Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Disclaimer: I do not own Scooby Doo, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Scooby doo nor do I make any money from this story.


A little note. This chapter is where I take over. I’m not sure how long I intend to make this story and it certainly won’t be confined to just the one Scooby movie but will have elements from other Scooby Doo movies and Scooby Doo cartoons series as well to keep it interesting. The first nine chapters were the work of the original author and I will try to keep to his original story, but I’ll also be trying to cut back on some of the Adult themes a bit. If that bothers you, don’t read.



Chapter 10

Chapter 10. Responsibilities.


Shaggy wrapped Tanis in his arms, his lips pressed against hers in a gentle kiss that slowly grew passionate. As their kiss grew frenzied, Shaggy backed up slowly against the wall, Tanis still pressed tight against him and slid slowly down to the floor, before settling Tanis in his lap as they briefly broke apart to catch their breath. Tanis looked up at him, just her mouth and eyes visible through her bandages, grateful that Shaggy couldn’t see the blush on her cheeks as she rested her head on his strong chest, her head nuzzled just below his chin.


“I’m sorry you had such a bad day, Shaggy. I promise to make it better if you’ll let me,” she said looking slowly up at him. Tanis was slowly becoming surer of herself around Shaggy with the encouragement of the other girls. She climbed out of Shaggy’s lap and unfastened his jeans, unzipping them slowly before reaching inside with a bandaged hand, fishing out his erect cock and stroking it slowly, up and down, giggling as he quickly hardened in her bandaged hand. Tanis leaned down and softly swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock, slowly licking across the tip, making Shaggy shiver a little in pleasure as her tongue worked up and down the length of his shaft, teasing and licking the dark purple veins, his precum slowly oozing out of the tip and down the shaft onto Tanis’s tongue. Tanis licked up the drops of precum before slowly taking him, a few inches at a time, into her mouth, which caused Shaggy to grip her bandaged head in his hands, as his breath caught in his throat, his eyes shut tight, loud moans escaping his throat as Tanis swallowed as much of his shaft as she could take, her bandaged hand gently cupping his balls.


“Oh, like wow, Tanis, where did you learn this?” Shaggy gasped, his body stiff, his breathing slowly becoming heavy in his throat. Tanis didn’t answer right away, her head bouncing up and down in Shaggy’s lap, her tongue swirling around his large shaft, the width of his shaft causing her mouth to stretch to its limit as she swallowed as much of him as she could. She had five inches of him in her mouth while her bandaged hand slowly jacked up and down his shaft, slick with her drool as Shaggy stiffened, further if that were possible, his cock swelling in her mouth, his thick seed shooting down her throat as she struggled to swallow, still some dribbled down her chin, staining her bandages as she looked up at Shaggy, a small grin on her face as she scooped his remaining seed off her chin and into her mouth with a bandaged finger, blushing shyly as she swallowed.


“I wanted to please you as the older girls do, so I asked them to teach me,” she admitted, looking nervously up at Shaggy as she said this.


Shaggy smiled as he slowly regained his composure, pulling Tanis into his arms and cuddling her against his strong muscled chest, his right hand reaching up to caress her cheek through the bandages. “Oh Tanis, you are a good student, it seems,” Shaggy said with a grin as he cuddled her in his arms. “Like, that was amazing, but like what if someone notices you are gone and they come looking for you,” Shaggy said, nervous at the idea of facing her mummy father’s wrath if he were to catch them in such an intimate embrace.


Tanis giggled and took his hands in hers, smiling up at him. “I told them I was going to look for you. Our fathers are eager to talk to you about your intentions and your prospects,” Tanis said, making a face as she nuzzled his strong chest, causing Shaggy to gulp in fear. Tanis looked up at him and smiled.


“Don’t worry, Shaggy. I won’t let them hurt you. Besides, we’ll all be there together.” With that, Tanis stood and helped a nervous Shaggy to his feet, leading him downstairs to the parlor where everyone was waiting, Shaggy looking longingly at the front door, while Tanis led him along, not allowing him any chance to make a run for it.


As they walked into the parlor, Shaggy saw that the girls and their fathers were settled on couches and chairs, talking quietly. They looked up at him as he and Tanis entered. Sibylla’s father, Count Dracula was the first to speak, pointing to a chair in the center of the room. “Sit,” he said, brooking no room for argument, all business.


Shaggy gulped, looking around at the girls, silently pleading for help, but they just smiled and watched serenely, leaving Shaggy no choice but to obey. He sat in the chair, facing the girls’ fathers, wishing for all the world that he could be anywhere else. Papa Werewolf was the next to speak, looking at Shaggy appraisingly as he did. “First, I’d like to say I was far from pleased when I learned my little Winnie had mated with a human,” he said, the other fathers all nodding silently. “But after talking to my daughter I have come to realize how much she cares for you and I want my baby to be happy. That said, I am worried about her future.” Again, more nods from the other fathers. “So, tell me Shaggy, how do you intend to provide for my Winnie and any future cubs the two of you might have,” he said, looking directly at Shaggy, while Winnie blushed crimson.


Shaggy gulped, sweating profusely and stuttered, looking at the girls’ fathers. “I, well, you see, I have spent the last few years, since high school traveling the world, solving mysteries and catching criminals with my friends. I…it is an unconventional living I’ll admit, but the reward money is considerable, and I have enough set aside to like, ya know, um provide for the girls while also working for a living. Like, I promise the girls will be well taken care of. At this, the fathers gathered around each other and spoke quietly amongst themselves, while the girls moved and stood beside Shaggy, patting his shoulders reassuringly, taking it in turns to hold his hands and softly kiss his cheeks. The fathers, having finished their talk, turned back to face Shaggy and the girls, having reached a decision.


“We are all far from pleased with this arrangement, but we are willing to accept you as our daughters’ mate. That said, if you should ever hurt them, in any way, we will most definitely hurt you.” Papa Werewolf finished.


Shaggy gulped and nodded in fear, as he looked at the fathers, shying away from Count Dracula’s angry glare as the girls crowded around their fathers, hugging them and smiling happily. With that, the evening went on pleasantly enough, with the girls spending time with their fathers, having missed them while they were away at school. Shaggy did his best to blend into the background, while occasionally speaking with everyone when approached. At the end of the evening, the parents left and Miss Grimmwood called them all in to help with the cleanup, after the party. As they worked, Shaggy, finding himself more at ease, was able to work quickly, helping Tanis and Miss Grimmwood clear away the decorations as Winnie and Sibylla cleared away the food and did the dishes, Elsa and Phanty putting the furniture back the way it was.


After the work was finished, Miss Grimmwood sent the girls off to bed and pulled Shaggy aside, sitting down at the table in the kitchen to speak with him. “You’re officially the girls’ mate, but I still expect you to maintain a professional attitude during school days, Shaggy,” she said, looking at him seriously for a moment. “That said, I won’t prevent you from displaying your affection for the girls so long as you don’t neglect your duties to the school.” With that said she left and headed up to bed, leaving Shaggy sat at the table alone.


Shaggy took a deep breath and exhaled, “Like what a day. At least it’s finally over,” he thought to himself before standing and heading up to bed himself.




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