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Even despite the fact that she had been told to wear this dress specifically, the Phoenix Queen stood in front of a full length mirror, scrutinizing her appearance. Agni, she'd spent hours readying herself (unassisted by her favorite slave for a change) and yet, here she was, unsure - for no reason objectively. The aforementioned dress fit her like a glove, hugging each and every curve, displaying shapely legs oh-so-shamelessly. Her make-up was flawless as always, edges sharp as a razor blade. Still, Azula could not help but to be insecure.

What if Daddy wasn't pleased? What if she wasn't pretty enough..? Good enough?

Frowning, her uncertain golden gaze shifted toward her feet... slowly but surely, her natural smirk returned. The high-heeled shoes Daddy had bought for her on Ember Island were a nice touch. Granted, she could not exactly run (or fight) in them but they just looked so... so... sexy. She was certain he'd agree. As for the rest of her, well that remained to be seen. Her hair had certainly seen better days. She could only hope it looked presentable. With any luck, the uneven ends would be well-hidden, and that showy hair ornaments, the use of several products, and low-lighting would play in her favor.

She so badly wanted to look nice for her Daddy...

Knock knock knock

Azula heard the heavy fist of her father slam on her door for the last time before he tired of waiting and barged his way in anyway, the door offering no resistance. "Whatever in Agni is the holdup!" he growled, looking his daughter over both from behind and in her reflection in the mirror. Flawless as ever, of course. Ozai could scarcely imagine what the woman spent all her time doing, especially since he looked no different from the last time he checked!

Azula gasped aloud, then turned to face her father and husband. "I... I was just trying to do what you said, Daddy," she said meekly, her eyes downcast. "You said you wouldn't have me looking anything less than perfect."

Piercing golden eyes met their mirror image. "I must have lost track of time. I'm sorry, Daddy."

A pause.

"Well, how do I look?"

"Exactly the same as the last time I checked" he answered, exasperated, having been made to wait too long for the flattering reply she obviously wanted. And, to his credit, it was the truth. Azula looked ravishing an hour and a half ago. If it weren't for her ridiculous insistence that she wasn't ready yet, he might have taken her right there, though now the desire had been (albeit temporarily) taken out of him.

"Shall we?" he gestured to the door.

"Yes, Father" she agreed, offering him her leash and making no effort to hide the disappointment in her voice.

All of that time and effort readying herself to please him! And for what? Only for him to be upset with her?! It was times like these that made the Phoenix Queen wonder why she even bothered. How hard was it for him to say that she looked nice? Even if she had kept him waiting. Really, how hard was it?

Traitorous tears pricked the corners of her eyes. Agni, she just wanted to crawl into bed. Why waste a perfectly good evening entertaining a man who can't even offer you one lousy compliment?

Ozai however was perfectly content to take what was his in silence, leading his property out of that Agni-damned washroom, out of their suite and into the open air. It was cool now that the sun was in the final stages of falling over the horizon (Ozai had his never-ready daughter to thank for that), and the sky was orange like flame in a way that Ozai always thought was rather appealing - it reminded him of the red skies on the comet. It was a shame that he wouldn't be seeing those skies again.

"After you" he said simply, holding open the curtain of the palanquin's canopy so his wife could enter unencumbered before entering himself. Wordlessly, the servants surrounding them lifted the beams and they were moving.

And there the Phoenix Queen and King sat, silently en route to Delan's. Ordinarily, the former would bombard her husband and father with questions, rattle off various topics. Instead, she said nothing, nothing at all. Ordinarily, she would curl up in his lap, nuzzle her head into the crook of his neck. Instead, she sat across from him (albeit awkwardly, as so not to expose herself) while examining her freshly manicured fingernails, apparently nonchalant.

What gave him the right to act that way toward her?! She was only doing what he said!

The Phoenix Queen let out a long, languid sigh, golden eyes focusing on her lap, ensuring her expression remained unreadable. No anger, no sadness. Just... nothing.

With any luck, the ride would be long and boring. It would serve her father right.

However, outside the machinations of Azula's mind, the world continued to spin at its regular pace, with her father and husband already wondering how he'd spend what remained. Oh, how a puff of the dream stick would ease his angers indeed! Though, (fortunately?) in a mighty act of restraint, he managed to save his appetites for the night ahead of him rather than stuffing his head in the clouds before he even got there.

And because of that, Ozai had had enough of fucking restraint.

Despite not directly saying so, Ozai did think his daughter looked ravishing. Much better than the last time she had worn that little outfit, to be sure. She had grown much since last year, and the tightness of the fabric on her skin showed that, on her chest especially.

If I don't take her now, I won't be able to for the entire night

The Phoenix King gave her leash a mild tug. "Why don't you sit on your Daddy's lap, my daughter?"

Azula resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Still, she did as her father asked, ultimately deciding the blow to her ego was not worth the fight. She knew better than to disobey what was unmistakably an order.

Whatever, he can't make me talk- or smile! she thought, indignant.

Though Ozai had very little intention of making his daughter talk or smile. Nay, he wanted to make her sing.

"Tell me, Azula" he purred, reaching his hands around to cup his daughter-wife's breasts. "How did your pink friend, who has no taste in clothing whatsoever, manage to get you something so fucking sexy?" he asked, before moving his left hand downwards - her stomach, her waist, her thighs - until finally it met the joining between the aforementioned dress and her bare legs. "And why is it I never see you with it?" he slipped his fingers in-between the fabric and skin, pulling it upwards.

Any other time, the Phoenix Queen welcomed her father and husband's greedy hands upon her body. In that moment however, she did not welcome said hands (though she tolerated his lecherous groping of her breasts nonetheless).

A chill ran down her spine as the silken fabric of her dress shifted. "I..." she stuttered, suddenly aware of Ozai's intentions. Briefly, she considered his initial question. Why had Ty Lee bought her that dress? She could only wonder. "I don't know. Lucky guess, I suppose."

"As for never seeing me in it..." she managed, her stomach twisted in knots. "I wasn't aware that you had any sort of preference."

"Well" he began, pulling harder until the dress was bunched at her hips. "Then perhaps I should make you aware, hmm?" he growled into her ear, harshly latching his hands onto her waist and pulling her upwards until she was sitting squarely on his raging erection.

Ugh, not again, Azula thought, though she wouldn't dare voice such a thing out loud. More than anything, she was annoyed - had her father not had his fill already? Was he truly not satisfied? And would it kill him to say something nice?! What she wouldn't give to hear him say she was beautiful before he had his way with her. By Agni, she'd settle for during the act.

"Perhaps" she said, her tone lacking in its usual enthusiasm.

"Stop being such a difficult whore" he growled, awkwardly wrestling with his trousers until his royal cock met fresh air. "I paid your price long ago." he managed as he grabbed a wad of her hair, bending her forwards until he could insert his cock in its natural sheath without regard for his wife's obvious unenthusiasm. Neither did he pay any mind to the bearers who had to keep the palanquin stable as he began thrusting himself inside of his daughter causing the entire canopy to rock with each movement of his hips.

Azula didn't want this - nonetheless, she allowed it. She knew better than to deny Ozai what was his by right (or so he believed). What he wouldn't have were her usual sounds, her pathetic, little whimpers and helpless cries of pleasure. All the Phoenix Queen had to offer in her utterly unaroused state were short, sharp gasps of pain as her father thrust above her, uncaring.

She gritted her teeth and bore it, hopeful that it would not last long.

What Azula lacked in passion, Ozai made up for in ferocity. Hurried, decisive thrusts to make up for the fact that they couldn't be minutes away from their destination, causing the canopy to sway back and forth even more violently, the creaking of wood joined in symphony with the Phoenix King's low grunts. In those fleeting moments before his release he contemplated grabbing a fistful of hair and blowing his load on that cute face of hers, so that everyone knew whose she was. Though even through the fog of lust he refrained - not willing to endanger any future spawn that might be bred (and, while Ozai didn't think of it at that specific moment, Azula would certainly raise hell over her precious face paint).

With one final thrust, he felt a wave of pleasure flow upwards from his cock, causing him to fall forwards unto his daughter's back, his head finding a place on her soft locks.

Just get off me already!, Azula thought, but of course did not voice aloud. She lay motionless beneath her father, somehow able to hold back the tears that were all too ready and willing to roll down her cheeks. Never in her life-

Okay except for that one time he-


Never in her life had she felt so violated... so unimportant, disregarded. By Agni, why was her own father and husband treating her like a two-copper whore?! Unworthy of being kissed and touched before being bent over and fucked. Unworthy of something as simple as being told she looked nice.

Unworthy of any consideration or respect.

What felt like an eternity to the Phoenix Queen was, in actuality, little more than a minute. One minute, perhaps two, spent lying beneath the Phoenix King while he basked in the afterglow. The very moment he sat up, she very nearly cried with relief - it felt as though he'd been suffocating her. Azula, too, sat up, frowning as her Daddy's 'approval' pooled between her thighs, soiling the cushion.

Great, now I'll have to go to what's-his-name's with Daddy's cum dripping out of me, Azula thought, irritated. Moreover, she didn't want to go anywhere. Except for home... yes, that sounded nice. Home, in bed... have a good cry, perhaps a hot bath.

A single tear made its way down her cheek.

"Mmm, you're such a good girl" Ozai cooed, wrapping his hands around his daughter's waist and landing a kiss on her ear, hoping that she would get over whatever it was that angered her soon. He couldn't remember the last time she was this dispassionate for him. If not here, than at least a few goes with the dream stick would bring her back to her usual self, at least. Or perhaps even better. Then everyone there would get to see what a good girl she was too, at the end of his leash, wearing that pretty dress of hers.

At last the tired palanquin bearers came to a stop and set the canopy down. "Tonight, you're going to be the fire in everyone's eyes" he purred. "There isn't a man in that building who won't be looking at you"

"Somehow, I doubt that..." she murmured, still holding back tears as she adjusted her dress. Azula felt many things in that moment, and pretty or desirable were not among them. Still, she followed her father's lead as he exited the palanquin, trailing a safe distance behind. It was nearly dark, and she was grateful for that - he wouldn't see her cry.

She hung her head and stared down at the ground, watching her tears wet the dirt as she desperately tried to ignore the throbbing sensation in between her legs.

Before long, however, the Phoenix Queen perked up. The establishment was not one which she would visit of her own accord, that much was for certain. It looked... seedy. She wrinkled her nose. It smelled equally as unpleasant as it looked - she was hit by a cloud of thick, nauseatingly sweet white smoke as Ozai lead her through the doors and into the foyer.

Ozai's daughter and wife rubbed beneath her eyes, furiously, in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that she'd been crying. She needed a washroom as soon as possible, not only to fix her make-up, but to deal with the sticky mess plagued upon her not five minutes ago. She was not going to suffer through this night uncomfortable and looking a wreck, on top of everything else.

"Daddy?" Azula tugged at her husband's sleeve. "May I take a leave to... refresh myself?"

Ozai tried not to sound dejected, but nonetheless coalesced to his daughter's request. If Azula felt she needed some time to fix herself before she could impress, then she'd have it. "Of course, my daughter." he said coolly, still mulling over the 'somehow I doubt that'. Not characteristic of her, not at all. She was his Queen! The absolute epitome of beauty, admired across the fire isles. There wasn't a single doubt in his mind of that - if there was any woman more alluring than his very own daughter wife, he had yet to see her. How she could think otherwise was baffling, to say the least.

"Get me some of your best" he yelled over to the barmaid (who distinctly lacked any kind of upper garment), after unlinking Azula's leash.

"A-ha-ha! The man returns!" sounded a familiar voice coming up from behind. "We were all beginning to think that you wouldn't coming back from that honeymoon of yours"

The Phoenix King reached out a hand to receive a tall glass of a clear liquid. "Believe me, I didn't want to" he said with a chuckle. "I take it your establishment has been dull and dreary without me, Delan?"

"We've been absolutely pining for our King's return" he confirmed in an equally humorous tone. "Zheng's been asking after you ever since his little slip up. He hasn't been quite the same after his wife disappeared on him" the man explained, sitting down on the stool next to him.

Ozai sipped his drink. "Oh?"

"Oh right, you haven't heard. The lower capital magistrate seems to believe he was untoward with a young noblewoman. A case of mistaken identity, of course, Zheng says the only woman he laid with that night was a whore from Xue's House." Delan explained, before shaking his head. "The wife obviously didn't believe that though. She refused to testify to his honor - a pure cut and run!" he exclaimed.

"Agh!" scoffed a man to Ozai's left, appearing from behind a dividing curtain, obviously having been listening in. "What a cunt! Never did like that woman!" he declared.

"Good to see ya, mate," he said, slurring his words slightly, taking a seat next the Phoenix King (albeit with some difficulty). "Married life's treating you nicely I hope?"

Ozai swung back his drink. "Far more than nicely" he answered. "The trick-" another drink. "-Is to get them early. Before the old bitter cunts can spoil them"

"Wish I thought about that before I decided not to marry." said Delan. "If I had known I could have just waited 15 years and had a nice little girl who wasn't waiting to stab me in the back for some gold, I may have chosen differently. Speaking of, when are we gonna see your new wife anyway?"

"You know boys, I have have half a mind to marry my daughter..." a third voice chimed in. "...such a pretty little thing, and the perfect age, too" he mused, smirking.

"You've cleared the way for all of us, good on you!" he said, patting Ozai on the shoulder with drunken enthusiasm. "Yes, now where's that little wife of yours? I've heard so much about her!"

As it so happened, Azula was exactly where she said she would be - the washroom nearest the entrance. Contrary to what she'd told her husband, however, she wasn't fixing herself - at least, not in the way he'd imagined. She wasn't fixing her hair and touching up her eye make-up. No, instead she took advantage of a porcelain wash basin and pitcher and a fresh towel.

As the tears rolled freely down her cheeks, she cleaned herself, wanting to maintain some semblance of dignity if she was to suffer through this night after being treated so... so...

She couldn't describe it in so many words.

She looked down only to see that a raw, rust colored red marred the once crisp, white towel. She frowned. Not wanting to leave it as is, she poured water from the pitcher over the already sodden towel, only managing to dull the red slightly. She sighed and tossed it aside, uncaring, as she sunk down to the floor still in tears.

There was no concept of time. How long she spent sobbing, forgotten and alone in the washroom she couldn't say - at least, she hoped she had been forgotten. She hoped that her father had gone and gotten drunk with his mates and she would be left alone. With any luck, she'd find him barely conscious on the floor within the hour, then she could sneak out and go home.

It was times like these Azula wondered why she even bothered.. why she bothered to make herself pretty, only for him to be angry with her for taking too long... then to turn around and use her like that. Was that all she was to him? A nice wet hole to fuck? Nevermind her efforts in every other aspect of their marriage, nevermind her happiness?

Despite how she was feeling, she didn't really want to be left alone. What she truly wanted was for her husband and father to apologize for his atrocious behavior, to tell her that yes indeed, he did appreciate her and that she was more than just-

She stopped her train of thought dead in its tracks. Ozai would never say such things to her. The fiery pits of Agni's depths would sooner freeze over.

Even with her rather exceptional ability to spend forever doing simple tasks, Ozai was beginning to grow concerned with the length of Azula's washroom visit. It was growing uncharacteristically long, even for her. Was something wrong? Had she fallen ill? The night would quickly turn for the worse if he found his daughter and wife had passed out in the washroom while he was out drinking and having his fill of the dream stick. He wouldn't have come here if it weren't for the alluring thought of drowning the establishment with wife-envy, after all!

With a nod to his conversation partners, Ozai abandoned his seat, heading for the direction that he remembered Azula going in.

Knock knock

"Azula? Is everything alright?"

The Phoenix Queen perked up at the sound of her husband and father's voice. "Yes!"

She sniffled.

"I mean..."

A pause.


She wiped away her tears, but to no avail. It was obvious she had been crying, what with the streaks of black left behind, her eyes and nose red and puffy. Nonetheless, she opened the door.

"I... I'm not feeling well," Azula lied, her gaze downcast.

There was no use telling him what was really the matter...

Not that he cared to ask anyhow. She was beginning to wonder if he even noticed when she was upset.

"I'd like to go home, if it's alright with you."

Ozai's face gained a rare expression. "Azula." he knelt so they were on the same level, so that her tear-stained eyes were in clear view of his own. "Tell me what's wrong, little girl" he said, running a hand through her hair. "Your daddy's here for you."

Azula found herself taken aback.

So he did notice. She had not prepared herself for this, not in the slightest. Now that he was here and willing to listen, how was she going to say what she wanted to say? Suppose she insulted him, suppose he misunderstood her?

You have to say something!, her mind scolded. Something was better than nothing.

"Why did you bring me here?" she asked, simply (it was the first thing that had come to mind). Ozai opened his mouth to speak but Azula did not give him the chance to do so. "To punish me?" she continued. "Is that why you're treating me like.. like..." she trailed off, unable to articulate the thought.

A pause.

"I try so hard to make you happy, and it's like you don't even notice" she couldn't stop, the words were flowing like water. "And you're always mad at me! Half the time I don't even know why."

"You hurt me" she said, her voice almost a whisper now, throwing the evidence at his feet. "Is this another one of your punishments? Just what is it that I'm supposed to learn? That I matter slightly more than a two-copper whore simply because you sired me!" her voice grew louder with every word. "I already knew that. I already knew you don't care how I feel or what I need! I'm just a hole to fuck!"

She knew she would be punished for this, nonetheless Azula couldn't bring herself to regret what she had said. It needed to be said, all of it. Though it was foolish, she so badly wanted to be proven wrong...

And if you're right?

Then I'm right. Nothing lost. Maybe he'll smack me around a bit, call me a bitch, a whore, whatever pleases him. Then I can go home.

Usually Ozai was the one doing the talking, and his daughter the listening. But for once it was the opposite - and Azula had a lot to say indeed. It reminded the Phoenix King of the incident with the water wench's hair. Fuck you, she had said. He had punished her harshly for what she had said that night, so much so that despite the apparent rebound Ozai was worried his little girl wouldn't be the same again. This new outburst was evidence so.

The stick wouldn't work this time.

"I love you, my daughter" said the Phoenix King honestly. "I would never punish you for being a good girl as you are right now" he added, looking down at the soiled, bloody rag. He moved his head towards those violet flowers growing on her neck but instead of biting he placed a kiss. "I'm..."


Golden eyes widened with express shock. Did he just... just..?

Daddy said he was sorry!


Azula couldn't recall her father and husband using that word. Ever. "I..." she stuttered, astonished. Had the apology he'd made to her just now been his first ever apology?

She couldn't imagine her Daddy saying sorry to Mother or Zuzu or Uncle Fatso. Surely...

Well, so what if it was his first apology, that didn't matter. What truly mattered was he meant it. He had to have meant it, otherwise he wouldn't have said it! No, Daddy didn't just go around saying he was sorry whenever someone was upset (quite the opposite in fact).

The Phoenix Queen smiled an honest smile.

I love you

I'm sorry

So simple, and yet it was all she needed.

Azula threw her arms around her father and husband, clinging to him as though she intended to never let go. “Oh, Daddy, I love you too! I love you more than anything!"

Ozai let out a silent sigh of relief that his words had had the intended effect, wrapping a weak arm around his Queen in response to her embrace. "I know you do, my love" he said simply. "Now, why don't you clean yourself up and I'll have you meet my associates." he said, noting her disheveled appearance. "They're all quite dying to meet the woman they've heard so much about in person." he explained, neglecting to mention that this was more for his benefit than theirs.

"Of course, Daddy."

A pause.

Her smile turned to a frown. There was much to be done, she'd cried a good portion of her make-up clean off and smeared what was left.

A thought occurred to her. Under normal circumstances, she would prefer not to be seen without it but...

"Daddy, would it be alright if I just wash it off? My make-up, I mean. It would save some time."

The Phoenix King was taken aback at the question. "Hmm?" he almost questioned the purpose of her query, before realizing her intention was to avoid the dreadful situation he had been in not an hour previous. "Of course." he affirmed. "I've always said you don't need anything to look beautiful, you're perfect as you are" he said with complete honesty.

Azula's smile returned.

"I'll be right back, Daddy!" And with a quick hug and a peck on the lips, she was off to the washroom once again.

Thankfully, there were more clean towels, stacked and folded neatly, adjacent to the washbasin. Azula sighed contentedly. The cool water from the pitcher was a relief, almost soothing.

Soon enough, her face was bare, free of  black kohl, lip rouge, even powder for her nose. It was all gone. For a moment she just stood there in front of the hanging mirror, scrutinizing. So few people had ever seen her like this...

Azula took a deep breath. Daddy had said it was okay... more than okay! He'd said she didn't need make-up, that she was beautiful and perfect without it. She smiled yet again, exiting the washroom proudly.

"I hope you've brought my leash, Daddy. Don't want me getting lost, now do we?"

"No, of course not" The Phoenix King affirmed, linking the lead to Azula's collar, bringing an immediate smile to his face. The moment he had been looking forward to, the one that had been denied from him all this time, at last.

The conversation that had been raging on stopped immediately upon the royal couple's arrival. Any and all heads (some which had been directed at eachother, others at the big-bosomed barmaids) turned to them. Or, more accurately, their Phoenix Queen. Ozai paid them no mind, however, simply leading Azula to the bar where he had originally been sat. "I assume your Queen needs no introduction?"

"None at all." replied Delan, who had finally put himself back together after falling apart at said Queen's entrance. "I'm Delan, the proprietor of this establishment" he turned to Ozai. "Would the fine lady like a drink?"

"Of course. Bring her another of what I was having. Azula's had a long day and could definitely use a little something to relax" he answered, moving to seat himself and patting once on his lap to indicate to his wife her place.

Azula took said place with no argument, happy as ever to be seated in the comforts of her Daddy's lap. However, she couldn't help but to feel slighted by this Delan character - who did he think he was, not welcoming her to his establishment, speaking as though she was not there, and to top it all off addressing her as simply a 'lady'? She was a queen!

The Phoenix Queen cleared her throat. "Delan, is it? I'm not a lady, I'm a queen," she said, without a hint of humor in her voice. "Oh, and just a tip. You may want to welcome your patrons personally, even the ones who intimidate you."

"But of course, Your Highness" said Delan with a courteous bow and an outstretched hand. "It's indeed a pleasure to meet you, everyone here's been anxious to meet Ozai's new wife - we heard nothing but dreadful things about the last one." the man pulled a tall, empty glass and a bottle from behind the bar. "However, surely you could understand that I meant no offense. One can be a fine lady and a Queen, can they not?" he finished, pouring a cloudy liquid so that the glass was filled almost to the brim and setting it on the counter next to Ozai's, which he similarly refilled.

Though Azula saw right through him, she had to give the man credit where credit was due. Delan was a smooth talker, good enough to convince most anyone of anything, she supposed.

"Yes, of course," she conceded.

Cocky bastard

"Just as I am certain you understand that the next time I visit your... establishment, you ought to be more cautious with your words." She then turned to address the man whose lap she was currently seated upon. "Hm, so much for first impressions. Are all of your friends so rude, Daddy?"

She examined the drink in front of her, unsure of what it was exactly she'd been served, although ultimately deemed it fit for consumption. She took a small sip. Whatever it was, it tasted awful, and it burned like a fire whip to the throat. Just barely, she was able to choke it down. How Daddy actually enjoyed drinking this stuff was beyond her.

Delan only nodded, restraining a smirk, before clicking his fingers for one of his barmaids to replace him so he could return to his stool and talk with the mates.

"You just need to get to know the man" Ozai remarked, taking a quick glance at the barmaid's tits before diverting his gaze and downing more of his drink. "Isn't that right?"

"Delan's helped me out of a number of tight spots, aye" confirmed Zheng, who had only just arrived just as Ozai had gone to check on Azula. "Don't know where any 'uve us would be without 'im"

"At home, sober, being bored to death by our wives probably" remarked another man. "Speaking of, she was a real whore - that last one" he added, looking towards Azula. "If you don't mind me sayin' so, Your Highness. Don't know what kinda mother she was to you, but she was nothing but trouble for, um, yer new husband. Treated him like dirt."

The rest of the men nodded in agreement.

"Which was why I never brought her here" Ozai growled. "For she surely would have tortured the rest of you"

"She was a shit mother and from what I hear, an even worse wife. My King deserves better." Azula said.

Drink in hand, she repositioned herself so that she was straddling her father and husband, face-to-face. "And that's where I come in. Isn't that right, Daddy?" she asked, giving his beard a playful tug, hopeful those piercing golden eyes would not yet again stray toward the topless bar maid behind her (honestly, did he think she was blind?).

Ugh, they're everywhere, Azula thought, dismayed at the sight of yet another pair of bare breasts, bouncing with every step. They were nice, admittedly, as far as breasts went, she supposed she could understand the appeal-

The Phoenix Queen shook her head, realizing she'd let her own gaze linger too long - but she wasn't staring! She was just... just... comparing! Yes, that was it. She was comparing herself to that woman, it was only natural.

She took several large swigs of her drink, finding it somewhat bracing.

"Mmm" Ozai purred, nuzzling the girl's hair, not noticing the rather long glance at the very same woman he had been looking at just moments before. "Indeed" he affirmed. "If every girl was like you, I'm afraid old Delan would be out of business!"

Ozai's comment elicited a laugh from the man. "Oh, I disagree. I'd just have different clientele"

"Daddy?" Azula leaned in close, whispering in her father's ear. "I don't have my bindings on. Can you tell?" she asked, looking to captivate his undivided attention.

The Phoenix King looked down at the small girl sitting in his lap. "I can, my daughter" he whispered so only they could hear. "It's getting difficult sitting here just looking. Much longer and I might have to reach out and touch no matter how rowdy our friends over there get"

The Phoenix Queen smiled, satisfied her words had had the intended effect. It was almost enough...

She downed the remainder of her drink, allowing some to spill on herself in the process, shuddering slightly at the sensation of the cold liquid against her exposed skin. "Oops!" she exclaimed, looking down at her chest, pleased to see the curve of her breasts glistening with wetness in the dim light.

"Oh dear, let me clean that for you" said the Phoenix King, pulling out a handkerchief and lazily wiping at the opening in her dress, reaching for her chest with his other hand and gently rubbing her skin through the fabric. "That better?"

"Mmmm," Azula moaned, leaning into her father's touch. She managed a weak nod in response. "Yes," she affirmed. "Oh, but look, I think you missed some, Daddy." She loved when he touched her like this, in full view of other people, uncaring of whatever they might think. She loved being reminded of how he desired her so.

The Phoenix Queen's natural smirk returned. She wanted more... and more she would have.

"A thousand apologies, my daughter" Ozai said coyly, dropping the handkerchief altogether and circling Azula's hardening nipples with his thumbs. "Like this?"

"Yes!" she whimpered, slightly taken aback at just how responsive her body was to his touch. "Yes, Daddy!" It felt so good, good enough to pay no mind to all the eyes on them.

Was that why he'd brought her here in the first place, then? To parade her around in her tight, little dress in front of his mates, show them what was his, what they all wanted but could never have.

An involuntary cry of pleasure slipped past her lips.

Ozai was also smiling, looking around to see every man who had previously been engaged in conversation staring in silence, every last one of them imagining themselves in his place - their hands on the Phoenix Queen's breasts. "So" he cut through the silence, not giving up his passionate assault. "I heard you wished to speak with me?" he looked at Zheng.

"Yesssir," he sputtered, his eyes locked on the Phoenix King's wandering hands (or more specifically the Phoenix Queen's oh-so-inviting breasts), not at all bothering to be subtle about it.

"Ya see...," he began. "I'm in a bit o' trouble an' well, I need ya help, mate!" Zheng slurred, drunkenly. "They're sayin' I violated some noble bitch! Can ya believe it!" he threw his hands in the air. "My wife believes it - bitch just up an' ran off on me!"

"Yes, a big misunderstanding, I'm told" Ozai said, recounting what he'd been told by Delan earlier as he watched Azula sip her freshly-refilled drink. "Your wife won't testify for you and the magistrate's taking the side of some lying whore. A terrible affair, all-in-all. I'll need to speak to the man, clearly he's unclear on the meaning of justice."

"Long live the king!" Zheng proclaimed, raising his (mostly empty) glass. "Lucky for me, yer fair an' just, eh? Know an innocent man when you see one. I'm in yer debt."

"I'll drink to that" replied Ozai, downing a glass of his own. "Anything to ensure an honest man and a friend stays free!" he exclaimed, wondering what the world would be like if every man were put behind bars because of harmless drunken shenanigans. Boring and lonely, probably. "I'd also like to make a toast to loyal wives. Whores are a copper a dozen, but those who stay with you through hard times are worth more than diamond!"

"Hear, hear!"

The Phoenix Queen was nothing short of disgusted. The man was guilty, there was no doubt in her mind, and yet her husband was just going to pardon him, regardless of what he did to that woman. And why? Because they were drinking buddies?!

Her disgust faded away soon enough, however, replaced with a feeling she couldn't quite describe, warmth flooding her cheeks and a fluttering sensation in her abdomen as she raised her own glass and made a toast to loyal wives as well. She would stand by her father and husband's side so long as he would have her, and he knew it, too.

Whatever it was she was drinking, it was strong. Still, she downed her second drink until there was nothing left. Then it seemed to hit her all at once. She stared up at the ceiling - it was moving! Suddenly, she felt herself losing her balance.

Azula gasped audibly, clinging to the strong, well-built man whose lap she was currently seated upon. "Daddy, I think I need to stop now" she said, golden eyes downcast, staring at the floorboards.

"Of course, my dear" the Phoenix King said as he cradled his wife in his hands. "Delan, get the lady a virgin lychee cooler, would you?" he asked the man with a wink.

"Would she like some extra sugar with that?" Delan asked as he poured.

Ozai shook his head. "Oh no, let's not make it too sweet"

Azula accepted what was her third drink of the night, unquestioning of whether or not it did in fact contain alcohol. She was vaguely aware of conversation, men talking, and talking, and talking... laughter, the haze of opium smoke... more talking, more laughter... all around her as she sat in silence, in the comfort of her father's lap. It felt like quite some time since she'd consumed anything alcoholic (at least to her knowledge) and yet the actual passage of time was unknown to her.

She blinked, closing her eyes for a bit longer than was necessary, hopeful the fog would fade. But it didn't. The opium smoke was long gone... why was the fog still there? Just how long had she been sitting in blissful, dazelike silence as life was happening all around her? Agni, she was disoriented!

"Daddy..." she whined. "I don't feel so good."

Ozai smiled as he ran a hand through his daughter's hair. "That's alright. I'll get the two of us a room so you don't have to walk far" he assured, holding her head to his shoulder as he said some blurry words to Delan. Azula vaguely felt herself being picked up by a pair of strong arms and carried through some unfamiliar halls and up unfamiliar stairs.

"Don't worry, daddy will make everything better."

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