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A huff slipped past her painted lips, tossing and turning impatiently atop silk sheets for the umpteenth time as she clenched her thighs, desperate to relieve the ache in between them. But alas, she could not... only he could.

And so, she waited... and waited... and waited. By now, she was certain that her lacy, red undergarments (which hardly qualified as such) were soaked through. The thought of her father's impending arrival - wickedly talented mouth upon her sensitive skin, sinful touch where she needed it most - had surely been to blame.

Azula was ready... and she was waiting. Mentally chastising herself for having just lain there languidly, she re-arranged her all too ready and willing body just so- Daddy would take one look at her and think she was a present, wrapped up nice and pretty... all for him.

Finally, she heard that sound - footfalls approaching her bedroom door - and swore her heart skipped a beat.

Azula's suite was always the picture of perfection. Ozai remembered the day he had granted it to her. Oh the looks he got, for giving away rooms usually reserved for the Crown Prince to his second-born daughter. He smirked at that. The frown on Zuko's face alone was worth it, and even better, that bitch Ursa wasn't there to scold him for it. He clasped the golden doorknob and entered his destination, her chambers. The bedroom. Where Azula would be, his little girl, his perfect daughter and future queen. He could see the familiar glow of candles, soft blue radiating from the small space beneath the door. She was awake. Good, Ozai thought. He had thought that she would already have been sleeping, but the lights were shining down on them tonight - he would be allowed to see her in her fully awakened beauty.

And indeed - my my, the light of Agni certainly wasn't a myth to Ozai on this night, he thought to himself, taking her in. Azula was always ready to please her father, though it wasn't such a common sight to be surprised like this. My, he couldn't recall her ever seeming so ready, right down to that need glinting in her golden eyes. The need for him. The need to perform her duty.

"Azula" he emitted a soft growl, approaching slowly like a Buffalion stalking its prey, each step giving him a clearer view of her in all her scantily-clad glory. Yes, slowly was definitely the way to do this.

Father was pleased, very much so. The Fire Lord- Phoenix Queen smiled, equally pleased. Heart thrumming wildly, her sharp intake of breath was audible as he approached. Azula wanted him now - the wait was torturous!

"Daddy...," she beckoned, spreading her legs apart - not completely, just enough to pique his interest. "...don't make me wait any longer."

Manicured fingernails danced along the lacy hem of her undergarments, toying, teasing...

A whisper. "Mmm, I suppose I'll have to start without you." Her hand slipping down below, where it was not supposed to be... touching what belonged to Ozai.

A moan.

"Ngh- ah! Oh, you'll have to punish me..."


It was not befitting of a daughter to command her father. Azula was a clever girl, of course, she had played games of control and manipulation practically since she had learned to speak. The Phoenix King kept his slow pace, even though it was agonizing to do so, to approach his lustful daughter so gradually, as she openly defied his rule. But he managed to do so, because he knew no defiance against him could stand. Instead of thinking about his daughter's traitorous movements, he counted. Twenty times would amount to the seconds of pain.



Soon, Azula's mischievous fingers had been removed from her wet folds, a devious smirk on her face as she watched her Daddy instate his rule. "Very naughty of you, girl."


The familiar discharge of electricity, sparking off a finger onto the Fire Lord's right nipple.



"You're right, you do need to be punished."

Through clenched teeth at those first sparks, she hissed. It hurt - just a bit, something like pins and needles. The sensation, however, was not altogether unpleasant... tingling and hot- sending hot, little tingles other places.


Azula swore that when his finger veered left, her punishment had been doled out with more conviction. Though she was hardly one to complain-


"Ow! You're hurting me, Daddy!"

Whining would get her punished... again.

"Indeed I am" Ozai said slowly, withdrawing his fingers, careful not to indulge his daughter, who was begging for him all but in name.

He stood there for a moment, looking her over, deciding.

He decided. "You're a bad girl, trying to tempt me this way. It is time for you to be quiet."


Curtains of a canopy bed were ruined as Ozai took the closest source of suitable cloth available, harshly reaching around and tying it around Azula's head tightly. Crude - she could still speak, but the muffling and slurring of each word certainly lessened the effect. "Now let's see what we can do about the rest of your mischief..." he said, somehow even more agonizingly slow than previous, looking down at Azula's traitorous wet fingers.

And, as if the light of Agni had shone on him a third time, the solution was there for the Phoenix King. An open drawer, filled with the familiar dull glint of cast iron metal. "My, my, you certainly have been busy."

Azula smirked inwardly. Ozai was playing right into her- trap?

Hardly, she thought.

After all, it could not be considered a trap... not really, provided he enjoyed it. And Daddy was most certainly enjoying himself, there was no doubt in her mind as-

She shuddered, metal having made contact with her supple skin.


Cold as ice, unforgiving, secured around one delicate wrist.


Fastened about the bed post.


Her other wrist.


And a second bed post.

"Hmmm," he deliberated, before tearing off her remaining undergarments with an unceremonious rip.

The Phoenix King feigned looking down at his daughter's sex with a mocking consideration.


Longer, stronger. A charge of blue hit a chain, traveling through the links and into Azula's wrist, arm, chest, finally reaching ground through the silken sheets. Ozai wished controlling lightning to this degree didn't require such ridiculous effort.

zzzZZTTt-crk! zzzZZTTt-crk! zzzZZTTt-crk!

"You wanted pleasure, instead... you brought yourself pain."

The Phoenix King's chi was exhausted from all the precise charge, but he didn't need it to enjoy his Queen. Slowly, he ran a rough set of fingers around her ear, stroking carefully before tracing her lip. Her neckline was next, Ozai felt her collarbone, breaking the line it formed on her shoulder as he moved down to her left breast, circling slowly an electrified nipple before finally making a final travel at an agonizing pace, trailing down to the stomach. The inner thigh...

Azula shivered as Ozai bit into her neck. It was his turn to captivate her attention, only to turn her away. He had all of the power. The power to satisfy or deny, the power to bring pain or pleasure. The Fire Lord had earned herself pain... for now.

Squirming, whimpering, Azula struggled against her restraints. She had felt pain - just as intended. Though she felt no pleasure- it was driving her mad. And the pain, physical, in addition to whatever other sort she was experiencing due to having been denied (Daddy was spurning her- his little girl!) took its toll much more quickly than she could possibly have anticipated. At the Phoenix King's mercy, handcuffed and completely helpless, there was but one thing she could think to do... one thing that would give her what she sought.

"Please," she begged, that desperate little plea muffled though audible enough. Wantonly spreading her legs, presenting herself in a most undignified manner, she continued.

Daddy's little girl could do better than that-

"Please, Daddy... please... please..."

Much better.

She felt the makeshift gag slip down past her chin. He didn't want to - he would not - miss it... the sound of her voice, of mutual desire when she said-

"Fuck me."

That was certainly better, hearing his future Queen beg for what only he could give, the Fire Lord's devious tricks cast away by much stronger needs and lust- for him. Ozai smirked. How could he refuse? His naughty little girl had learned her lesson, and now it was time for a little bit of pleasure.

With a mild urgency, the Phoenix King disrobed to a point where he could mount the bare girl, Azula. His own shivers from entering her exquisite and egregiously wet folds were well worth the wait, and he could tell his daughter thought so too. But Ozai restrained himself, building a slow methodical rhythm as he drew himself downwards, his lips meeting hers, gold meeting gold. Another kiss, one on the forehead, the neck. Another bite to mark what was his. Oh how he wished he could accentuate her pleasure with electrical pain, but his rhythm quickened, there was no way he could control his wild chi, his unrestrained passions any longer. The candles rose and fell with his hips, each crest higher.

Azula very nearly cried with relief - the wait was over. By all the spirits, it was finally over... but it felt too damned good to cry. She let Daddy know just how good it felt... panting like a bitch in heat, moaning obscenely without a care in the world... hips angled to perfection, bucking wildly in order to match his every thrust.

None too proud to beg - her sweet, sweet reward spoke for itself.

The candles guttered, then flared up once more. And for an instant, the Fire Lord feared her entire bedchamber would catch fire when the flames turned color - building heat and intensity, changing from a bright and steady orange to blazing, brilliant azure.

Sweat broke upon her brow-

Perhaps the room had caught fire after all. Though Azula would have no knowledge of such things, any conscious thought becoming a blur.

Ozai had to admit it was difficult to stop such a pleasurable experience, but he did all the same. For the Fire Lord, it was agonizing. The Phoenix King's movement's slowed, until it was only the fleeting fluctuations in their bodies - giving momentary promise of pleasure with no payoff.

He waited, giving his daughter an expectant look. Azula's punishment was not over yet - she still hadn't performed to satisfaction.

Azula could have cried out in protest, groaned with frustration... but alas, she did not. It would do her no good. As always, Ozai's daughter and future Queen knew just what he liked, what he wanted-

She was in no position to refuse. He had made certain of that.


The Fire Lord squirmed beneath her father, giving him that pouty little look of hers. Oh, how he loved that look...

"Please don't stop."

Begging, however- a good grovel was something the Phoenix King craved. That was what he really wanted. Once more, Ozai wanted his daughter to beg him-

"I need it so bad... I need you, Daddy. Make your little girl scream. Make me come for you- only for you, Daddy. Please?"

If that did not satisfy, no one (least of all Azula) could attribute said dissatisfaction to lack of effort on her part...

Biting her lip, the Fire Lord anticipated her father's reaction with equal parts uncertainty, fear, and excitement.

Ozai traced his daughter's jawline with two fingers. "That's better" he said simply, staring into that longing look in her eyes. I need you. She needed him now, just as she had needed him before, and just as she always would. The Phoenix King couldn't deny his own daughter in need, even if she had been naughty. What had been dealt already was punishment enough - not to mention Azula had a new duty. The duty of a Queen.

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