Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 11: Unexpected news


"Running. Have to keep running," thought Shaggy.


He turned left, heading down a darkened hallway toward a long and narrow set of wooden steps. Shaggy ran as fast as he could, his breathing labored as he chanced a glance over his shoulder to see if he was still being followed. Sure enough, a short distance behind him and closing fast was a giant monster pizza, pepperoni for eyes and a gaping mouth filled with sharp fangs bared menacingly as the monster roared, "I am an evil pizza, the monster pizza laughed menacingly.


Next to him, Creeper the potato monster raced along on long green roots. "Zoinks! Like I sure wish the gang were here. Fred could set an awesome trap right about now." Shaggy took the stairs two at a time, gliding down as fast as he could but no matter how hard he tried, the bottom of the stairs remained as far away as when he began, and the pizza monster and Creeper was closing in fast. Suddenly, the hag Revolta appeared at the bottom of the steps, eyes glowing red, dirty green hair hanging around her shoulders, mouth open, fangs bared in a vicious snarl as the wooden stairs grew flat and slippery beneath his feet, sending a terrified Shaggy tumbling head over heels, onto the floor at Revolta's feet.


"No!" Shaggy cried, shooting up in his bed, wide awake and frantically looking around, sweating and breathing heavily. "Like a dream. It was just a dream," he said to himself as he wiped his brow, looking around his darkened room and reached over to the bedside table, turning on an old and dusty lamp, filling the room with a dim light. Outside, the rain came pouring down, occasional lightning filling the still semi-darkened sky, seen briefly, through the cracks in his still boarded up window. It was nearly morning, he realized with a start and already shaping up to be a rotten day. At his sides, movement caught his attention and he looked down to see Tanis curled up on his left side, beneath the blankets, dozing quietly as she fumbled in her sleep, wrapped in her bandages and wearing a pink nightgown. At the foot of the bed was Winnie, dressed in one of his old t-shirts that came down to her hips and not much else, her fur sleek and smooth, biting her bottom lip as she gazed up at him. To his right was Sibylla, stretched out against the soft mattress, looking up at him worriedly, having been awoken when he sat up. She was dressed in a blood-red, see-through nightgown and a pair of red silk panties, the bat pendant around her neck.


"Shaggy, that was some bat dream you were having. Are you alright?" Sibylla whispered, sitting up and wrapping him in her arms.


Nearby in Scooby's old bed, Elsa lay under the blanket, looking up at him. Elsa wore a long black nightshirt and had her long black and white hair pulled back behind her shoulders while Phanty, who was floating above the bed, wore a ghostly pale blue nightshirt, her ethereal skin almost glowing in the dim light. The girls had taken to sleeping in his room at night since he officially became their mate, nearly two weeks ago.


As his heart rate returned to normal, Shaggy looked around and smiled, nodding as he took Sibylla's hands in his, pulling her close and kissing her cheek. "Like yeah. It’s just that I've been having nightmares a lot since Scooby and I split. I, like, really miss him. He's my best pal," Shaggy said softly.


"Why didn't he come with you, Coach," Elsa asked, standing and walking over to the bed, standing beside him.


"Like Scooby was scared to come back here after all the close calls the last time," Shaggy said.


At this, Tanis slowly sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes with her bandaged hands, before yawning and looking sleepily at Shaggy, having been awoken by the sound of their voices. "What's going on?" She asked, crawling into Shaggy's lap and cuddling up against his muscled chest.


Winnie and Sibylla smiled, Sibylla patting Shaggy's shoulder reassuringly, as she spoke. "Nothing to worry about. Coach just had a bad dream is all. At least its morning now, and hopefully this will be a fang-tastic day." Sibylla purred.


Shaggy smiled and held Tanis in his lap as his girls gathered round, each taking it in turns to kiss him good morning. Phanty, floating above he leaned down and kissed his forehead before disappearing through the wall to her room, Winnie moved to where Tanis had been sleeping and kissed his cheek, her fur brushing against his bare skin, making him shiver as she pressed her large breasts against his broad shoulders before climbing out of bed and head walking slowly towards the door, shaking her hips, her naked rear on display as she left the room. Sibylla, not one to be outdone by the wolf leaned in and kissed Shaggy deeply, full on the mouth before transforming into a bat and flying out the open doorway, disappearing down the hallway towards her room. Elsa kissed Shaggy's other cheek and walked calmly from the room, heading towards her bedroom, leaving only little Tanis in Shaggy's lap. Tanis looked up, blushing and softly kissed Shaggy's lips before climbing out of his lap and leaving Shaggy alone in his room to shower and get dressed before making his bed and heading down to breakfast.


After making his bed, Shaggy laid out a long-sleeved black turtleneck, brown cargo pants, boxer briefs, white socks and a pair of black tennis shoes, before slipping out of his boxers and climbing into the shower. The water came out nice and hot, the old boiler now working better than it ever had since Shaggy had fixed it. As he showered, he thought back to the wager that Winnie and Sibylla had made and shook his head, remembering the argument that erupted between the two when Sibylla claimed victory. Winnie had insisted she only won because she cheated. In the end, to make peace, all three worked together to clean the moat.


After finishing his shower, Shaggy dried off, combed his hair and brushed his teeth before dressing and heading down to breakfast, where Miss Grimmwood had set out a breakfast of rotten eggs, burnt toast, crab apples, and toadstool tea. Shaggy sat at the table and smiled at Miss Grimmwood and the girls settled around the table, eating breakfast. Shaggy managed to down some burnt toast, a crab apple and a cup of tea. He was slowly beginning to adjust to the weird cooking of Miss Grimmwood. As they all sat around the table eating, Shaggy discreetly slipped his plate of rotten eggs down to Matches who eagerly gobbled them up.


While they were eating and talking about their plans for the day, being Saturday there were no classes, the floating hand that assisted Miss Grimmwood came into the room carrying a stack of letters and stopped, floating next to Miss Grimmwood who took them and looked up, jovially. "Oh, look at that. Mail call, everyone," She said sorting and passing out letters to the girls, before dropping an official-looking envelope in front of Shaggy.


Shaggy took the letter and opened it, pulling out the letter and unfolded it. As he read his face changed from a look of curiosity to one of shock and grief. "Like oh no," He said, setting down the letter and wiping a tear from his eyes.


"What is it, Coach? What's wrong?" asked Phanty floating through the table in front of him, as the other girls crowded around, Miss Grimmwood looking over at him from her seat across the table.


"Like it's a letter from my Uncle Albert's solicitor. My uncle disappeared under very mysterious circumstances and nobody knows what happened. Uncle Albert was a brilliant inventor and he left me something in his will. I'm supposed to go to his manor for the will reading.” Shaggy gulped and looked around at his mates who were taking turns reading through the letter.


"It says the will reading is in two days,” Winnie said looking up. The girls each comforted him, offering condolences on the disappearance of his Uncle.


"Where is your Uncle Albert's manor located, Coach?" asked Elsa trying to lighten the mood a bit.


"Like um, it's in a town called Crystal Cove. The most haunted place on earth. It's where I grew up,” Shaggy answered.


"Haunted? As in ghouls and monsters, like us?" asked Phanty.


"Um, like usually they just turn out to be humans in costumes and not real monsters, but I will get to see the gang again. Scooby doo, Velma, Fred and Daphne are all back in Crystal cove where Fred's dad is the Mayor. He's been training Fred to like be the next Mayor." Shaggy said sighing wistfully.


Sibylla smiled, showing off her two long fangs. "Sounds fang-tastic, Coach. When are we leaving?"


Shaggy gulped, looking around at the faces of his girls, wondering how in the world he would explain them all to his friends. "Like, um, if it's okay with Miss Grimmwood, we will leave tomorrow," He said, still nervous and wringing his hands under the table. "Like, I sure hope Scooby Doo won't be too upset about all this," Shaggy thought to himself.


"Certainly, Shaggy. The girls are your family now and they are all more than welcome to travel with you so long as you take care of them. However, to keep from drawing attention to them, you'll need to come up to my office for some special charms which will help the girls to blend in more easily," said Miss Grimmwood.


Having finished their breakfasts, the girls went to their rooms to pack their trunks for the trip, while Shaggy and the floating hand cleared the table and did the dishes. Having finished, Shaggy went outside to the Mystery Machine, silently grateful that the storm had passed, although it was still cloudy. He opened the back of the Mystery Machine and straightened it up, making sure there was room for the girls and their trunks before closing the van doors and heading inside, to speak with Miss Grimmwood. As he climbed the stairs and knocked on the door to Miss Grimmwood's office, Shaggy wondered again to himself at the changes his life had taken. "Come in, Shaggy," Miss Grimmwood said as the door swung open to admit him.


As Shaggy walked inside, he looked around at the office. It was a a well-lit room, with a double window looking out onto the Barren Bog, two metal filing cabinets, some wicker chairs with motheaten upholstery, and a small, battered oak desk behind which sat Miss Grimmwood. In the corner, beside the desk, in a small bed, lay Matches, sound asleep with smoke coming from his nostrils.


"Have a seat, Shaggy. I have the charms you will need right here," Said Miss Grimmwood, opening a drawer in her desk and pulling a small wooden chest, placing it on top of her desk. Opening the box, she revealed five small hair clips. "These will help the girls appear human while outside the school," said Miss Grimmwood.


"Like thanks, Miss Grimmwood. I'm sure the girls will love them," Shaggy said, reaching for the box only for Miss Grimmwood to slide it back, away from him.


"Not so fast, Shaggy. There are some things you should know. First is that the charms are temporary. They only have enough power to work for five days before they will fail. I'm sure I don't need to remind you of how important it is that the wider world remains unaware of the existence of real monsters or that the safety of the girls is imperative," said Miss Grimmwood.


Shaggy nodded and looked Miss Grimmwood squarely in the eyes as he spoke, looking serious and determined for once. "Not to worry, Miss Grimmwood. Like, I love the girls and I will never let any harm come to any of them," he said.


"Excellent, Shaggy. I don't need to remind you that their fathers will not forgive you if anything happens to them," said Miss Grimmwood passing him the wooden chest. Gulping, Shaggy nodded and took the box, striding from the room and heading to his room to begin packing for the trip.




Okay, so no lemons this chapter. Don't worry, more will come. In the next chapter, Shaggy and the girls set out on their journey to crystal cove.



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