, I’ll escort him back.” The teller stepped out from behind the counter and escorted the group back and down a hallway lined with offices, before knocking on a door marked, Shaggleford Account Manager, Sheffield Sterling.


“Come in, please.” A voice called. The door opened and revealed a tall man with dark hair and wirerimmed spectacles, dressed in a crisp black suit and pinstriped tie. “Welcome, Mr. Rogers. I’m Sheffield Sterling. I knew your Uncle very well. He spoke highly of you. Please come and have a seat.” He said gesturing to a row of cushioned chairs and a nearby leather sofa.


Shaggy and the girls all took their seats. Tanis, Sibylla, and Phanty in the chairs beside Shaggy, while Elsa and Winnie took the sofa. “What can I do for you today, Mr. Rogers?” Mr. Sterling asked.


Nervous, Shaggy looked around at his girls who reassured him. Sibylla placed a reassuring hand on his arm, and he spoke up. “I’m here to set up trust accounts for each of my ladies here. And a household expense accounts for my friends, who will be moving into the manor while we investigate my uncle’s disappearance. Their names are Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, and Velma Dinkly.”


Mr. Sterling began typing into his computer, clicking with the mouse. “Your uncle has already created a household expense account for the manor. It supplies money for maintenance and supplies. The household staff also draw their salaries from the account. It currently holds $1,237,415.14. I have been instructed by your uncle to automatically transfer $2,000,000 into the account whenever it drops below $1,000,000. Here are some forms for you to sign to grant your friends access to the manor’s account. Would you like to transfer additional funds to the account or alter the reload amount while you are here?” He asked looking at Shaggy.


Shaggy thought to himself for a moment before nodding. “Yes, transfer an additional $2,000,000 to the account now and keep the reload amount the same for now. And what household staff would that be? We’ve been at the manor since yesterday morning and haven’t seen anyone but Robey, Uncle Albert’s robot butler.” Shaggy said as he signed the papers and passed them back.


“Your uncle employed a number of household staff; a groundskeeper/gardener, two maids, a pool boy, a cook, three security guards, a chauffeur, and a maintenance man. They were all temporarily laid off after your uncle disappeared. With your permission, I will call them and invite them to resume their duties starting tomorrow. I’m sure they are eager to return to work.” Mr. Sterling replied as he took the papers and filed them and transferred the funds to the household account before handing Shaggy three bank cards. “These will allow your friends to draw funds from the household account, Mr. Rogers.” Sterling continued.


Shaggy took the cards and placed them in his pocket. “Yes, please do. I’m sure they will be a big help. I’d also like to create trust accounts for my ladies here,” he said.


Mr. Sterling handed Shaggy another sheaf of forms before turning to his computer. Shaggy signed the documents and the girls signed their names as well before passing the documents back. “Very well, Mr. Rogers. The five additional trust accounts are created. Have you decided on a starting balance?” Mr. Sterling asked looking at them.


Shaggy turned to look at them all before nodding. “Yes, transfer $250,000 to each account. They are to be granted a monthly allowance of $3,000 dollars.” Shaggy said.


Mr. Sterling transferred the money into each account and passed five bank cards to Shaggy who handed one to each of the girls. “Everything is ready. Will there be anything else today, Mr. Rogers?” He asked.


Shaggy shook his head and smiled, standing as he helped his girls to their feet. “Not today, thank you.”


Mr. Sterling escorted them to the door and smiled at each as they left his office. “Then have a wonderful day, Mr. Rogers, ladies.”


Shaggy and the girls left the bank and walked back to the Mystery Machine, Shaggy opening the door and helping each to climb inside before getting into the van himself. He dialed Fred up on his cellphone and told him to meet them at the luxury car dealership in 45 minutes to drive the Mystery Machine back to the manor. Shaggy hung up and they set off towards the grocery store where they bought enough groceries and supplies to last for the next two weeks. After leaving the grocery store, they drove to the luxury vehicle dealership. They got out and began to look around while waiting for the salesman to finish with a customer.


They finally settled on a deluxe two-story luxury RV that would allow them all and the gang to travel comfortably in the future. The salesman came over and led Shaggy and the girls to his office where Shaggy paid the asking price with his new bank card. The salesman smiled when the purchase was complete, excited for the huge new commission and thanked them for their business. As they left the office, Shaggy saw Fred, Daphne, and Velma waiting for them by Fred’s car. He walked over to them and Shaggy gave Fred the keys to the Mystery Machine while Daphne and Velma got back in the car. They each drove off towards the manor while Shaggy and the girls climbed into the RV, following behind them at a comfortable pace, as Shaggy slowly got used to the new vehicle.


When they pulled into the manor drive, Shaggy turned the vehicle off and they all got out, heading inside the manor to find the gang in the kitchen unloading the groceries while Robey stored the additional household supplies in the utility room. When they were finished, Shaggy’s stomach rumbled. “Like, say why don’t we order a couple of pizzas and watch some movies in the parlor before bed, gang?”


“Sure. That sounds like a great idea, Shaggy,” Fred said as the group chorused their agreement.




Later that evening, when they were tired and stuffed from the pizza, they all headed upstairs to their rooms, getting ready for bed. Shaggy found a note taped to his door. He opened it and it read.


“Shaggy, it’s been too long since we’ve been alone together. Wait up for us with the lights off. We have a surprise for you so no peaking.”


Shaggy entered the bedroom and showered in his private bathroom before changing into his boxers and turning out the lights, walking across the now pitch-black room to his bed and climbing in, waiting eagerly for his mates to join him. A short time later, there was a knock on the door, and it opened. Laying in bed, Shaggy heard several pairs of feet shuffling on the floorboards as they came in and somebody climbed onto the bed beside him. He couldn’t see who it was, but they kissed him, their tongue pushing into his mouth, their hands pulling back the bedcovers and cuddling up against him, tugging his boxers down.


As his hands explored their body, teasing and caressing the soft warm skin, he noticed whoever it was, was naked. He moaned as they straddled his hips, guiding his hard cock to their wet slit, taking him inside them and began to ride him as he played with their breasts, pinching and tugging their rapidly hardening nipples. Shaggy moaned loudly, his hips thrusting upwards as they rode him hard, driving him wild. “Jinkies. I’ve missed this so much…”


Shaggy froze, quickly turning on the bedside lamp. There on top of him, her eyes shut as she rode him was Velma, her mouth hanging open slightly as she moaned…




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