Shaggy Returns To Ghoul School

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Chapter 3: A howl in the night.

Shaggy shot up in his bed, panting heavily, as he looked around franticly, before finally calming down alittle, "Like... Whew... It was all a dream, I didn't fuck Sibella and I am not back as a werewolf... What a relief..." He then looked at his right hand as he rubbed his forehead. It was covered in thick brown fur, "Zoinks!" He howled at the top of his voice, before clamping his hands down over his own mouth.

"Like... What am I going to do, if this really happened, then Sibella..." He groaned in a quiet voice through his hands as he noticed something on his bedside table, it was two letter's, both addressed to Shaggy. Confused her opened the first one, which was from Sibella, it explained how she had loved their night together, but was shocked and angry that her father's curse was still active, and that she was on her way to sort something out to fix all this.

Shaggy smiled slightly, but with more teeth and fangs then her wanted thanks to the curse, "Like... I hope everything will be ok..." He then opened the next one and his heart sank. It was from Miss Grimwood, who explained in the letter that she forgot to inform him that the girls are at the age when they seek a mate, so he was to be careful. Also, as a p.s. she warned him that should he deflower or somehow get one of the girl's pregnant, he would have to deal with their father... Shaggy dropped the note and put his furry face in his equally furry hands, "Like... I really screwed up this time... What do I do... Scooby Doo, I wish you were here..."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, causing Shaggy to look up with a bit of hope in his eyes, "Sibella?" But the person who opened the door was Miss Grimwood, who smiled at him, and noticed the two notes, "I see you read my note... And that other one from Sibella... I insist you continue lessons for today to make up for yesterday, but try to be careful about Winnie... She will be on you like a rat in my soup when she see's you like that..." She cackled happily and went to close the door but stopped, "Sibella is a nice girl... I hope you don't hurt her Shaggy... Or her father will hurt you..." And with that she went off.

Shaggy got up slowly and went to the bathroom, getting a shower to wash away the sweat and the scent of him and Sibella, which he was now able to smell easily, "Like... What have I done..." He sighed as he leaned against the shower wall, thinking, "Like, I could make an honest women of her... Well, honest Ghoul of her... But what would I tell the guys?! Or Scooby?!" He groaned as he turned off the shower and stepped out, his fur dripping wet as he shook himself dry like a dog, before grabbing a towel and drying the rest of himself off, before walking over to his suitcase on the floor.

"Hmm I don't remember, like, bringing this upstairs?" He opened it and put a blue t-shirt on and some black jeans, but noticed his shoe's wouldn't fit over his hairy feet, "Well... Seems like I am going barefoot..." He then walked downstairs, where he passed Matches at the foot of the stairs, who looked up at the werewolf Shaggy with confusion, but purred slightly as Shaggy knelt down and stroked his head, "Wish me luck..."
Shaggy was stood by the moat of the School, the girls, all there except for Sibella, gazed at him in shock, before glaring at Winnie, who was drooling slightly as she looked her teacher over, but then looked slightly worried as she noticed the glares of the other girls, "I didn't do anything! Honest..." But Shaggy walked over and smiled to them all, "Like... It wasn't Winnie, Count Dracula put this curse on me ages ago so he could have me race in his monster drag race..." The girls nodded, but stilled watched Winnie, who looked up at Shaggy with a strange glint in her eye.

"Like, ok class, Today we are going to try some swimming... So, once around the moat for warm ups, then we will get to work on some other exercises..." And with that the girls began to strip off... "Whoa! Like, what are you all doing?!" He gulped as he watched them all, not nude, except for Tanis, who had taken off only her necklace. Elsa blinked and looked at him, "Well, we don't have swimsuits, and we don't want to get our clothes wet... But... We don't mind if it's just you watching us Teach..." Her and the other girls all blushed as they watched him, not hiding anything as they all wait for a response. Shaggy gulps as he feels his rod growing hard, before nodding, his eyes gazing over the girls as they all jumped into the moat, before beginning to swim around the school, giving Shaggy some time to sit down and sigh, trying to calm down, "Like... I must have the sex drive of a wolf as well... I should not be looking at them like that..." He was forced from his thoughts as two furry hands were placed over his eyes, "Guess who coach?"

Shaggy bit his lip, remembering Miss Grimwood's warning this morning, before saying, "Winnie?" She chuckled and moved her hands before moving to sit infront of him, he legs spread apart lewdly, her furry body on show for him. Her nipples, not hard from the cold water of the moat, were a light pink color, which poked through her brown fur, the same color could be seen between her legs as her pussy was put on show. "See anything ya like coach?" She asked with a sly grin, which took Shaggy back abit, "Um, like... It's not lady like to act like..."

She was in his lap in a flash, her lips pressed against his, a hand on his crotch and her eyes on his... She slowly pulled out of the kiss and kept stroking his growing pole through his pants, "Mmm well this isn't gentlemanlike, getting hard from your student... Or having sex with a certain bat..." Her last words were alittle bitter as she squeezed his shaft through his pants, her eyes on his, "If she can have you coach... So can I... I am not letting you go with HER without a fight!" And with that she walked over to her clothes and slipped them back on, not looking at him again as she then headed back inside the school.

Shaggy sat perfectly still on the grass, his small mind trying to process what had just happened to him, "Winnie... Want's to do it too?!" He howled as he felt trapped between a rock and a hard place, but before he could think anymore the other girls climbed out of the moat. Phanty looked around and put a finger on her chin, "Where did little miss wolfy go? She sped ahead of us like a hound possessed!" She giggled loudly, but then she noticed his damp clothes were she had hugged him and raised an eyebrow, smiling cheekily, "Oh... That's why..." The other girls nodded in agreement before slipping their own clothes back on, leaving Shaggy still in a daze on the grass...
After getting the remaining girls to run around the swamp with him for an hour, he had them doing stretches before telling them to go have the rest of the day off, much to the girls delight. Shaggy watched them go as a thought came to him, "What if they are all like Sabella and Winnie and want to..." He shook his head, removing the thoughts from his head, "Like... I can't think like this... Remember Shaggy, they all have big, mean monster's for father's..."

He made his way inside and went to the kitchen, searching for something to eat, but all he found was rotten food or some of the horrible cooking attempts of Miss Grimwood. In the end he just sat at the table and sighed, his stomach growling loudly as he whimpers. Suddenly a pizza box was dropped infront of him on the table, making his eyes go wide and his mouth drool, before ripping off the bow lid and chomping down the pizza in a matter of seconds.

He groans happily and sits back, licking his lips as he pats his stomach, "Enjoy the meal Coach?" Said a lusty voice beside him, to which Shaggy nodded, "Yeah, like, thanks, I needed that." He then turned and saw Winnie standing there, dressed in a school girls outfit, complete with plaid skirt, white shirt and a tie, he also noticed she was wearing some cotton white panties as she sat down on the table beside him, hiking up the skirt alittle, "How about some dessert..."

Shaggy was lost for words, but a strange feeling came over his as he looked over the young werewolf girl and felt an animal like need fill him, a need to mate... In a split second he was on her, kissing her lips roughly, his tongue invading her mouth as she groaned with him, her tongue fighting his for control but losing as her eyes rolled back slightly, her teacher's hands moving over her body, his left hand under her skirt and inside her panties, rubbing her moist lower lips as his right hand moved under her shirt, groping her left breast roughly, her nipple between his fingers as he teased it.

She howled out as he slipped two furry fingers into her opening, fingering her roughly as he kissed and licked down her neck, his hand now moving from her breast to unbutton her shirt, his mind lost of all restraint, just the need to fuck her. Which she did not even try to stop him from doing and she threw her shirt aside and squeezed her breasts together, licking her lips as her eye's met with her teacher's, "Enough foreplay Coach, make me your mate..." She said lustfully, biting her lower lip as he pulled his fingers out of her now dripping snatch and licked them clean, smiling at her as he reached under her skirt and tugged her panties down around her knee's slowly.

The scent of her need and arousal hit his now heightened sense of smell like a brink, making him drunk with lust as he undid his pants, dropping them around his ankles as he stroked his cock, which seemed slightly bigger in this form, but Winnie didn't seem to mind, infact, she moaned as she spread her legs and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips, showing him her pink, wet insides, "Mmm come on coach... Teach a wolf a new trick..." He didn't need to be told twice as he moved closer, but he still held some restraint as he slowly slide his cock head into her tight, wet pussy.

Winnie flinched and whimpered as he slowly shoved his cock deeper and deeper, soon popping her cherry, her blood trickling down his shaft and onto the table as she shook, trying to last through the pain, but Shaggy stopped as soon as he had deflowered her, holding her close and stroking her back softly, hugging her against his chest softly, "Like... Calm down... We will go when your ready..." Winnie blushed under her fur as tears ran down her cheeks, "Co... Coach... Do I... Feel better then Sibella?"

She looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, to which he smiled gently, "Like... Your you, and Sibella is her, your all that is important at the moment..." He then softly began to thrust in and out of her, making his cock head poke against her cervix, making her shudder as her grunts of pain, soon turned to moans of lust as the pain turned to pleasure, his cock stretching her innerwalls wide to fit his size into her, "Coach... Shaggy... I... I think I... Um..." She blushed as she grinded down on his shaft, her hands wrapped around him as she lightly clawed his back with each thrust, sending shocks of pleasure through her body, her juices flowing out of her pussy like a stream, coating his cock and fur, along with her fur, with the sweet smelling love juices.

He growled as she tightened around his cock, leaning down to run his canine like tongue over her tits and nipples, teasing her roughly as he groaned, "Mmm Winnie... I... Like, better pull out, I might get you pregnant in this form if I..." He was answered when she wrapped her legs around his waist roughly, stopping him from pulling out, "N... No... Your cumming in me... " She shuddered as she let out a loud howl as she came to her peak, her pussy gushing her orgasm over his shaft and fur as she squirted over his crotch, whimpered and shaking as her eyes were half closed, her tongue hanging out.

He responded in kind as he roughly humped into her soaking pussy harder, making the table under them shake and creak as he suddenly howls with her as he cums inside her, his seed flooding into her womb, making her belly bulge slightly from the sheer amount of cum deep inside her hungry core, before splurting out around his cock onto the stone floor, making a small puddle. As they both held each other close, panting and riding out their orgasms...

After a few moments, they began kissing each other gently and then pulled apart, Winnie quickly tugging her panties up to stop his cum from dripping out of her as she pulled her clothes on, her legs shaking heavily. Shaggy pulled his pants up and gulped as his senses returned, "Um... You won't, like, get pregnant will you Winnie? I don't think I could deal with your dad..." But in reply, Winnie merely smirked and stuck her tongue out at him, before rushing off, leaving Shaggy to clean up...

After he finished her sat back at the table with his head in his hands, "Like... Great, now I am probably stuck like this, and on top of that, Winnie..." He suddenly felt something fly down his throat, making him cough and splutter, but soon swallowed the item, which, to his surprise, caused his fur to slowly disappear, until he was plain old Shaggy Rogers again. He smiled happily and looked up to the doorway and saw Sibella stood there, but instead of a smile, she was frowning, "I see Winnie sunk her fangs into you... But I will not lose to that... That hairball!"
She then turned into a bat and flew off, leaving shaggy on his own, worrying, knowing this can only get worse... He was so worried he didn't notice a pair of ghostly eyes watching him from the ceiling, before slowly fading away with a light giggle...

((Another chapter down, hope to be able to keep this up, with a chapter a day, but I should be able to, so stay tuned :P ))

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