Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter contributed by : Valaskia

Chapter 19: The Mystery Continues…


Looking around the corner the group saw the elder ghouls, standing in a trance while before them, Revolta paced, staring into a spying glass as she clutched a large clawed wand in her hand. “At last I have it, the Goblin scepter is mine. Now nothing can stop me from taking over the Monster World.” She cackled, a dark pulsing aura emitting from the wand in her hand.


The gang gasped, moving back behind the wall and facing each other. “It’s really her. Revolta. And she has our fathers.” Winnie said, her furry ears drooping.


“We have to make a plan to save them. But what can we do?” Elsa asked, shoulders slumping as she faced the group.


“Everyone gather round, I have a plan,” Fred said. The group gathered together, leaning in close as Fred shared his idea. “And you girls will distract your fathers while Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and I go for Revolta. If we can get the goblin scepter away from her, we may be able to destroy it and free your fathers. Then we’ll take this creepy witch down for good.”


At Fred’s cue, the girls ran into the cave, startling Revolta. “Not so fast you evil old hag. We’ve come to rescue our fathers and stop you for good.” Elsa yelled leading the group forward.


“You little brats can’t defeat me this time. I’ll crush you and force you to serve me, just like your parents.” Revolta cackled. “Get them!” She roared, and the elder ghouls sprang into action, each charging forwards to face off against his own daughter. While the girl ghouls charged in, fighting their fathers, Velma and Fred quietly crept around the rear wall of the cave and up along staircase leading to a balcony overlooking the floor below. Fred and Velma took a net that Fred had brought with him from the mystery machine, sneaking slowly in behind Revolta.


As planned, Shaggy and Daphne surprised Revolta, distracting her while Fred and Velma moved into position. The plan was to lure Revolta under the balcony where Fred and Velma would drop the net on her then Shaggy and Daphne would wrestle the scepter away from her before destroying it to free the elder ghouls from the spell she had them under. But as usual, the plan went somewhat awry. Racing towards her, and dodging the pairs of fighting ghouls, fangs and claws swiping and snapping every which way, danger prone Daphne tripped over a root in the floor of the cave, and let out a startled cry. Turning Revolta spotted them and raised the wand, aiming carefully she cast spell after spell that raced through the air. Daphne ducked and weaved, but the last spell hit her and before Shaggy’s eyes she began to transform, body morphing into a huge black werewolf.


Standing on two legs, Werewolf Daphne howled then dropped to all fours, eyes glowing a dark purple as she charged toward Shaggy, who backed away, ducking as she lunged at him. He raced forward attempting to wrench the scepter from Revolta’s hands, but he was too slow, and Werewolf Daphne came charging. Shaggy got an idea and so as he dodged a spell from Revolta, he ducked and dove to the left just as Werewolf Daphne jumped through the air, crashing into Revolta, the pair collapsed and fell to the ground in a heap, the scepter rolling a few feet away.


Seeing his chance, Shaggy raced forward, reaching for the scepter. At the same time, both he and Revolta laid hands on the scepter, each tugging on it trying to claim it. Beside them, clutching her head and groaning, Werewolf Daphne writhed on the ground. With two people holding it at the same time, each fighting over it, the scepter didn’t know who to obey. Overhead, Fred and Velma cast the net down onto the struggling pair before jumping down from the ledge. Velma helped Shaggy escape the net and together they pinned Revolta down as Fred wrenched the scepter from her grasp. Fred raised the scepter high over head and swung it down hard on the stone floor, shattering the glowing orb at the top.


“No! You fool. You’ve destroyed it. My one hope to rule the monster world is gone.” Revolta cried, slumping to the ground as the elder ghouls broke free of their trance and stopped, slowly coming to their senses, they froze and rushed to pull their daughters into an embrace, before checking them over for injury. Gathering around, the gang helped Daphne, who had returned to human form, to her feet while the ghouls apprehended Revolta, binding her tight with a conjured chain.


“That twisted hag, she surprised us while we wondered lost in the bog and bewitched us with the scepter.” Count Dracula said, facing the group as he hugged his daughter to his chest.


“Aye, we had no choice but to do her bidding. We’re so sorry we attacked you, girls.” Papa Werewolf said, looking over Winnie before pausing, catching sight of her stomach. He froze, casting a glare at Shaggy before turning to face his daughter. “I can see that we have a lot to talk about, but let’s wait until we get back to school.”


“Wait a moment. There’s one thing I still don’t understand. If you’re all here, where is my Uncle Albert? Wasn’t Revolta behind his strange behavior?” Shaggy asked scratching the back of his head.


The group paused, looking at each other before turning to face Revolta. “Well? What do you have to say?”


Defeated, Revolta stood between Frankenstein Senior and Mummy Daddy, shoulders slumped and bound tight with glowing chains that suppressed her monster powers. “Aye, I was indeed behind his strange behavior. I needed his experimental radar system to search the bog for the hidden chest the goblin scepter was buried in. At the time, only he knew how to use it, so I bewitched him and brought him here. I used some local humans who wandered into the bog to help with the digging after your uncle managed to escape. I searched for him, intending to use him for my revenge, but when I finally found the spot where he had been hiding, the place had been ransacked and your Uncle was long gone. Someone else had gotten to him first.” She finished.


“Zoinks. So, my Uncle is still missing? But then where is he now and who has him?” Shaggy asked aloud, fear and worry building inside him. The ghoul girls and Velma gathered around Shaggy, taking it in turns to comfort him as the group made their way slowly out of the bog, towards the school. As they walked, they noticed the dense fog outside was now gone and the trek to the school was much easier and quicker now that they could see where they were walking. Reaching the school, the storm clouds over the bog were gone too and Shaggy, Fred, and the girls headed inside to the parlor while the elder ghouls left, escorting Revolta back to the courts in the monster world to face her punishment.


Shaggy and his mates settled around the parlor while Miss Grimmwood gave Velma, Daphne, and Fred a tour of the school. Worried, his alpha instincts kicking in, he examined each of his mates for injury before settling, his girls gathering around him, nuzzling against him. After a thorough tour, the rest of Mystery Inc, led by Miss Grimmwood settled in the parlor. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll make some tea and fudge.” Miss Grimmwood said, to the girl's delight while Shaggy paled and whispered to the others, warning them about Miss Grimmwood’s cooking.


“Like, um, just a heads up. The food here is far from edible. Fit only for ghouls.” He warned them, paling as his mates turned, glaring at him.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” They asked together.


“Like, um, well that is…I just meant that it might not be quite what they’re used too.” Shaggy said, stammering nervously.


The girls giggled, poking fun at Shaggy. “We’re just teasing. We know that humans have different expectations of food than ghouls.” Tanis laughed, hugging Shaggy. Shaggy sagged back against the sofa, cuddling Tanis in his lap, with Sibylla and Winnie on either side of him as the elder ghouls returned, walking into the parlor. Papa Werewolf frowned, looking at his daughter in Shaggy’s arms. He was less than thrilled with the knowledge that his daughter was with child, but he resigned himself to the fact. Stepping into the parlor, surrounded by the other dads, Papa Werewolf cleared his throat, drawing the eyes of everyone in the room.


“We just wanted to say that while we’re less than thrilled at our daughter's choosing you for a mate, we are very grateful to you for saving us and stopping Revolta. You have our eternal gratitude. Winnie, can I talk to you in the hall for a moment?” He said, looking to his daughter.  


Winnie nodded, following her father into the hall as the other girls caught up with their fathers. Papa Werewolf turned to face Winnie, a rare smile on his face. “Winnie, you’re my little girl and I love you more than anything in the world. When you were born, I held you and told you that I would always be proud of you and encourage you in all that you did, despite my own feelings. Now you’re all grown up and expecting a cub of your own. I guess what I’m trying to say is this…He’s a loser. Here is three hundred dollars. The second you come to your senses, leave the little coward and take the first train home.” With that, Papa Werewolf handed Winnie a small wad of bills and ushered her back into the parlor before she could protest.


Surrounded by his mates, extended family and friends with the knowledge that they were all safe and happy, Shaggy felt somewhat relieved, but he couldn’t help wondering what had happened to his Uncle. Where was he? Had he been abducted from his hiding spot, and if so…who took him?




Author’s Note. Stay tuned for the upcoming sequel, “Shaggy’s Ghoulish Adventures.”

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