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Warning for non-graphic rape.

The perfection of his daughter may have been conventionally ruined (for the moment), but the Phoenix King's satisfaction had only grown as he looked down upon her. Azula was well and truly his - she had begged for him from her position on the ground, the blood and sweat gleaming with morning sunlight. Even though she had struggled, she knew who she belonged to in the end. She had always known that she was his.

Ozai ran a finger from ear to cheek, spreading blood crimson in its path. She had been damaged, hurt satisfying her husband like the good girl she was, and now she needed him. She always needed him to pick her up when nobody else would.

"Azula" he spoke softly, practically shushing into her ear as he cradled her uncovered body in his arms, golden eyes locking. "You've been a good girl. Now let's go clean you up"

You've been a good girl.

As always, Ozai's praises made anything and everything worth it...

good girl

good girl

good girl

Azula smiled, warmth radiating throughout her body- there was only warmth... dulling all other sensations, numbing the pain. Father was pleased and so nothing hurt, not anymore.

The Phoenix Queen became vaguely aware of fabric shifting against her skin and a change in her surroundings as she was (quite literally) swept off her feet, then carried away.

"You! Girl! Draw us a bath" Ozai barked as he re-entered the home, careful to ensure that the girl in his arms didn't strike anything as he walked through doorframes and hallways. At least having the waterbending bitch around was good for something. Though the way she looked at him...

The Phoenix King shook his head. If Azula had said the water bitch had been dealt with, then it had been dealt with.

"Now" he began slowly, setting her down on a plush couch. "Daddy didn't hit you too hard, did he?" he asked coolly, inspecting his daughter slowly and methodically.

She managed a weak nod in response. "N-no," she then clarified, although her voice was barely a whisper. Comforted, Azula eased into her husband's touch and began to relax. Husband or no, Ozai was her father and she was his child - his favorite child, his little girl. He would never allow any real harm to come to her...

It didn't hurt. Not really. Even when it did, it felt good - sex always felt good, Ozai saw to that regardless - and Daddy made sure his little girl was alright (once he was satisfied, of course).

"Did I m-make you happy?" the Phoenix Queen asked, in need of reassurance. Nothing else mattered... so long as Daddy was happy.

"Of course. As you always do" Ozai said slowly, tracing a line on his daughter's face. It wasn't a lie: Azula had never failed her Father: ever. She may have been less than absolutely exceptional on occasion, but that was hardly reason for any real reprimand. It was why the Phoenix King desired her so much, Azula wasn't just a smart tactician, a powerful warrior, or a beautiful woman, she was a weapon. People make mistakes, they half-ass things that are demanded of them. Weapons do not, they carry out the will of who wields them. Weapons do not have intent, they don't ever disobey their owner. Weapons either perform their function, or break.

And the Phoenix Queen never broke. Though she definitely needed support. Even weapons require maintenance. Swords need to be sharpened, ironclads require mending and careful calibration. Azula requires Ozai.

"Now let's go get yourself cleaned up. It simply isn't befitting of a queen to walk around is such disarray, especially in a place so public as a market"

And with that, the Phoenix Queen knew she'd made her king very happy. Not that there had been any doubt in her mind-


Very well, she'd had her doubts, she conceded. That didn't matter. She made Daddy happy - always. He'd told her so himself! Azula felt desired- she was desired, by Phoenix King Ozai no less, he who held the world in the palm of his hand! That made her powerful... very, very powerful. Withal, she felt wanted and needed- loved. She felt loved as Father swept her up in his strong arms once more and carried her off... as she nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck and breathed in his scent.

Indeed she was loved, the water bitch and that look of hers changed nothing. Briefly, the Phoenix Queen considered telling the other girl to shut up ...although thankfully the realization that it made no sense whatsoever soon followed and so, she resisted the urge. As Azula divested herself of Ozai's shirt (which fell silently to the floor) however, she made certain to stare the waterbender straight in the eye with an unbearably smug smirk - to which the girl seemed to ignore much to the Phoenix Queen's chagrin, opting instead to finish drawing the bath as she had been ordered before turning to leave.

chi burned as the Phoenix King dipped his fist into the waters, causing bubbles of vapor and steam to rise from the tub as he heated it to borderline scalding (as was preferred). He huffed, Azula certainly had tired him out, in more ways than one. His muscles ached as he struggled to draw energy from himself. Many years ago Father could beat Daughter without breaking a sweat. That time had long passed, his weapon had been tempered by the years and was no longer the little dagger of its youth. Certainly not, Ozai thought to himself, looking her over before stripping down himself and falling backwards into the waters of the large, wide tub - laughing all the way.

"Don't waste your time with her, girl." he commanded, noticing his Queen giving the water bitch a look as she was leaving. "Come on in, the heat is just right" he affirmed with a smirk, exhaling steam out of his nose and thickening the vapor haze.

Obedient as always, Azula did as she was told. Not that she minded, of course, particularly in this case. This she could get used to, the little queen decided as she slipped into the bath beside her husband everso gracefully and the water enveloped. Indeed it was just right, soothing every muscle in her sore body (which Father had done quite the number on, there was no questioning that).

"Mmmm," the Phoenix Queen purred, scooting closer to her King until skin made contact with skin. "We should stay here all day." She ran her fingers through a spill of void dark hair, slowly, moving it behind her shoulders as so not to obstruct his view of her breasts. "Can we, Daddy?" she asked, positioning her upper body just so.

"I suppose there is nothing unbecoming of it" he considered, looking right where Azula wanted him to, before glancing upwards "Though, I was considering leaving in the afternoon to see if we might find ourselves something to amuse us with in town. Perhaps even something to take back with us to the caldera. After all, this place certainly must have changed since I was last here"

My, Ozai was feeling sentimental lately. Perhaps the spooks were right about the damn island. It certainly does have its charms

Of course..! Her Daddy had made mention of the market earlier. Azula smirked inwardly- shopping. Who was she to argue with such a splendid plan!

"Something to take back with us?" the Phoenix Queen repeated. "By that, I do hope you mean buy your little girl something pretty."

"Well..." he began, this time mocking consideration. "I suppose you do deserve it..."

"I should hope so" she laughed.

What Azula wanted, Azula got.

Even that damned tsungi horn!

She never did learn how to play the damned thing (though Zuzu had, ironically). Why in the name of Agni she'd felt the need to own an instrument - plated with gold, no less! - which she did not even know how to play was beyond her. Of course children, namely seven-year-old girls, are hardly rational creatures. Least of all whilst on vacation.

"Do you remember buying me a tsungi horn one year?" the Phoenix Queen asked. "It was a long time ago" she added.

"A Tsun- Ah!" he chuckled. "I do remember. You demanded it because you wanted make the old fool Iroh jealous after he beat you at Pai Sho."

"Don't seem to recall it working. That old man wouldn't know opulence if it struck him in the heart. I recall Zuko telling me all about how they lived among the commoners in the Earth Kingdom. The man was practically at home!" Too bad he decided to fight for them as well as live with them, The Phoenix King noted sourly, remembering the letter he had sent.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Azula huffed.

In an instant, something had changed. She just knew it.


Damn that miserable old fool to Koh's lair! Father was thinking about Iroh and his treachery, about Zuko... things (people) he ought not to think about... it would only make him angry. If Azula knew one thing for certain, it was that she did not like Ozai when he was angry. Although no one did, she supposed.

"I almost forgot...," Her voice was soft and hypnotic, deceptively sweet - it needed to be. "...I have something for you" she soothed, sounding as though she were pacifying a beast and lulling it to sleep.

The little queen stood up, retrieving his -what is it Daddy calls that thing?- from atop a shelf above his head.

dream stick

"Sweet dreams, Daddy."

Azula knew Ozai like the back of her hand. What was that she said? 'I'm a people person, Daddy'

However she did it, the Phoenix King did not care. Swiping it from her hands, the pipe was lit instantly with a short breath of flame out the nose. Breathe. The haze of smoke mixed with the water vapor, it was almost... (and he had to look for this word) hypnotic. Saccharine rainbows formed in transient mists, making the room appear brighter, as if they had been visited by spirits.

Ozai chuckled.

Spirits, those are the kind of things brother believes in, he thought, shaking his head and focusing on something more real.

Wait, how long had it been? Ozai could have swore it had been, dammit it must have been the time. He was tired. Between the rush of taking Azula, the mellow hues of the dream stick and the passions of the night previous, Ozai had truly been swept up in the mists. Oh, well. It happened often enough.

"Thank you, my daughter. You've been a good girl for bringing this to me" he said finally, only a moment after she had done so.

good girl

Azula smiled and pressed herself up against Ozai, relishing in their shared contact and closeness, his warmth. The warmth was all around her, overwhelming. Everything felt warm- hot! Almost nauseatingly so. The air smelt of spun sugar - sickly sweet, she could practically taste it -  and... and something burning. Familiar. Even comforting.

"You're very welcome, Daddy," she purred, trailing pointed fingernails along his chest.

"I like being a good girl-"

This was all too familiar as well...

"-your good girl," the little queen continued, laying it on thick as the opium smoke. "I just want to please you" she whispered in his ear.

Surprisingly, the two of them were quiet, Katara thought to herself from behind the door as she returned with her Master's various apparel. That almost never happened. Guess The Phoenix Queen had finally managed to wear out her loving father and husband (by giving him everything he wants, apparently, even intentionally losing a-

Ugh, just stop thinking about it

It was a rare solution for Katara, but it was one of last resort. Raking wildly at the pins of the icy box wasn't just not working, it was hurting. I'm the enemy, the waterbender reminded herself, as she did every day living among the Fire Nation.

There was nothing worse than when she was with him. Nothing. Katara actually preferred when Azula was mad at her. It beat watching her pretend like the man was a God, catering to his every need. Sometimes Katara wondered who was really a slave around here.

Cough Cough

The waterbender wheezed as she struggled to breathe, the thick haze of steam and smoke leaking from the washroom and spilling out into the open air of the corridor, creeping. "I brought your-" Cough

She didn't even finish her sentence as she closed the door behind her, leaving their robes and towels on the stool.

Hysterical laughter. "That water bitch really is something isn't she!" More laughter. "I'll bet you anything she hasn't breathed in anything of this quality all her life!"

Ozai settled down, looking at his daughter again who was practically snuggled up against him, her chin in the water and her raven hair spilling out from her head into the water, creating a maelstrom of tendrils which moved with each twitch. "You know you have to admit, though, those Water Tribe girls have it where it counts. Another reason to conquer that damn city. I'm sure all of our men could use the rest and relaxation"

Azula had been laughing along with her father until-

those Water Tribe girls have it where it counts

"What?" She sat up straight and moved toward the edge of the bathtub thus creating a bit of space between father and daughter. She felt cold - not just on the outside, her wet skin having broken out in goose pimples - but also on the inside. There was something cold and slippery and gross squirming around inside of her, like a fish out of water.

"What's this about Water Tribe girls now? Tell me, Father," the Phoenix Queen snarled, indignant. "What exactly do they have..? And where do they have it?"

The Phoenix King didn't even notice his daughter's movement or change in tone, and continued to laugh as if nothing was wrong. "Well, she isn't particularly well-endowed, I'll admit." he chuckled. "But sometimes I want to just yank that cute hair of hers and make her mine, you know? An odd fascination, I'll-"

“Her hair?!" Azula hissed. Ozai had all but driven a knife into her heart, twisted the knife-

make her mine

-and poured salt in the wound.

"I'm yours!" Hot, stinging tears had already begun to blur her golden gaze. "How could-"

How? The water bitch has pretty hair, it's true.

But my-

Your hair is a fucking disaster.

"I'm sorry" A single tear slipped down her cheek. "I'm sorry that my hair is like... like this."

He should be sorry, not you

"It's all your fault anyways-! You should be sorry! But you're not, you never are-"

"Fuck you!"

Fuck you

Ozai was barely paying attention to what was-

Fuck you

Fuck you is what finally cut through the haze of smoke and vapor. The part that activated the one part of The Phoenix King's brain that still worked properly (mostly, anyway)

"Fuck you!?" he demanded, incredulous to what just happened. "Now listen here you little whore. I made you, I own you." Ozai stood up. "Or have you forgotten" the scented candles rose with the red flowing from his hands, their teardrop flames leaving small black marks in the ceiling before entire wicks of molten wax spilled into the tub, mixing with the faint red of blood and the boiling bubbles radiating from the Phoenix King. "the lessons I taught you. What happened this very morning!?" he screamed, the room going completely black, the skylight having been smoked out by impure flame.

The Phoenix King barely knew why his queen had showed her ugly disobedience, what he had done. That had all been lost. What he did know was that nobody insulted the Phoenix King. Nobody, not even his own perfect weapon. "Or is it that you want a scar to match your brother's. Fitting, seeing as he also spoke out of turn"

"N-no, please don't..! I-I was- I'm sorry!"

Petrified, she jumped backwards, out of the bathtub and onto the cold, unforgiving floor. Instead of standing upright, she slipped. She crawled- away, away, away, she had to get away.

"Please," the Phoenix Queen whimpered. Only she did not feel queenly at all. She was scared-

Scared little girl

"Daddy, please-!"

You should be

"I'm sorry"

"You should be" It was as if the voices in the Phoenix Queen's head had been given form through her father. Azula felt an eerily warm palm weigh down on her back. Clumsily. "I thought I had taught you the meaning of pain." her helpless body turned over to the faint glint of gold in the fleeting shimmers of the skylight. Points where the smoke hadn't burned, little stars in Ozai's night. "But apparently-" she didn't feel pleasure this time as her hands were held to either side and her sex felt the familiar hold of the Phoenix King. "-you've forgotten what it means to be mine. You've forgotten your duty to me." Fast. Harsh. Uncaring sways of the hips.

Closely. In her ears. "You're my little girl"

Azula tried to imagine herself somewhere- anywhere else. She couldn't. Eyes wide open, eyes wide shut... she saw only darkness, felt only pain, heard only screams-

Her screams. She was screaming, crying, begging. Daddy didn't stop. More screaming... until it hurt and she could scream no longer... until she stopped.

"I'm your little girl."

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