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Click Click Click-

Manicured fingernails clacking against the table.


-faster, faster-


Fast as lighting, resonating throughout the room.

Azula clenched her teeth, curled her toes (which had already begun to ache within the confines of pinchy shoes), and click-click-clicked those pretty fingernails as though her very life depended on it. She was nervous, she could admit that - to herself. Never to anyone other than herself.

Inhaling sharply, she resolved to take a deep, calming breath- spirits, it hurt to breathe! The water-wench had laced her up so tightly that it fucking hurt to br-

Spirits be damned! That had been her idea...

Tighter! I need my waist to be small... small enough for Daddy to put his hands around it..! I don't care if it hurts! Just lace me up tighter and make it so, water-wench! - The Phoenix Queen's exact words (yes, her very own words) not one hour ago.

Sighing (with some difficulty) in frustration, Azula moved to scratch an itch just above her lip-

Make-up! You'll ruin it!

Her subconscious (thankfully) scolded and so, The Phoenix Queen stopped herself. She had to perfect. She just had to be! ...Once more, it hurt to sigh.

The first Azula would hear of her father and husband-to-be was the tail end of a conversation, the sound of his laughter, the door creaking as it swung open and he made his way into his (soon their) suite. "Ah, Azula!" Ozai greeted. He sounded happy to see her indeed.

"Father" she replied, respectful as ever. Her smoldering, golden gaze danced alight with all of the fervor and excitement befitting of any bride-to-be whilst in the presence of her intended.

"I heard you took that water savage as your servant today" he said out of nowhere, pouring both himself and Azula a glass of a clear liquid that definitely wasn't water. “It's been troubling me" another chuckle. "Whatever possessed you to do such a thing?" he asked perfectly innocently, having clearly been drinking beforehand.

So, Father was a bit drunk... So what? She didn't care. Really, she didn't! In fact, this little indulgence proved somewhat cathartic- more often than not. Intoxicated, The Phoenix King was all the more likely to speak his mind, throw his inhibitions to the wind. Perhaps, the great Phoenix Queen ought to do the same. It was a happy time, after all. There was no reason as to why she could not indulge as well...

Azula took the glass of... rice wine..? Presumably - and downed it. Then came that awful burning sensation in her throat, that sickly warmth flooding her chest - she nearly choked. Regretting that decision almost immediately, she mentally chastised herself for such carelessness, for acting on impulse. Whatever it was, it was strong and she had not eaten yet.

"Truthfully...," she began, hurriedly scrambling with her words in order to answer Father's question. "I wanted the water-wench to suffer. Greatly. There could be no worse punishment or torture imaginable than to personally serve me, her enemy, until the end of her miserable days."

Ozai laughed at that. "Ah! You truly are my daughter! It's not enough to conquer these savages and burn their lands, we have to break them as well. They need to learn that they're mine!" he accentuated his small speech with a fist crashing down onto the table. "You set an example to us all by taking up such a miserable wench for yourself, truly." He raised a glass, downing it fully, sparing a passing thought toward those living under the impression that they weren't his to control, as the girl surely was - having been corrupted by Zuko's pathetic ramblings. Zuko the undoer.

The Phoenix King let his eyes rest upon Azula. Her new servant had done well indeed, making her presentable. Any man would be a fool to overlook her. But still, there was something lacking. He missed the look from before, from the day of his return. There was something about the ragged hair that Zuko had plagued upon her that made her all the more desirable, stirring something primal within the Phoenix King. Indeed, seeing each uneven end spread out among the sheets as-

He shook his head. That could wait. "I spoke to the Fire Sages" he began again, barely playing with his food. "The miserable old fools disapproved of our marriage, of course. But they could not refuse. In three days! We are to marry for all to see. You will take my hand before the whole nation, and it will be known to everybody that this is a new era, our era!"

He was pleased, so very pleased with her, and she wanted more. She needed more, always more. Anything, anything at all that Ozai gave, his daughter would take... so long as it made him happy, made him proud. At times, admittedly, Azula was not sure what the difference was between the two (Was Ozai happy, truly? ...or was he merely proud?) and if there was a difference really-

None of that mattered! Nor did it matter if anyone else was not happy.

"Fire Sages," the Phoenix Queen huffed, dismissively. "Let them skulk about under cover of darkness like frightened little meadow voles, let them whisper. What can they do to us? What can anyone do to us?"

"The world is ours... and I'm yours. In three days time, everyone shall live with it - or everyone shall die," she then declared.

"Yes, indeed" Ozai agreed slowly, smiling deeply. and I'm yours. No other words could bring him greater pleasure.

"Speaking of such things, there is the matter of my brother. Surely, you've heard of his latest treachery in Ba Sing Se, the city of your pride?"

"Ah, yes, of course. Dear old Uncle Fatso, the ever-persistent thorn in my side," Azula grumbled, chopsticks absentmindedly toying with a bit of komodo-chicken.

His royal tea loving kookiness had insulted her for the last time!

Deceptively sweet, moreso than spun sugar, she begun to test the waters- "Daddy?"

Ozai heard that sweet little word and his ears immediately perked up, before he descended into a simple smile. A little girl's query so innocent, yet Ozai had been expecting it. "Not this time, my daughter. It is your duty to stay right here, to build me a dynasty with which to solidify our rule upon this world, forever. The old fool expects us to go and chase after him, him and his friend from the city you named after me, that wretched old King... what's his name..." the Phoenix King trailed off, refreshing himself with yet another drink. "No matter! I won't risk you, my Queen, to play a madman's games of tea and wooden tiles!" he exclaimed.

"No." His more natural smirk returned. Iroh must feel pain just like his nephew. All those fuckers must.. "We'll teach the traitor Iroh of his failures one by one. He'll watch his pride, the city that you took, fall before him and be burned to ashes. He'll witness the failure of his so-called son in chains, he'll witness you, my strong Queen - while his own spawn is long dead as well as mine, the equally pathetic replacement he professes to love. His demise will not be one of honor, he doesn't deserve it."

Stay home. He had just told her to stay home and- No! Do not be ridiculous! Father knew what was best for her, did he not? He wanted to keep her safe... she was to be his queen, after all. Just what, in Agni's name, had she been thinking?!

Daddy wants you to stay home, spread your legs, and make babies. That's what you were thinking ...And you were right! That's all you're good for now! Whore.

That stupid, stupid, stupid voice in her head knows nothing! Nothing at all!

I'm not a whore. I'm a queen- The Phoenix Queen!

Her- their children shall be fierce as the dragons and twice as powerful - the most powerful firebenders ever seen! It will be her highest honor to bear such children, create a dynasty that will last one thousand years-

No! ...an eternity!

Any child borne of the Phoenix King and his daughter- his Phoenix Queen would have the entire world, along with all of its pathetic inhabitants at his (or her) feet before taking its first step! Nay, its first breath!

"Yes, Father," Azula agreed, contentedly dreaming of the future... of beautiful, black-haired sons and daughters with golden eyes. Having (nearly) forgotten all about Iroh, she quickly added "You're absolutely right, he doesn't deserve it."

"And my place...," she continued, her voice a smooth, husky purr as she leaned toward her father, knowing fully well that she would say exactly what he wanted to hear "...is here, with you. Any way you like... underneath you, on top of you... any way you want."

It pleased him, it pleased him greatly when she spoke this way. Why then, did she feel-

Like a whore? Because you are one. And you're not a real queen - not yet! You're lucky he's chosen to bother himself with formalities, let alone your damned fairytale wedding! He has you every night regardless.

"You know, Azula," the Phoenix King began, setting his glass down unfinished. "I've decided that dinner isn't all that interesting."

"Mm, I quite agree..." Azula replied, all of the honeyed words he likes pouring from her red lips, which were now contorted into a positively devious smirk. She went in for the kill, finishing with "Daddy."

There was a clatter of tableware as the Phoenix King stumbled up from his seat, almost tripping on an adjacent chair to circumnavigate the table surrounding them, their previous conversation mostly forgotten in the flurry of alcohol and arousal. "My, you have outdone yourself tonight" he muttered, stumbling as he grabbed his daughter's slender waist, almost crashing right into her, exhaling a puff of air that reeked of opium - their noses practically touching despite the height difference.

"Now let's see what you've hidden under there for your daddy" he managed, as he tried to swing them both towards the other room, his footwork barely keeping him standing as it was.

Victory was sweet. Never, in all of her (fourteen... and a half!) years had Azula thought she could produce such a powerful (and immediate, to boot!) effect on a man. There was something singularly glorious about the thrill of it all. So what if any stupid boys wanted to kiss Ty Lee, but not her- the Phoenix King wanted to kiss- no! He wanted to devour her. And the feeling was quite mutual. Despite the stench of rice wine and opium smoke that lingered on his breath... despite his apparent intoxication, his clumsiness...

Despite it all, Azula took her father's hand, sliding it up underneath her skirts and whispered "Would you like to find out?"

"Don't tease me, girl!" the Phoenix King barked, slapping her face red and smearing the make-up - having been led on too much to be held back by needless romanticism. Ozai was too old to be spoonfed by his own daughter. "I'll find out everything I need, when you're beneath me, begging for more." And suddenly, a newfound determination allowed Azula's daddy to give her a decisive pull towards the bedroom, stumble or no stumble, and then a push onto the silken sheets themselves.

"Don't think I'm not onto you, my little girl." the Phoenix King began, using a hand to swipe his raven locks - already running free from the brief struggle to the room - out of his eyes. "You don't want to be a pathetic failure like your mother, who's only accomplishment in this world was creating you." Ozai pulled off his mantle and leaned into the bedframe, his golden eyes taking another look at his now disheveled daughter. "You may be my Queen, but you are also my daughter, little girl, and you will be whatever I want you to be!" he exclaimed, with a rip reducing his outfit to only a basic set of trousers, the expensive fabric burning with his raging inner fire, fueled by lust and absolute power, leaving only ember-touched scraps behind.

The Phoenix Queen- no, no, she did not feel very queenly at all-

Phoenix Queen! Regardless of how she felt at the moment, she was the fucking Phoenix Queen!

And so the Phoenix Queen panted "Yes, Daddy," with desperation. Daddy wasn't happy. She had to make him happy, she just had to! "Whatever you want."

"I'm yours... I'm yours... your little girl, your little...," she whimpered, ignoring the sting from where he had struck her, that awful pit deep down in her stomach. She knew what she was- "...slut."

"I'm your little slut," Azula repeated, clinging to her father, breath hot and heavy in his ear.

She knew it to be true, cursing that all-too-familiar tingle in between her thighs as practiced hands tore her bodice open-

"That's right. Tell me again... what are you?"

"I'm your slut, Daddy."

If she said the right things, Ozai would give her what she wanted. He would satisfy the tingling sensation that had become an ache. He always did.

"Yes. You're mine, all mine. Now, my little slut... what do you want? What do you need? Tell your daddy."

This is fucking humiliating.

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