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The sun had only just arisen and was peeking over the horizon. Morning's first light cast forth an array of colors into the clouds. Phoenix Queen Azula arose with said sun, enjoying a cup of piping hot jasmine tea before slipping out the back door in order train ...which for her meant seemingly endless drills, hours upon hours of repetition until perfection was attained.

Today however, Azula found herself firebending somewhat (dare she say?) leisurely. Although azure flame danced about wildly, a degree of careful control was maintained. Her motions were smooth and sinuous, like a coiling snake. She could feel the intense heat, the sweat beading and running down her exposed abdomen. A blast of brilliant, blue fire was expelled from her throat with a power exhale, setting alight her target which was a nearby palm tree.

Spellbound, the Phoenix Queen stood and watched it burn...

"Azula" addressed the soft voice of father and husband. "I take it you slept well?" he asked, oblivious to the Phoenix Queen's late night talk with the water bitch. The flames rose and dulled with the corruptions of Ozai's inner fire, the tree only making more noise as the fire intensified, an azure-flamed branch dropping to the ground as its mother tree wilted, like a dying flower in the sun.

"Well enough" Azula replied, turning to face him with a smile. "Thank you, Father."

How long has he been watching?

"And you..? Awake earlier than I would have expected. Are you not exhausted?" she teased. "Here I figured I'd worn you out sufficiently."

The Phoenix King let out a hearty laugh. "There's more life in me yet, Azula" he said with a low growl. "Shall I join you for your morning practice? Perhaps you'd like to throw fire at something else, hmm?" He suggested, always enjoying sparring with his prodigious daughter. She was the only one who could keep up with him anymore, after all. Nobody else, not even the damned Avatar was worthy of him.

"Perhaps I would" the Phoenix Queen agreed, her smile growing wider. As always, she relished the opportunity. It was not every day that her father wished to join her, let alone spar - Ozai had grown rather complacent in his later years. Understandably this worried Azula, his ever-loyal wife and daughter, at times. Still, he had managed to defeat and kill a fully realized Avatar...

"Don't go easy on me now, Father," Azula told her husband, noting his air of smugness. "I'm not a little girl anymore."

Ozai smiled back briefly before throwing his simple shirt to the ground, revealing his own well-defined form, and raising his hands. The truth was, of course, he had never gone easy on Azula. She had surpassed every expectation, flown over every bar set for her until even her lord father began to have difficulty keeping up. She reminded him of himself at times. She was better than everyone else.

Orange met blue as King fought Queen, their fires joining and snuffing eachother out between them. Ozai could feel his chi burn; momentarily exhausted as he jumped forward, pressing on with a wild wave of red and orange torrenting out from both of his hands brought together.

Charging in head-first like an angry komodo rhino.

As usual

Azula responded accordingly, side-stepping and turning on her toes ever-so-gracefully in order to avoid being burned. With a sweeping, low kick, she sent a blaze of azure spiraling toward one of Ozai's most vulnerable spots - the ankles, so she had learned fairly recently - dodging another of his attacks in the process, flames soaring over her head as testament.

The Phoenix King was able to (just barely) avoid his daughter's tactical assault when the pair were alerted to the presence of another.

And a perfect distraction, how lovely, the little queen thought, smirking inwardly as she silently thanked the water-wench.

Resolving to make good use of the opportunity, Azula closed in on her opponent then rushed forth-

-and delivered another kick (no flames, thankfully for the Phoenix King) squarely into his chest, sending him reeling back, barely managing a roar of flame - keeping his daughter and wife away long enough for him to regain his stance. Ozai smirked again as he took in her perfect form, beads of sweat now gleaming in the morning sunlight. "Very good" he managed, catching his breath that had just been knocked out of him. "Perhaps you'd like to raise the stakes?"

Another two-fisted burst of flames.

And with a carefully timed backflip, the Phoenix Queen ensured her safety as well as wasted effort on her husband's part. She then countered with a white-hot blaze of cerulean, swift and powerfully concentrated by way of two slender fingers - which Ozai narrowly avoided.

"Raise the stakes?" Azula panted, seemingly breathless herself. "Hm, how so?"

Daughter danced around father in an instant - utilizing her superior agility so that his back was facing toward her - and sent yet another calculated strike blazing toward his right ankle by way of an arcing kick.

Always on the move

Ozai had to admit his daughter had, over the years, redefined what it meant to be a quick fighter. Ozai had thought himself agile when his sparring partner was the tea-loving Iroh, but Azula had widened his horizons... and his stance, by a decent amount. Of course, what she had in agility, the Phoenix King made up for in power. Slamming both fists downwards, the Phoenix King rose under his own power, spinning in mid-air and-


Blue mixed with red, disrupting his jets of flame and sending Ozai's kick of fire up in the air, far above his intended target. His attack having failed - he spun again, sending another small jet of flame to his right allowing him to land with a roll - his crown falling from his head letting dark hair fall onto his shoulders.

"Perhaps..." Ozai took another breath. "Perhaps you'd consider an altering of the victory conditions" he smiled deviously as he looked over at the water bitch, before softening his tone. "When I win, I want to partake in the spoils" he finished, accentuating his voice with a playful burst of flame at his opponent.

"Ahh!" the little queen squeaked as she evaded his fire.

Horny bastard! You always win!

"Of course," Azula agreed, then added "If you win." She shamelessly admired her husband's disheveled hair and sweat-soaked skin. "And if I win, I shall claim my spoils" she smirked. "As is my right."

However, the Phoenix Queen had no intention of winning even as she sent forth a powerful stream of blue flame, every bit as brilliant and dangerous as the sun... as the water-wench looked on, excitement shone in her eyes.

"I wouldn't have it any other way"

It was as if their fight had been electrified (though thankfully for the both of them, not literally). The streams of fire emanating from the Phoenix King were relentless now, even though he could feel his chi ache with every blast, his skin reeling in the heat from the hot azure flame his daughter ever-so-gracefully directed at him. His muscles, his very being were now crying out for a victory. Well, that and a few other things.

And by Agni's name, he was going to take what was his.

The Phoenix King wanted to win, that much was obvious. His queen thought on this as she fought her way through smoke and flame (with a great deal more difficulty than previously). Ozai made for a fierce and treacherous opponent, there was no questioning it. Now, most of all when one considered what was truly at stake: his pride. Azula would allow him to keep it, she decided. Having been knocked to the ground, she spotted an opening - an ideal one at that, those Agni-forsaken ankles - though she did not take it.

Instead the great Phoenix Queen stumbled to her feet, apparently nonplussed. Feigning desperation, she screamed. A fiery explosion of cerulean erupted from her throat-

It didn't stop him. Not that Azula had been expecting otherwise, of course.

Parting the sea of blue with two hands, Ozai tackled his daughter to the ground, holding her down with both hands and smirking as he did when he won. It had been a worthy fight to be sure, but it was inevitable that the Phoenix King would win in the end. As he always did.

"I taught you everything you know" he finally said, forcefully bringing his lips to hers and breathing a dull heat down her throat. "Did you really think you could win?"

Of course she didn't. Azula wanted Ozai to be victorious just as much as he did. She was a good girl like that. Ozai bit down hard on her neck eliciting a small struggle. Oh how he enjoyed that. "Struggle at your own peril, girl." he sneered. "The fight is over, now don't make this difficult for yourself!" the Phoenix King commanded, his words accentuated by a rip of clothing as father mounted daughter fully.

The Phoenix Queen squirmed beneath her father. "You want me to surrender with honor?" she antagonized. It was deliberate; she craved the thrill. "Never," she hissed, trying (and failing) to escape as though she had not been physically overpowered and forcibly stripped - in front of a slave no less, although it appeared said slave was making a run for the nearby sliding door.

"Get off me!"

She wanted to bring out the beast. And so, she fought him. All the while, her heart was pounding and her body ached with arousal, with sheer excitement and something primal she could not begin to describe.

He laughed. "Breaking your word? You're mine, now don't make this more painful than it needs to be." Ozai growled, bringing an open palm down hard on her cheek before wrapping his fingers around her neck, and pulling their heads inches from eachother. "Just because I don't want to damage that perfect skin of yours, doesn't mean I can't hurt you" he whispered in her ear, before slamming her head back down onto the stone and tightening his grip, her hair spilling out from her head onto the ground like blood. "I can fuck your unconscious body all the same" he declared, beginning slow, methodical thrusts, leaving the Phoenix Queen barely enough air to breathe.

He could choke the life out of her if he wished, a fact which was sobering indeed. Still, Azula could not deny just how good it felt as he fucked her. Despite the stinging sensation as a result of having been struck across the face, despite blurred vision accompanied by black spots as her head throbbed with pain and her heartbeat thrummed in her ears... she needed more. Something was welling up inside of her, something dangerous and wild.

"Harder" her voice was little more than a whisper. "Fuck me... harder...,"

"...Daddy" the Phoenix Queen finally managed, breathless, completely overwhelmed.

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